Secrets of Prediction: World and Personal Cycles using Vedic Astrology

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In this book you will experience the life of astrologer Joni Patry as she grew up in a conservative realm of non-believers of astrology in Dallas, Texas. She was first introduced to the world of astrology through the profound prediction of Jeane Dixon as she forebodes President Kennedy not to come to Dallas, Texas, on November 21, 1963. The very next day the unthinkable occurred and it has been a part of Joni’s awareness with her ties to the circumstances living in Dallas, Texas. This brought her to the discovery of astrology. The intricate and complicated world of astrological prediction has been Joni’s passion. She has explored the depths of western astrology leading to her discovery of the incredible predictive value of Indian Vedic astrology. She takes the values of both systems and devises a way to blend both systems to understand the cycles to forecast the future. The first part of the book discusses her techniques for world predictions, including her prediction of Japan’s catastrophic earthquake before it occurred March 11, 2011. There is an explanation of the grand cycles siphoning down to the smaller cycles for the specific timing of these events. There are cycles within cycles of the planetary patterns in the heavens. It ranges from the grand cycle of Precession of the Equinoxes, to the cycles of the outer planets, cycle of Saturn and Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, eclipses, retrograde planets, and the cycles of the faster planets, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. But the most specific timer that predicts down to the day is seen through the Moon. The second part of the book breaks down the incredible predictive power of Vedic astrology using the nakshatras and how they determine the cycles of a person’s life. This complicated system of prediction used in Vedic astrology is broken down to a step-by-step system that can be understood by even a novice. To bring home the predictive value and accuracy of this system, Joni explores the well-documented lives of the Kennedy family. Beginning with Joseph Kennedy Sr., through the trials and tribulations of the tragic deaths of his children to the traumas of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, John Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy. Through the scandals and affairs you will come to glean the insights of a soul through the prediction of astrology. From beginning to end of this compilation of essential tools for prediction, you will come to appreciate the power and insights of astrology. With this surfaces the sense of destiny and free will. Coming back full circle to November 1963 arises the age-old question concerning fate and free will. Could this be avoided with information ahead of time? What if President Kennedy listened to Jeane Dixon? This has haunted Dallas astrologer Joni Patry her entire life as she delved into understanding the cyclic process of humankind and the Universe through the profound study of astrology.

Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon: Astronomy, Astrology, and Mythology

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Encompassing astronomy, mythology, psychology, and astrology, Pluto offers a wealth of knowledge about our most famous dwarf planet. First observed in 1930 and once defined as the ninth and final planet in our solar system, Pluto and its discovery and reclassification throw a unique light on how we generate meaning in science and culture. This anthology, timed to appear in concordance with NASA’s New Horizons’s approach to Pluto in July 2015, shows that while the astronomical Pluto may be little more than an ordinary escaped moon or tiny Kuiper Belt object, it is a powerful hyperobject, for its mythological and cultural effigies on Earth incubate deep unconscious seeds of the human psyche. 

Certain astronomical features pertain to Pluto in terms of its distance from the Sun, coldness, and barrenness. These also inform its mythology and astrology as befitting a planet named after the God of the Underworld. Among the issues central to this collection are the meanings of darkness, loss, grief, inner transformation, rebirth, reincarnation, and karmic revelation, all of which are associated with the astrology of Pluto. Pluto also embodies the meaning of true wealth as being nonmaterial essence instead of property, conventional accolades, ego identity, achievement. It is the marker of negative capability. 

Table of Contents
Dana Wilde: Pluto on the Borderlands;
Richard Grossinger: Pluto and The Kuiper Belt;
Richard C. Hoagland: New Horizon … for a Lost Horizon;
J. F. Martel: Pluto and the Death of God;
James Hillman: Hades;
Fritz Bruhubner: The Mythology and Astrology of Pluto;
Thomas Frick: Old Horizons;
John D. Shershin: The Inquisition of Pluto;
Stephan David Hewitt: Pluto and the Restoration of Soul;
Jim Tibbetts: Our Lady of Pluto, the Planet of Purification;
Shelli Jankowski-Smith: Love Song for Pluto;
Robert Kelly: Pluto;
Dinesh Raghavendra: Falling in Love with a Plutonian;
Steve Luttrell: Dostoevsky’s Pluto
Philip Wohlstetter: Ten Things I’d Like to Find on Pluto;
Jonathan Lethem: Ten Things I’d Like to Find on Pluto;
Robert Sardello: Ten Things I’d Like to Find on Pluto;
Ross Hamilton: Ten Things I’d Like to Find on Pluto;
Robert Phoenix: My Father Pluto;
Ellias Lonsdale: Pluto is the Reason We Have a Chance;
Rob Brezsny: Pluto: Planet of Wealth

2015 The New Astrology Horoscopes: Chinese and Western

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Suzanne White, known the world over as “The High Priestess of Chinese and Western Astrology”, has done it again! She’s funny. She’s accurate. And she keeps you spellbound with her intimate knowledge of how the next year will pan out for you. Don’t pass up this opportunity to find out what’s in store for your Double Zodiac sign in the Sheep Year 2015. Whether it’s love, money, health, career or family concerns, they are all covered in this outstanding 350-page book about the future of your two astrological signs in the Year of the Sheep 2015.

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology: The Easy Way to Learn Astrology (Llewellyn’s Complete Book Series)

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The easiest way to learn astrology is to start with yourself. Your astrological birth chart is a powerful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, talents, challenges, and life’s purpose. As you begin to decipher the wealth of information in your own birth chart, you’ll experience astrology in a personally meaningful way-which makes it easier to understand and remember. Once you learn the basics of astrology, you’ll be able to read the birth charts of yourself and others.

This friendly guidebook is the most complete introduction to astrology available. Popular astrologer Kris Brandt Riske presents the essentials of astrology in a clear, step-by-step way, paying special attention to three areas of popular interest: relationships, career, and money. She explains the meaning of the planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects, and how to interpret their significance in your chart. Over 30 illustrations, including the birth charts of several famous people—Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Tiger Woods, to name just a few—add a helpful visual dimension to your learning experience.

Practical and positive, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology offers techniques for using astrology to identify the qualities you seek in an ideal mate, realize your career and financial potential, calculate your luck, and discover your inner strength.

Light on the Path: A Study Guide for Qabala, Alchemy, & Astrology (IHS Study Guides) (Volume 1)

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Light on the Path – A Study Guide for Qabala, Alchemy, and Astrology from the Institute for Hermetic Studies is a self-paced program for the study and practice of Western esotericism. Using Hermetic Qabala as its core, individuals or groups can use this program to progressively study and apply the principles of ritual magic, practical alchemy (spagyrics and mineral) and astrology (natal, horary, and mundane). Designed as a four year course of study, each “Year” is approached in twenty-four bi-weekly sessions (for groups meeting twice a month) or can be done at your own pace. Each “Year” has two sets of twenty-five questions which can be used as quizzes or catechisms to test one’s level of proficiency for review or before moving on to new material. Standard off-the-shelf sources are suggested for use through-out the course, making it easy to obtain the needed references. In addition, students are given: Instructions on How to Use this Manual Articles on studying the tarot, the essential Hermetic attitude for success, and the Path of Awakening. Suggestions for working with various schools as well as non-ritualistic approaches. A Concise Explanation of the Stages of the Path of Return – specifically written for this manual, outlining the stages of the Path and how to self-assess your progress on both an exoteric and esoteric level. Extensive Ritual Protocols to help guide groups working in a ritual setting. Some Advice to Group Leaders and Members – a summary of key points for running an effective spiritual study group – regardless of tradition or approach. Sample Ritual of Jupiter originally written and performed in the Great Hall of the Villa Saraceno, Vicenza, Italy for the Palladian Academy. Extensive monograph entitled, Introduction to Hermeticism: Its Theory and Practice The Liturgy of Hermes – In Praise of the Lord of Light, a ritual for solitary or group practice, used primarily as a hermetic retreat for encountering the spiritual focal point of the Hermetic traditions – the mind of Thoth-Hermes itself.

Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology

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Out of a friendship and collegial conversation spanning three decades, Hadley Fitzgerald and Judith Harte have created a provocative fusion of astrological symbolism, Depth Psychotherapy, and Imaginal Psychology. Their discourse interfaces with the “acorn theory” of the late archetypal psychologist James Hillman who conjectured that each life has its own soul’s code, its own calling. The authors see this as resonant with a natural, yet sophisticated astrology wherein the horoscope’s trajectory is viewed as a pathway to one’s personal archetypal ground. They suggest that we can evolve in the direction of our own life’s calling by viewing the horoscope as analogous to an acorn, inside of which is one’s unique soul’s code with a mysterious timepiece all its own. As licensed psychotherapists who are actively engaged in the arts, they often use images, imaginal dialogue, and evolutionary astrological methods to deepen their clients’ psychotherapeutic processes.

Llewellyn’s 2015 Each day Planetary Guide: Full Astrology At-A-Look (Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Manual)

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Exclusively in Llewellyn’s Day-to-day Planetary Information: See at a look which signs the planets are in when they make an element

Use Total and Exact Cosmic Knowledge to Approach Your Year Sensibly

Timing is anything. Make it quick to choose edge of planetary energies with Llewellyn’s Every day Planetary Manual, the most reliable and in-depth astrological planner out there. Choose the greatest time to do anything at all on a month to month, weekly, and daily basis. In advance of you approach a getaway, sign a contract, or schedule an significant party, seek the advice of the weekly forecasts and Option Periods—times when the positive flow of electricity is at its peak. Even inexperienced persons can use this potent tutorial, which points out the planets, signs, properties, and much a lot more.

World and Moon features and ingress occasions Moon indicator, section, and void-of-study course periods Planet retrograde and immediate station instances Ephemeris tables that include Chiron and 4 asteroids Planetary hours with complete guidance A manual to planetary sightings & eclipses in 2015 Weekly forecasts by Pam Ciampi Option Durations for 2015 by Jim Shawvan The signal planets are in when they make an aspect—exclusively in the Daily Planetary Tutorial

The world’s primary planetary guidebook for above thirty several years

Llewellyn’s 2015 Astrological Calendar: 82nd Version of the World’s Best Recognized, Most Dependable Astrology Calendar

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The 82nd Edition of the World’s Very best Recognized, Most Dependable Astrology Calendar

Approach Your Year Wisely

Explore in depth and inspiring astral knowledge with month to month horoscopes, an astrology primer, and gorgeous original artwork by Christine Mitzuk.

Showcasing horoscopes for each signal by Lesley Francis, and:

A guidebook to the planets, indicators, properties, features, and transits Journey forecasts by Bruce Scofield Very best days for planting and fishing The Moon’s indicator, stage, and void-of-class dates Graphic planetary retrograde table Important daily facets, regular ephemerides, and 2015 eclipses Contains retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Jeffrey Wolf Eco-friendly Evolutionary Astrology: Neptune: Whispers From Eternity

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NEPTUNE: WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY by Jeffrey Wolf Environmentally friendly is a groundbreaking e book that explains all the core archetypes that correlate with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House. It commences with the core archetypes of consciousness and the structure of the Soul in just consciousness in human variety. A certain astrological paradigm is introduced that allows the reader to realize the main structure of any Soul’s consciousness. The natural evolution of the Soul’s consciousness is then mentioned relative to the four normal evolutionary states or disorders for it to be within just, and how the specific Soul consciousness is supplied a particular identification in each and every daily life by way of the egocentric composition that the Soul produces for its ongoing evolutionary requirements. All the additional main archetypes are mentioned such as the internal instructions from the Supply of the Soul, God/ess, whispers from eternity that try to immediate the Soul in its evolutionary desires, the sense and will need for greatest this means in one’s life, delusions and illusions, what can be known as the ‘god complicated,’ deceptions, the collective consciousness and unconsciousness and each unique Soul’s partnership to that, many varieties of instability of the Soul’s consciousness these types of as schizophrenia, dreams and what types, hope and hopelessness, faith, miracles, the a variety of sorts of wounding of the Soul, purity, innocence, victimization, scapegoating, the electrical power of creativity, psychic phenomena, a dialogue of Neptune’s reduced octave, Venus, and how this correlates to the necessary requirements of the Soul in associations, the transit of Neptune in Pisces, and a organic way that is provable to build a tremendous-acutely aware point out within just yourself that makes it possible for for a notion, recognizing, of the Manifest and Un-manifested Development: God. Every 1 of these archetypes is exampled by way of start charts, actual situation histories, that contributors on the Evolutionary Astrology concept board have submitted that will give all of you a ‘hands on’ truly feel and knowing of how to implement Evolutionary Astrology in your possess everyday living, the lifestyle of your friends and lovers, and your customers if you are a working towards astrologer. There is no other ebook on Neptune like this one. And, consider this: as you at this very second are reading these words, you are encountering the ‘world’ all-around you as it is. All the gatherings going on in the planet, your place, your region, your city, your team or tribe of like-minded Souls, and your very own particular person Soul truth within just all this. THIS IS YOUR Residing Encounter OF NEPTUNE! THIS IS NEPTUNE’S CONSCIOUSNESS. Correct NOW, AND IN Each individual OTHER Instant IN TIME. THIS IS THE Natural TRIAD OF CONSCIOUSNESS SYMBOLIZED BY THE MOON, YOUR Ego, PLUTO, YOUR SOUL, AND NEPTUNE Alone: YOUR INDIVIDUALIZED CONSCIOUSNESS RELATIVE TO THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL Humans.

Astrology of the Moon: An Illuminating Journey By means of the Signs and Residences

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Your moon indication represents your emotional nature and lights the way toward profound spiritual progress. With Astrology of the Moon, you can recognize and much better comprehend your main psychological requirements, discover to satisfy them, and make constructive selections for a much more rewarding, spiritually enriched everyday living.

Illuminating the natal and progressed moon romance, this info-packed astrology guide clarifies the moon’s potent energetic potential in relation to the signals, properties, planets, and facets. In an easy-to-use “cookbook” format developed to assist you immediately seem up your moon sign, Amy Herring reveals your at any time-evolving psychological desires when it comes to adore, household everyday living, non secular health and fitness, occupation planning, and much more.

You will also come across many practical pursuits and tips to increase your imaginative likely and fulfill your crucial requirements so you can make joy at every single stage of daily life.


“A new e-book about new astrology for the New Age! Even a seasoned astrologer will uncover the insights new and in some cases profound. This is a great ebook to spotlight in your astrology area.” -NEW AGE RETAILER

“For inexperienced persons and much more superior college students alike, Amy Herring’s Astrology of the Moon will illuminate the path to particular progress.”  —DELL HOROSCOPE

“Great astrology transcends labels, and this ebook is very good astrology. The content presented here is not speculative it can be listed here-and-now with a psycho-religious flavor… The Moon illuminates. So does this reserve. It is really a fine study.” -NCGR MEMBERLETTER

“[This] is an illuminating operate that will open hearts, enlighten minds, and improve life.”—Ronnie Grishman, editor-in-main of DELL HOROSCOPE

“An uncomplicated-to-study feast of ageless wisdom that gives an evolutionary roadmap for the psychological adventure we phone life.”—Rick Levine, astrologer for

“This ebook is a amazing useful resource: instructional, instructive, entertaining, and quite beneficial in knowing the natal and progressed moon. Herring has a contemporary, new, and important voice in astrology.”—Lynda Hill, creator of 360 Degrees of Wisdom