Living life like an Opera – or – Farce?

Do you live your life as if it was an opera? Are you singing your duet or a solo with gusto? Are you participating one hundred percent in the brilliance of your every note? Is your life strung together by a great cosmic orchestra, in a crescendo of power and beauty? Are you allowing your personal music to soar or are there moments of “basso profondo” in your solo interpretation, so “basso” that you doubt why you are on this planet, and what the purpose of life is?

Many of us do not make the most of our journey on this earth. We really do not appreciate the rhythm of our own tune. We turn our gaze to superficial issues when life is a “twister”. We want to ease the pain. We have one more at the pub, have one more love affair too, eat ourselves silly, over work out at the gym, or just smoke another cigarette. We are insecure because we believed our teachers when they said “we could do better if we tried!” just when we were trying our hardest! Perhaps we have never got over a trauma or a teen emotional rejection. But yet, no matter how far we have been pushed, tried or tested by life, only when we are forced to face the breakdown of our way of being, do we shift our perceptions, and turn to the metaphysical.

When there are no more mainstream solutions to help us, we look at the Future Web, and research what other people are doing on the Future Web. How have they got over their life crisis? When emotional letdown and loss of status struck did they dive into themselves to access a new way of living and only then take in alternative healing, tarot readings spreads, Quantum physics, or simply healthy eating? Did they, like us, suddenly understand that they really do not know that much and perhaps it was time for some magical journey of self discovery to begin? Did they start realizing that the light weight tarot readings spreads they had been playing with had a lot more significance than they thought?

The great American psychic Grace Speare believed that by experiencing the traumas of life we become more compassionate inclined to understand the suffering of others when we see it and therefore we are less judgmental. In a way, suffering is a sort of massive detox that frees us from pride and self importance. Somehow we start to realise that our thoughts create a chain reaction and that if we are projected into the positive we can make a vast amount of positive difference to this planet.

In our search to make a difference we might seek out Indian astrology. Indian astrology has a primeval perception of karma, the mystical rules of reincarnation, and the cause and effect that weave right through it. We usually follow the higher path of evolution eventually, the “very human” path we see reflected in the symbolism of the arcane tarot cards. Yet we might get into Future telling games, trying to take our mind off our troubles with the fun metaphysical options Future telling games offer us. We might even dig a real tarot reading from an online psychic, and listen to her compassionate insight. But in the final analysis the answers will come from within, and any spiritual adviser worth her salt, will guide us to finding those answers!

Near Death Experiences tell us how easy and flowing the Spirit world is. In that “Afterlife Dimension” the light of consciousness has been described as “The Breath of God”. In such eternity we recognize that our personality and actions on earth were but a suit of clothes worn to evolve our souls. That all the suffering we underwent during our lives had a point, which was to realize we were not our bodies alone. For example a child dies young, and leaves distraught parents in their wake. The child could have chosen to help their parents evolve as souls, and like an angel the child left this world teaching their beloved parents to overcome their denial of Spirit and believe in Eternity! No matter how stark, even cruel this sounds, as karma unfurls on Planet Earth, the evolving soul must grow into compassion, and reach out to help their fellow man. Those who choose to remain locked in their bodies, and the physical aspects of life alone, are those who do not wish to acknowledge their own light, and must learn through many lives how to.

Slowly and surely, we become responsible for ourselves as we learn to understand others, and seek to be of service. We realize that our road to the “Castle on the Hill”, incorporates checking out that Feb 2010 horoscope to get a more “astro” perspective on our future, or learning to laugh at a Pieces daily horoscope, or even asking an empath to predict lotto numbers, so that we can play with various possibilities, knowing we will eventually empower our lives. We remember that there is always a solution to negative karma, and that solution is forgiveness. The clairvoyant learned that lesson long ago. She enjoyed checking out a Feb 2010 horoscope too, and was so inspired she studied astrology. She even laughed herself silly too, reading a Pieces daily horoscope, and when her clients ask her to predict lotto numbers, she says she is prepared to go deeper, she is prepared to inspire!

The empath will tell us that the moment we identify the injury we carry within, we will start to forgive. If we can forgive we are on the road to freedom. Our souls loosen the fetters and expand in awareness. So even if you are living a difficult material situation you can still resolve it with your calm and centered inner self. Yes you can even forgive the banks! You can also forgive those who lied to you, stole from you, misunderstand you, chastened you, chastised you, and put you down. In short, you can forgive all those who did not understand who you were because they did not understand who they were themselves.

So now you will ask why I am not as strong as Mother Theresa, as giving and enlightened as the Dalai Lama? Simple, because you choose not to be. Remember, you are the “Master Chooser” within your life. You can choose to be positive or negative every second of the day. But in reality if you change what your chose, if you take charge and make a decision to become the light you truly are, above and beyond your fears, you will certainly make your mark on destiny. There is no need to succumb to fear; just learning how to transform it is enough. As the esteemed George King, D.S.c., Th.D says in his book “Visit to the Logos of Earth” states.

“The Realizer must then take the next step, an unconditional surrender to God, without thought of selfish likes or dislikes. This unconditional surrender must be made, for only when it has been made is that person then capable of what must be called “modern miracles”.

Is it so difficult to surrender to your concept of God, whatever that is? Is it so difficult to be kind, giving, loving, and a light that shines on all around you? Come on start sing your solo aria and believe in miracles!

Online Love for 2013?

Some might say that an online love tarot reading, a Libra monthly horoscope or a love marriage prediction would not be subjects that interest the over sixties, but hang on, many senior citizens beg to differ. Today’s “wrinklies” dig the hot love marriage prediction, and the online love tarot reading big time. Their interest in lurve has not waned. Indeed, these baby boomers are more than ready to swing their nights away. In fact, they yearn to hit the higher notes with great zest, and many have no intention on missing out on a romantic “rebirth”, or even an exciting love affair – especially if it incorporates surfing in Hawaii!

Two wrinklies were spotted in a chapel in Naples getting spliced in secret recently. They tearfully reported that they had to run away from Scotland, because mean adult children were having none of their soul mate love, classing it as “disgusting!” However, these days’ psychics are not in the least surprised when senior citizens ring them with love problems. In fact, those of you who feel you are “on the shelf” at thirty, well, you are a hoot to a 70 year old that has just started dating again.

So what gives with the senior dating scene? What gives is that attractive sixty year olds are looking for a real horoscope reading about a Mick Jagger lookalike who never calls. When the empath tells them he is busy dating models they are not in the least surprised! But senior dating has never really been that démodé. In the 1970s film “Harold and Maude” 20 year old Harold is not only depressed but obsessed with death. He goes to funerals as a pastime, and attempts fake suicides out of desperation. But at one of these funerals he meets swinging seventy nine year old Maude, who dresses in black leather pants and rides a Harley Davidson. They fall in love.

Some might think it perverse that a young man could fall for a 78 year old woman, even on celluloid! But spiritual love is ageless. If you were to ring up a psychic Leeds for a reading, perhaps, to get a love marriage prediction done, you would probably be assured that cupid’s “bow and arrow” could strike any second, and that love tends to happen in the most unexpected places – even shortly after a psychic Leeds reading, or unsurprisingly, in an old age home.

So is it possible that your last year’s 2009 Zodiac Predictions were actually referring to that 79 year old cutie who is now your most romantic date? You would not be the only one to fall for a senior! Take Leos, just for the fun of it! Certainly the Leo love horoscope for 2009 was not that hot when it came to emotional fulfillment. Yet a friendly thirty year old Leo guy well known to many, got a crush on a 58 year old ex beauty queen in 2009 and was badly let down. Eventually, the senior glamour puss complained about the age gap and walked out! Interestingly, Leos are famous for being “Love Blind” when a romance is at its height; even if they do eventually cotton on they have fallen in love with a Pete Doherty lookalike!

An online love tarot reading for a Cancer might show these critters are a case of “still waters run deep” The crabby sign will not mind the odd romance with a senior citizen. Cancers are home lovers, get wrinkles at twelve and are well into electric blankets, warm socks, the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost biting at their toes gig”, and even old “blue eyes” crooning” his “Evergreens” on the CD player. The words “wrinkly” or “crinkly” would not be mentioned, except if it referred to badly ironed cushion covers.

Forget mature romances when it comes to signs like Scorpio and Saggy however, they are folks who like their “hotties” hot. They would strictly avoid the pensioner option. “Why? Well, these sensual, erotic athletes hate muscular shrinkage and tend to shriek at the very thought of an oldie’s smacker, even on the cheek. As for the Libran love horoscope, well these people dig two words only “young” and “beautiful” getting old for them is very unpleasant. The Libran love horoscope, as does the Capricorn at a senior “pinch” literally shrieks “young!”

Paranormal folks tell us that when it comes to true love age is immaterial. When we pass on, and hopefully spend time a lot of time in heaven, we all look 35 anyway. So even if your real horoscope reading and even your 2009 Zodiac predictions once inferred that there is no doubt you will fall in love with a “grandpa lookalike”, worry not! Think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Think Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Think Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda Hogan, aged 50, now engaged to a twenty one year old. Toy Boy – the two are reputed very much in love! Also start thinking Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Barbara Hershey, yet another lucky pensioner, and the hunky Naveen Andrews. Obviously, when you get your love horoscope prediction, especially if you are going over that Leo Love Horoscope 2009 in “pussycat style”, remember the 2009 Zodiac prediction also advised you to be careful of silver haired love rats who do not dig spiritual depths and think soul mate, twin flame relationships are laughable! Okay, think Benny Hill!

Last and not least, let us mention the fabulous Barbara Marx Hubbard, for she is a woman “waking to her purpose” as Conscious Media Network tells us. She was but 15 years old in 1945 when she became aware of the horrors of the Atom Bomb and Hiroshima. But it was not until she hit fifty and her kids had grown, that she decided to follow her purpose. Barbara is a truly beautiful lady with silver hair, and an ageless vibration. She tells us that nowadays sixty is young, as is seventy. That many “new women” are emerging as late bloomers, and prefer to use their maturity to shape a new future, cultivating their sense of what is emerging within themselves above all.

Barbara penned “Emergence the Shift from Ego to Essence” and Visions of a Universal Humanity”. She is now the poster child for the stunning older woman, who found her true vocation just as “the sun began to set”. So who is ready for the 80 year old hottie? Yes? No? Certainly you would be the wiser and perhaps more evolutionary, if you were….Ready that is!

Are the hills really alive with the Sound of Music?

Music is an aspect of the soul, when we hear its blessed tones we can be so moved, tears come to the eyes! Most psychics and astro empaths who check out our star sign compatibility charts would tell us that music accesses something infinite within the human heart. They certainly know a psychic reading is enhanced if an empath has meditated or accessed the sound of a mantra, hymn or meditative music before, after, and sometimes during their work with a client. So next time you want to know “is my future real?” or want to ask the empath whether you will ever meet that soul mate put a romantic CD on the player and contemplate on your heart chakra first!

Clinical studies have now proved stress is healed by music. Music therapists abound in hospitals and clinical environments. It is known patients speed up their “get well quick” potential when the sonorous notes of sacrosanct tonalities are played to them. Soft, loving notes lower blood pressure, and calm the mind. Music skips past the logical left brain modules, and touches the non linear right brain where brainwaves become ideas and flashes of insight. It then resounds within the very soul of the individual, touching places of insightful expansion and sacred perception. There is a symbolic power to music that conveys word-less concepts and moves us up to Absolute energy levels. High street shopping malls and supermarket cash tills have also cottoned on to the stunning success musical attraction has on the human heart. They play their tinny reprises in the back ground to entrance the customer and keep them on the premises, but of course, as yet, these background sounds cannot be compared to high quality, healing sounds created by spiritually gifted musicians and songsters.

New Age musicians connect us to our inner truths. The metaphysical community appreciates and understands their honorable gift, as much as they understand that a star sign compatibility or horoscope love chart, even an astrological forecast today is enhanced by sacred music playing in the background as the “intuitive” accesses their higher self and merges their soul rhythm with these evolved sounds. The healer or empath reaches into the sublime, one might say, Spirit descends to meet them through the high notes, and the “deeper meaning” of celestial music touch their client’s hearts!

Deva Premal is a beautiful and inspired singer, Mitten is a spiritual musician and their shared miracle is that they joined forces as a duo husband and wife combo when they met in India. Their “sound” has been helping countless people discover a healing way through life. They would tell us that we are all wandering around the planet like lost souls. One need only think of the financial collapse when Dow Jones futures showed nothing but pitch black. What a dream it would have been to hear the dulcet tones of healing music playing in the background of such Wall Street fiascos, or perhaps that would really be a case of “the sublime meeting the ridiculous” especially when it comes to Dow Jones futures! Yet think a peaceful heart, think the security of a loving and supportive society, think the end of greed, competition and war, and you get Deva Premal and Mitten’s message.

Be that as it may, Premal was born in 1970 in Germany. Her father was a mystic and a musician. She began singing at only five years old, when she gave a superb “little girl rendition” of the great sacred Gayatri Mantra. Deva is also a powerful complementary health therapist but she perceives that was “called” to perform sacred song.

She and Mitten met at the famous Poona, Osho Ashram. Mitten is an English man, who grew up in the sixties with the Beatles as his background music, a time when the paranormal was considered intriguing, and a psychic reading was both swinging, yet special. Flower Power helped, in those days future real visions were easy to accomplish. Carnaby Street and great rock music were the tangible demonstration, and it proved a global upturn in creativity and the reassessment of social mores was hitting planet earth!

Mitten guitar playing skills toured the US with Fleetwood Mac, and Lou Reed, but his wild rock and roll life style left him spiritually bereft. He went to India on a search for answers. He met Osho, the great Spiritual Teacher, and of course his beloved Premal. Of his experience he says, “Osho gave purpose to my life, and an understanding that divine chaos is the essence of it. My eyes were opened to new possibilities which I explore to this day.”
Of course one can only wonder what would happen if the sound of Deva Premal’s exquisite voice and Mitten sublime’s musical accompaniment became an everyday reality in shopping precincts, radio and television. Yet their sound remains as “special” as the metaphysical world itself and only about 20 percent of the population know of them. Of course that number is always rising!

Mitten says “Our music has always felt precious right from the start. Our job is just to travel and share it, which was something we have found very easy to do. And over time more and more people have come to join us in the celebration. Our music is to awaken a longing in the heart for that which is omnipresent, the experience of silence and meditation. This is the blessing that Premal and I receive every time we sing mantras. Our vision is simple – everyone with a breath in their body can experience their divine and everybody with a voice can sign.”

So next time you want go for the psychic reading, or desire a future real assessment, be aware that if your heart is shut down to the dulcet tones it is unlikely that you will synchronize with the flashes of insight or the revelations relationships predictions could give you. Yet for Mitten and Deva Premal even free astrological horoscopes would not make sense if they could not sing their mantras, and balance their souls to the “sound of music”. In fact they might even read their free astrological horoscopes playing instruments and singing at the same time! But then as Julie Andrews said “The hills are alive with it, that amazing, healing, divine “sound of music!”.

Random Musings

José Argüelles of Mexican descent is an ex teaching professor at Princeton University and the Evergreen State College in Washington. He has written bestselling books including The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, Surfers of the Zuvuya, The Arcturus Probe and Time and the Technosphere. Jose was interviewed on the Conscious Media Network where he called on mankind to respect the earth. As a teen he had a presentiment that it would be his life mission to reveal the secrets of the Mayan civilization. He felt that this would serve humanity. Fifty seven years later he presents that purpose through his exacting interpretations of the Mayan Calendar. Jose is famous for initiating the Harmonic Convergence Global Meditation, as well as Earth Day. He tells us Mayan time was involved in endless cycles, the rhythms of nature, the infinite beyond our current perceptions.

Perhaps horoscopes go beyond those perceptions to a degree. Jose might not agree that a horoscope – whether an Aries Horoscope 2009 or another sun sign – is 100 percent accurate. But he could not argue that a chart is more than just a one dimensional prophecy. Whether yours is an Aries Horoscope 2009 or a Leo horoscope 2009 you are still looking at a map of astro possibility, or diverse ways to perceive destiny. Nothing is written in stone and neither, Jose tells us, are the Mayan prophecies, We can overcome the current global challenges that affect us directly even understand our horoscope as we learn how to face personal and global karma and transform it.

Spiritual healers divert our attention from total acceptance of status quo values. Their message is we need to heal social malfunction to transform negative global outcomes. Yet some believe spiritual healers are cut off from reality, that they should descend from the mountains. Spiritualists tell us that global warming, war, and the proliferation of ignorance and disease mirror lack of metaphysical awareness. We need to let go of rigid mainstream mental clichés they say, in other words radically transform personal consciousness. But it appears that only a small percentage of us are aware of the dire extent of global warming, and how politicians maneuver the truth to suit their agendas. The Internet is a source of open information however, and can interpret what is hidden from us. Free astro predictions might wake us up to a new way of seeing. Free astro predictions could even change our point of view on reality drastically.

Free astro predictions could teach us that Taurus David Icke, who some consider a visionary, is patient, determined and hard working. Above all he sticks to their guns, and doggedly digs his heels in if he believes in something. David’s books underline a corrupt and degenerate ruling class, and his vision has challenged the belief systems of many. He refers to the Royal Family as “ET Lizards”, in all seriousness. Some might perceive his inflexible attitudes as surreal, and his perception of reality as self indulgent. But Regina the Star of Conscious Media Network on line calls David “The Beleaguered Warrior.” Could Indian Astrology 2009 predictions have assisted our “beleaguered warrior” with on the spot predictions to save him from his woes?

Regina’s blog tells us “David has been dealing with severe legal challenges. One was his American publishing associate, Royal Adams, who has recently served time in prison for tax fraud stole a fortune from David over many years by hiding the number of books that were being sold and pocketing the difference. He also covertly put the rights to David’s books in North America in his own name. David had to take incredibly expensive legal action to win back the rights to his own books and, as a result, never earned a penny from any books sales, DVD sales or talks world-wide for three years. It all went in legal costs.

Royal contacted David via Pamela Richards, who became David’s second wife. The marriage ended more than three years ago, but now, as David has got back on his feet financially, Pamela is currently demanding immense amounts of money from David in a divorce settlement after not getting a job herself for the last three years As fate would have it, it has been David’s first wife, Linda, and their children, who have been supportive and worked alongside him in the family publishing business all these years, a business which David sold to Linda in recognition of her fantastic work and support over the last 20 years! As odd as this sounds, if David had dialled into free astro predictions, they might have saved him from all this domestic bother!

Regina’s Consciousness Media network has been criticized for revealing David’s personal life but Regina informs she did so because she wanted the world to know the high personal cost of David’s beliefs. Again, would Indian astrology 2009 predictions have assisted David’s emotional concerns? Certainly Indian astrology 2009 predictions might have taken into account the placing of David’s Cancer Moon, so necessary to a Vedic astro interpretation. Some might say David’s Moon in Cancer make him a “loony bird”, but in reality he is a profound man, attached to some of the past traditions that angered him as a lad. Many of us remember with shame how he was mocked for his beliefs on the now infamous “Wogan Interview”, and yet he still manages to challenge us with his unusual perceptions of reality. He is clearly understanding, kind, and certainly one who will support those he loves.

Regina tells us “I have interviewed him a half a dozen times. On the private side, he has been a guest in our home, staying for weeks at a time to rest and continue working on his books while on speaking tours in the United States. He treats his fellow man with kindness. Perhaps this is because he is fully aware of what humanity is up against in terms of the plethora of control systems in place. As a result, he has a deep compassion for his fellow human beings,” which is very Moon in Cancer.

Regina is also a spiritual warrior. Like David she questions the Bildenberg cartel comprised of the super rich who are seemingly directing world economy. Regina tells us “They will decide what you will pay for gas at the pump. They will decide which countries will recover or fail economically. They will decide which military confrontations will be supported. They will decide which new viruses and antidotes/vaccines will be released and who will win the contracts. They will examine if and when the time is right to roll out a global or regional currency. They will even decide our future weather patterns and natural disasters. These people are not our friends!”

Regina’s work on the Conscious Media Network “offers an alternative way to discover new perspectives. It is a place to find inspiration and attempts both to educate and create a higher understanding of the world we live in.” But could Indian astrology 2009 predictions take into account the way we lived that 2009 year as manipulated by the powers that be?

The Indian horoscope for a 2010 USA, tells us there could be a re evaluation of foreign policy! According to the Indian horoscope the sanctions taken against Iran will be unworkable; there will be complications and obstacles. Obama is considered to be in constant personal danger. And from February 2011 to May 2011 the President will need to work on peaceful foreign policy if new wars are to be avoided. Europe will continue to worry about the economy, but medical research will include useful discoveries for cancer. Whether we believe in this Indian Horoscope for 2010 predictions or not, many of us do feel we are walking the edge of an abyss, and that our world is falling into a spiral of contention. Astrological predictions ask for inner awareness and consistent evolution of the world’s citizens. If we want to hold back the crises should we pay attention to these astrological predictions?

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is no “light weight”. She is the right politician for our times, she is a Scorpio, enlightened astrologers would say her astro traits are easy to identify! Bright, secretive, competitive, profound, intense, sexual, hard working and once a charismatic and competitive law student, she fought for black children’s rights in her earliest days in politics Her intensity and ambition were without compare in one so young, and now she is both loved and detested. Scorpios, the next best thing to sliced bread and Attila the Hun, manage to veer between these characteristics with the smooth efficiency of a water sign. But Hilary could be wondering about retirement, according to her Scorpio 2010 horoscope, she will want to spend more time with her daughter, perhaps even reinforce her karmic connection to Bill. In other words Hillary will soften her “take” in 2010 which will be low profile moderation in political policy.

The scandals of the past are at an end for Hilary. Positive communications are ahead and many will back up both her political and familial attitudes. She will present her political perplexities on Obama’s policies succinctly – even though she could keep excessive tabs on her health, perhaps do some extra running to keep her weight down. Her powerful connection to Bill Clinton, a Leo, is beyond soul mate, it reeks of Twin Flame past life connections, laced with unconditional love on both sides. Not a bad Scorpio 2010 horoscope for Hilary in the final analysis. As for reading fortune teller cards well, we know that Hilary nurtures some interest in the esoteric even though she does not go for reading fortune teller cards openly.

We quote the online Open Minds Magazine, Researcher Grant Cameron, who runs the website was able to retrieve documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Rockefeller was soliciting help from Hillary’s staff on drafting a document to President Bill Clinton in 1995. The title of the document was: Lifting Secrecy on Information About Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part of the Current Classification Review!
It is also suspected that Hilary nurtures a secret faith in God. Reports tell us that she engaged in conversations with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House, and that Jean Houston a famed spiritual leader organized these meetings. Therefore, is it possible that Hilary Clinton, the First lady Michelle, or Obama himself ever read the pages of monthly horoscopes? Obama might read the Leo July horoscope, just for the fun of it. Think Obama reading the July horoscope on the back pages of The Express as he chews his breakfast pancakes, just to get the “Leo gist”. He would probably not go for the more esoteric type of insightful perception a wise astrologer could provide. Perhaps if our rulers did not turn away from astrological warnings transformed world politics could result. Certainly the lid needs to be taken off fossil fuels and military black projects.

On the website Project Camelot Michael Schratt an aviation historian and researcher presented classified documents of UFOs flown by US military personnel. He interviewed aerospace engineers, pilots and NASA officials. He was led to believe that unusual aircraft are being flown by the US Air force. Where these cutting edge aircraft originate from and how their refined technology works is still a mystery. He presents photos and reports to back up his evidence. He tells us trillions are spent on Black Op military projects and this fact needs to be made known to the US tax payer. Now would Hilary Clinton have known about such goings on, probably but then she is a secretive Scorpio!

Getting ready for the New Year!

One, two, three get set and go, let’s dive into your numerology future prediction. What is your prime number? Are you a number three? Get ready to network, you are the ultimate people person, happy to rock the night away, happy to connect old friends to new, or match mate a friend with the latest dude on the block. But let us move that numerology future prediction up a slot. Did you know that Isis the Goddess of Illumination, is also the number two major arcane in the tarot deck? Number two Isis is a representative of Divine Mother who seeks her male counterpart, with divine love. She is depicted as having long dark hair, as she holds the universal secrets close to her heart. She is man’s ideal woman, her sensual mystery enthralls, her impact is nothing less than multi dimensional. Isis and her number two position in the tarot arcane, reveals the secrets of the universe only to those she loves.

Would the moon have something to say when it came to end of the world predictions? Could The Silver Lady stop devastation if a mighty comet were to fall on this planet? The moon has kept her mysteries secret since time began. If you were to pop over to Mexico and check out the ancient Mayan sites, you would comprehend how deeply she was worshipped. As you stand on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, and look towards the Pyramid of the Moon you might imagine thousands of ancient Mayan initiates enacting their sacred rituals under the moon. Ixchel is the name of the knowing Mayan moon Goddess. She protected child birth, fertility and the midwife, and flowed within the depths of humanity. She maintains her magic as she heals those who call her name, as did all ancient moon Goddesses, before and after her!

A free spiritual tarot reading can be useful if we just cannot make romance happen. The free spiritual tarot reading will analyze why we are blocking out Eros’ bow and arrow. The moon could have something to do with our over sensitivity. A full moon encourages emotional imbalance, think of werewolves, legendary beings that prowl the night, as the Silver Lady gives her all. A free spiritual tarot reading could pin point why we also suffer moon maiden angst. The psychic could advise us to remain grounded and wear yellow to emotionally centre when she is full. A free spiritual tarot reading will certainly show us how to invoke moon goddesses as well as Lakshmi for happiness, or Sarasvati for healing woes.

Does Mrs. Moon come into those 2009 astrology predictions? Well, in Vedic astrology the moon is fundamental. But you had your moon in Leo sign analyzed as per western astrological moes and your 2009 astrology predictions got you buzzing for 12 months. You joined Julia Roberts and Twiggy who also have their moon in Leo and would have gotten all heated up about it too. Obviously, Leo moons are not easy. Stubborn yet tender, if a lover betrays a moon in Leo, the lady could go into sackcloth and ashes. If you have your moon in the opposing sign of Aquarius however you will not only be into 2009 astrology predictions, but absolutely anything esoteric. Nobody will be surprised to see you with blue hair, when your heart gets broken. You adore couple relationships, but domesticity is not your thing; you have eccentric furnishing tastes. You are in short a super “one off” who analyses love to dust. Woody Allan is moon in Aquarius. John Lennon and Marilyn Monroes’ Aquarius moons were so unique as to be almost exasperating. Certainly they broke our hearts when they left this world.

Lady Moon’s powers will be found in a horoscope software free download, helpful if a client wants a moon placement analysis on line or the phone. The astrologer working with the general public will have computerized charts to ascertain astral positions fast. The horoscope software free download is useful when it comes to tracking where moon beams fall. Suppose your horoscope software free download showed you were born with a full moon in Aquarius, oh so very different to any other old moon! With that sort of placement you will conjure up dreams. Your psychic perceptions will be intense. You will long for union with the divine. You will dance naked in the woods, and any New Moon ceremony will more than fulfill you. You will find yourself gaining great blessings if you invoke love under a full Aquarius moon. And if you were to pour lavender oil on to a rose quartz under Lady Moon’s light you might find romantic dreams coming to pass so fast, Speedy Gonzalez would have nothing on you!

A future prediction horoscope will outline the force of a moon placement! In fact one could say a future prediction horoscope will respect the powers of our beloved silver lady. The astrologer will know the names of moon goddesses. Take Aega the stunning Greek moon deity, whose mother is Gaia. Take Aine Goddess of pure love, the Celtic moon goddess shinning her silver light on broken hearts, bringing children to barren couples. Take Cerridwen the mighty crone who understands the deepest mysteries or Chang O, the Chinese deity who lives on the moon. Take Huitaco the moon maiden that protects women battling within a difficult relationship. Take Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess, seen as the purest daughter of the moon. Some say if we pray to fifty moon goddesses our love dreams will be fulfilled!

Harry Dent predictions would tell us the same, because most psychics connect to the powers of the moon and dig it mightily. Some Harry Dent predictions psychics might undertake basic moon rituals, to call down compassion, giving them the insight to read for the more broken hearted souls amongst us. Certainly, the moon helps understand some of the enigmas of human consciousness, and throws light on various secrets locked in our innermost hearts. Wherever we turn for readings, whether they be psychic readings Sydney, or astro websites located in the USA or the UK, we want to access inner truth, the truth of our souls, truths a moon maiden will access.

Do those who carry out psychic readings Sydney really “work the moon” as they connect to their higher selves and paranormal gifts? Most metaphysical folk would say yes, because they know purity of mind and body are essential to personal enlightenment and that the moon guides them to the fullness of unconditional love and compassion. Sometimes they will fast on fruits, or take a break from eating to detoxify their system before they undertake a moon ritual. They will know that eating yellow foods will be good for their solar plexus and strengthen their resolve to follow a spiritual path, with all its personal sacrifices. Eating “the colors of the chakras” enhances psychic powers. So go for those red apples if you want to strengthen your base chakra, oranges if you want to enhance your sacral chakra and loving relationships. Blueberries assist an intuitive throat chakra, and green, the color of the heart chakra, means eating lettuce if you want to be a loving soul. Grains and yoghurt can accentuate our auric energy as we call the moon down asking her to guide us along the path! A path that no longer pays lip service to fear and angst! A path that could lead us to meeting our own soul!

Shocking Christmas Gifts!

Does prediction software work? If you download an astro, numerology or a tarot prediction software gig will you tune into your personal fate, or that of Mother Earth? The fact is numerology and tarot software analyses cannot compare to the psychic’s inter-dimensional capacity to pick up soul substance, even though she can quickly assesses where destiny is leading with an astro and numerological software chart at her fingertips. However, the “stuff” of a reading will still only be accessed through a psychic’s spiritual skill. Empathy comes through the “all that is dimension” beyond what it says on the computer screen. Of course an enriching reading is achieved if the psychic has astro and numerological calculations at hand, but only sensitivity, insight and compassion will decipher the true meaning of a life.

An empath could utilize Chinese horoscope signs and astro placements. For example, if you are a Monkey, Rat, Horse or Dragon Chinese sign your life path will vary, as will your personal characteristics” Chinese horoscope signs are revealed through a 12 year life span calculated within rotating planetary influences The fun perception of 12 critters circulating around the cosmos, including the Pig and Tiger, lends a certain humor to Chinese astro readings, yet going into the depths of symbolism, Chinese Astro analyses also reveal hidden conflicts and desires. Chinese Horoscope signs are useful; in that if a western astro consultant has knowledge of them she can integrate deeper wisdom into a reading. But prediction software and formulations aside, the reader still needs to access your personal destiny through her psychic abilities.

There is much turmoil in the world, and the more sensitive amongst us dread the future. If Mayan predictions are correct, we could be on the slippery slide to global oblivion. But according to end of the world 2012 NASA predictions, that slippery slide is a mass delusion. Even if we choked on our peanuts as we took in the horrors of that 2012 movie, a scientist interviewed on the 2012 NASA website can put our minds to rest. He affirms on the end of the world 2012 NASA predictions page that “Nothing bad will happen to the Earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.” The scientist goes on to totally debunk the Niribu or Red Planet theory which is that that a celestial body discovered by the Sumerians is speeding towards us, and will blow us up and into space. Again the NASA scientist retorts “This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012. Then these two fables were linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 – hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

So what is all the fuss about if even end of the world NASA predictions take apart the “catastrophe “theory? Perhaps the fear resides in human race intuiting that the “powers that be” have lied to us. Organizations and governmental representation that once gave us security are no longer the back bone of society. The human populace feels manipulated and has no control over the future. But yet, Indian psychic readers have a philosophical perception on the above. They would tell us that evolution goes through cycles and that we are in Kali Yuga, a time of destruction which has lasted 434,000 years! The Indian psychic reader might have trained in Siddhis to access such knowing, such precise “healing or seeing” gifts.

Siddhis include the Aëimä-siddhi which is perceiving consciousness as infinitely minute. The Laghimä-siddhi which flows through multidimensional realities, The Präpti-siddhi which is awareness of multi dimensionality, the Vaçitva-siddhi which symbolises controlling the material world, and the Kämävasäyitä-siddhi which morphs the mystic into another form or shape. Do these siddhi’s work? Well Indian psychic readers can certainly access such powers in their metaphorical format. For certain, they know that civilization has degenerated during the Kali Yuga, and connection to God has been lost in material greed and spiritual ignorance. The mystic Cornelia Dimmitt tells us “In the Kali age, plague, fatal diseases, famines, drought, and calamities appear. People become poorer in vigor and luster. They are wicked, full of anger, sinful, false, and avaricious. Bad ambitions, bad education, bad dealings, and bad earnings excite fear. Many sudras will become kings, and many heretics will be seen.” In short, unless we spiritualize our thinking and deviate from materialistic perceptions, we could fall into a vortex of self destruct tendencies.

Of course, if you are feeling nervous about your future, you could try a tarot card reading on line free. The tarot card reading on line free could come up against that renowned symbol of sudden change, the Tower Card which denotes an end to a personal epoch. Perhaps we are going through a divorce or bankruptcy; perhaps we were in a relationship triangle that has no more meaning. Perhaps the kids have left home. This can seem like the end of the world to a mother who has lived for her children alone. But after the destruction we are reborn, as per the Death Card. We achieve The World Card or the fulfillment of our highest aspirations when we reach spiritual maturity. The tarot cards could be seen as a manifestation of humanity’s journey to enlightenment. They explain how we pass through moments of crisis incorporating sadness and change, but the eternal theme is that the sacred essence of love and light guides us to fulfillment and higher understanding.

So we turned to a horoscope François for fun, perhaps we wanted diverse perceptions on a problem. Perhaps we felt empaths of different nationalities give multicultural answers. But a horoscope francais will work on known astrological theories, in that they will assess where your planets are placed, and download your soul journey. In the final analysis it will be the talents of the “reader” and the symbology of a chart that hits your “karmic nail on the head”. A horoscope francais can indeed open doorways. But tarot cards readings for free on line will ultimately ask you to take stock of your destiny. Just look within, and ask yourself how do you think? If the majority of your thoughts are judgmental and pessimistic, you will continue to create anguish for yourself. As Gandhi said “become the change you seek!” As we transform within we see solutions without. Most tarot cards readings on line will guide you to that understanding, if they are worth their salt that is.

Tarot reading secrets reveal the mysteries of our inner world. When an empath accesses tarot reading secrets she connects to soul perceptions and in that process goes beyond the five senses. Does she really see our material reality as a mass of photons emanating information? Does she really interpret via her pineal gland, or third eye? The answer is yes. She will interact with emotions through our auric field, and decipher our personal experience through the sub atomic electrical particles we emanate. She will even understand what our soul mission and love destiny truly is through the “auric colours” of our deepest yearnings. Tarot reading secrets are not just revealed through the cards in themselves, but through an identification of what lies beyond the veil. But surely you will say suffering is not an illusion, we still feel the pain!

Tarot card readings for free could help us understand why someone dies young, why an innocent little child be set upon by their own parents. Tarot card readings for free will claim we are but souls evolving through eternity. Everyone who incarnates on this planet is given a chance to work through personal karma. If we choose the light reflected in our optimism, our faith, our trust, our self love and our need to help others, whatever happens we will be protected, we will never fall by the wayside, we will strive on through 2012, and even through our self doubt, reach the fulfillment of our true Destiny which is enlightenment, or if you like living in a constant state of peace and love. Now is that really possible? Ask the angels if you do not believe us!

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

So what did Chinese Astrology 2010 predict for the future of the human race? The answer is simple. This is a Tiger year, and no matter how we look at it, it is one big roar! Whether you believe in Chinese Astrology 2010 or not, it might be challenging to take that prediction on board and experience the world speeding up on all fronts. Burn ups, blow outs and Mother Nature detonating will be the order of most 2010 days. The fact is Mr. T has come to town and the result is we could all defuse at a minimum, or blow up at a maximum! With the Tiger, a metal tiger for that matter, rampaging across our world, Chinese Wood Monkeys will be running for cover, throwing their bananas at Mr. T and scratching their chimp heads in horror, as Mr. T snarls surprises and challenges.

Chinese Astrology 2010 started off with Buddha’s New Year’s Eve party the legend goes that Mr. B told all the animals in the jungle to join him for some shenanigans to celebrate New Year, and only twelve bothered to show up. If that sounds like the type of New Years Eve parties you go to, you do not have to read on. However, Buddha was so delighted with the critters that did put in an appearance; he made them ambassadors for the human race, in other words those born at certain times of the year, would have the traits of the animal representing them. Think Tiger, beautiful but striped, graceful but prone to pounce and tear to shreds, does that sound like someone you know? Perhaps your new lover, or your mother in law? Perhaps it is best to run for the high ground then, unless you are a tiger yourself of course. You might find your Monkey mate deciding to let go of Chinese Horoscopes in 2010 and go for a free life prediction instead, just to keep cool up the palm tree as you rage on the beach. Fun loving monkeys tend to find comfort in a simple free life prediction. The kind of prediction that avoids prophesying mighty cosmic meat axes striking them down. In other words, the clairvoyant will see there is a Divine Plan working in the chimp’s back ground, and say “it is always best to see life as work in progress”.

Regarding “life in progress”, the world renowned psychic Grace Sphere reports on how a highly traumatized woman came to see her, and recounted how her family had conspired against her. That the pain and resentment were gnawing at her soul. But Grace advised that it would be best to forgive, not retain grudges in other words to grieve the past, but let it go. This can only be done with a choice to forgive. Forgiveness is the balm that heals most wounds.

Of course, we are always concerned about our love lives. If we have lost ourselves in relationship angst and dependency, if a partner has walked out on us, we seek a horoscope signs love reading. It is of comfort to understand why we experience failed relationships in continuum. Sometimes, we alleviate our angst and join a spiritual group to gain more emotional insight. An astrally inclined member might offer a horoscope signs love reading to ease our angst, we could also meditate on the unconditional love vibe of crystals or become a Reiki Master.

Spiritual choices are a serious business; we need to be sure that we have not gotten caught up in a cult situation. It just needs basic common sense. If a spiritual leader asks us to give up everything, it is best to turn a blind eye and get a horoscope signs compatibility chart done toute suite, especially if you are a Leo and the cult leader is a black leather coated Scorpio. You must be sure you are not misinterpreting his metaphysical motives. Horoscope sign compatibility charts are useful in such cases. A chart is also useful if the spiritual guru only eats one lettuce leaf a day and does scary rituals with chains, In fact it might be best to drop the whole thing fast.

Past Nutty cults included the Heaven’s Gate that committed mass suicide so their souls could ride a spaceship, sadly many of its members sold up everything to join the cult. Another was the Chen Tao UFO cult in Taiwan that believed God would present Himself on television all across North America. Chen, the leader told his followers to crucify him, when God did not show up on TV, but of course they declined. Perhaps the most bizarre cult was the Ho No Hana Japanese Foot reading cult. Cult Leader Hogan Fukunaga insisted that he was both Jesus and the Buddha. He also insisted on spending the money cult members gave him in wine, women and song!

Certainly a cult that imitates reflexology treatments as per the foot reading cult would get short shrift in most people’s book, but cults are risky, and tragedies can occur. Mind control techniques are not acceptable of course. The fact is spirituality is not about shutting oneself away from the world in some dead beat belief system, but opening up the heart with higher intentions, perhaps helping others in the process. Even if you do not believe in astrology or year 2012 predictions, it would be sensible if you got a horoscope sign compatibility chart done if you are considering joining a slightly suspect spiritual movement; otherwise you could spend the rest of your life defragging brainwashing modules.

Are the Year 2012 predictions a case of media brain washing? Must we believe everything we are told? As children, being classified stupid by an authority figure was convincing. We rarely failed to believe a teacher or parent, and have probably spent the rest of our lives regaining self esteem. If we believe someone’s put down, why should we not believe the media’s perceptions of the Mayan Calendar? Penney Peirce who wrote the metaphysical master piece “Frequency the Power of Personal Vibration” would prefer us to wise up. She would perceive 2012 issues as low vibration as she would parental put downs. Rather than looking outside ourselves at other people’s visions of reality, she insists we need to raise our energy, and make good things happen within us first Penney tells us to flow into our fears, even though global annihilation is more than scary. She writes “living is moving. The emotional Roller coaster takes you from wave to particle. The wave of life brings flow and the joy of release.” In other words, if we surrender to the positive force within, we will beat the scare mongerers without! Some believe there are only two emotional states fear and love anyway; so it might be time to choose whether we prefer to see Year 2012 predictions as a fearful catastrophe or as an opportunity for loving change?

Penney tells us Pandora’s Box has been opened and the old structures are breaking down. Economic challenge and natural disasters hit the headlines every day. If we connect to our home frequency however, our inner core if you like, Penney tells us we access peace, that steady light within our souls. We thus create a high frequency destiny, where “self expression is our birth right!” By fearing 2012, we hinder our evolution. The famous US spiritual pundit Marianne Williamson tells us that “World conditions challenge us to look beyond the status quo for responses to the pain of our times. We look to powers within as well as to powers without. A new spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself. It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth. Perhaps a Psychics in the City session will give us interesting input on this subject!

So you are not convinced about cults or 2012 but you have you decided to pop along to Psychics in the City and get your baseline reading done with hopefully some useful input. Physics in the city convince you to a certain extent, as do Daily Mail Horoscopes. In fact you love the Daily Mail Horoscopes; their astro comments are spot on and fun. Predictions are fashionable anyway; there are predictions on who will win the world cup. Predictions on what style boots will be the rage this winter. Predictions about who will win the Oscar, or American Idol. We always want to know what is going to happen and rarely enjoy the moment. If we are constantly waiting for the boyfriend to call or the great job to materialize we miss out on “here and now” It is great to know the future, when we have no idea how a love affair will work out, or whether we will ever get a raise but we must learn to accept our “special moments” too.

So yes, the Daily Mail horoscopes are entertaining, as they do not go into an end of the world scenario. Most sun signs prefer to perceive the future is sunny. We do not relish the thought of global meltdown. The Bible Code has become a challenge for many due to its pessimistic stance confirming some of the Mayan 2012 prophecies. The Bible Code was originally based on a book by Michael Drosnin that perceived the Bible containing prophecies written in a special code. Some think that an assassination attempt on President Osama was actually pre-empted by the Bible Code. Others than an attack is being planned on Iran. However the inaccuracies of the Bible Code interpretations abound and perhaps should not be taken seriously. The fact remains, worrying about prophecies does not help our lives flower! It is best to remain centered in our own light and personal power, where nothing can harm us as Penney Peirce claims.

Oh that Wobbly Emotion coming over me!

By changing our minds, we could change our lives! Why? Because even as we say to the empath “predict my future life” we trust she will guide us to an alternative way of perceiving reality. She will introduce us to our inner power, help us overcome negative thinking, teach us de-stress techniques that alleviate fear. She will even locate the weaknesses within our energy field, and help us defrag depressing and damaging thoughts from our reality. She might communicate self healing modules, explain the effect chakras have on mental well being, practice distant healing, advise on how to youth and detox. In essence when we ask “can you predict my future life” of the empath, if the answer is yes, she will present us with visions of what “could” happen, and above all how we can transform negative thoughts to positive.

We all have a future city of dreams locked in our hearts, a place where life works. The mystic Benson said “our genetic blueprint has wired humans for God!” The evolved empath agrees with Benson, and teaches how that “wiring” works. If you like, how we can create that future city of dreams – not vague dreams, but constructive visions that work. First of all we must change from within, learn how our chakras, the seven energy vortexes emanating into our auric field, store past lives’ and emotional programming. The base chakra is to do with survival and fear. Fear is the driving force in our society. If we want to stay awake, we must disassociate ourselves from it, regaining inner strength, so that “wobbly emotion” has no more power over us, even when we watch the news, read the newspapers and feel the world has gone mad!

The Solar Plexus, the third chakra, when integrated is vital to courageous feelings. It creates smooth functioning of the central nervous system. The Solar Plexus is “the gateway to the higher self” and the seat of personal power. It maintains focus and enhances co creation, when it is active it inspires ideas, for example how to build a future city life where we remain centered even in the midst of opposition. In other words a well balanced solar plexus gives us the “oomph” to create visions and make them happen.

The truth of your life lies within but reflects outwards. What you see around you is a mirror. If you see suffering, you are concentrating on that facet within. Panic around stock market futures are to do with worldwide angst. The stock market goes “up and down” as does humanity’s mood. Stock market futures are a mental creation, a distorted fear programme re financial issues, demonstrating how fragile our world is. The economic meltdown was a result of the monetary markets’ alarm. Blaming corrupt banking conglomerates’ questionable ethics does nothing to build alternatives. We can create a good life ourselves. Perhaps even leave something timeless behind that speaks of beauty, courage and even new global free markets with inspirational products that are good for the environment and support the Green Mission!

Many of us are taking charge, detaching from greedy financial conglomerates and global delusion. We are growing our own vegetables, joining spiritual movements, learning to evolve and heal, opening our minds to paranormal possibilities, even consulting a monthly horoscope, or simply filling our piggy banks as we disassociate from dodgy “get rich quick” schemes. Basic common sense shows a functioning solar plexus chakra with its resulting “golden” transcendence and energetic resurgence. A healthy plexus could guide us to surviving the global monetary illusion!

We are souls on a spiritual mission, reincarnating in extraordinary times. If we read our daily horoscope Gemini, we can get fun feedback as to how we are handling these times, but little about our soul purpose. A deeper perspective on Gemini Karma will not be contained in a daily horoscope Gemini. If we are Gemini souls seeking metaphysical understanding we will want to discover why a skew whiff Mercury holds us back. We might investigate an in-depth horoscope and ask the reader about communication issues. She could tell us a typical Gemini “karmic issue”, might be feeling stupid.

Some Gemini’s have dyslexic issues to overcome. Perhaps “the twin” protects its “multiple selves” by over-communicating, i.e. chatting so much they “scare people away”. Gemini karma can include being afraid of embracing new concepts. In short, sun sign karma evolves through personal spiritual and emotional experience. A twin could get more Gemini input by having their monthly horoscope assessed. A monthly horoscope that advises on spiritual disciplines, confirming beautiful thoughts transform karma. Could it really be that simple?

Star Signs 2009 highlighted our past astro challenges, still, no worries if 2009 was not the fabulous year you expected! Put it down to the cause and effect of Star Signs 2009 going a bit off centre. Even if you did not make peace with your best friend, apologized to your dad for crashing the car, failed to adopt a child at a distance, and never joined Greenpeace to make a stand for the dolphins you can still do these things, anyway Star Signs 2009 predicted that the year was better for your self healing and inner awareness.

Spiritual astrologers and their monthly horoscopes specialize in reading the soul path of an individual sun sign. If you are a Capricorn, your karmic lesson could be open mindedness. If you are a Leo you will expand heart love. If you are a Cancer you will be less clingy, if you are a Saggy you will quit being “the life and soul of the party” and take responsibility. A spiritual chart is about an individual’s evolution and helps us understand the deepest purpose to life; even acquire great insights from exciting astrological advice.

Unique, creative willful, bolshie, communicative, humorous, tenacious, their gift of the gab is exemplary. Think Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett. Think Irish mystic Lorna Byrne who talks to angels. No wonder an Irish tarot reading attracts us like bees to honey. These people are genial. There is something mesmerizing about soft lilting voices over the phone, voices that convince you an Irish tarot reading is different, more flexible, and a tad more humorous.

When it comes to Lorna Byrne is a 58 year old Irish beauty who knows what poverty and hardship means, something more than “other worldly” seems to be going on. Even though the cynics believe she is a total fraud she claims she sees the light of guardian angels around us. In an interview with Irish Central on line, she states “From the moment I opened my eyes as a child I remember seeing angels. When I was tiny I didn’t know what they were at first. They were gorgeous and friendly, and I wasn’t afraid of them in the least.” Well, she might be unusual, but is an Irish tarot reading that unusual too?

An Irish empath would say we are all psychic, and of course she would be right in her magical way! So, would psychic readings Chicago be different to say Psychic readings Limerick? Not really, because every psychic whether she is doing psychic readings in Chicago, Dublin or Rome will inform us of the same principles; we need to defrag judgmental thoughts, and personal rants and we need to transform miserable, mulish perceptions in to light and love. We can turn to psychic readings Chicago, to get some more insight into how we can detox from the downbeat and depressing, but in the final analysis we will seek that “illumined force” anywhere in the world, above all within ourselves. It is time to dig consciousness and awareness. Yes, the Solar Plexus is indeed the gateway to the Higher Self, and if we tune into it, our lives can change!

What ever happened in 2009?!

Are you into future predictions astrology deals? Is your rising sign guiding you? Are you the type of person who believes a future predictions astrology session is a must have because you want to know whether you will achieve that stellar career, perhaps even meet the dazzling soul mate? Have you understood what a future predictions astrology analysis can really do for you? Do you appreciate that it dives into your soul and identifies what karmic issues are holding back that great career or fabulous love story? For example, do you get that astro retrogrades are blessings in disguise. That they give you an opportunity to look within and discover what is holding up the good stuff? With Mercury retrograde the world might not seem on course. Important documents get lost in the post, computer crashes abound, relationship communications delay. If there are retrograde planets in your birth chart however, folks will not understand what you are trying to say. But, the great thing is once an astrologer identifies where the planetary hitch is, they can show you how to transform a difficult tendency or challenging emotion…

Ask yourself what happened in 2009? Would you have wanted it to have flowed more smoothly? Did you feel it was the worst year in your life? Perhaps your horoscope for 2009 shook you to the core. It revealed you were on a helter skelter trip to oblivion, and that something had to change. And as 2009 evolved the challenges became more evident. Life kept pressing the malfunction button. You wanted a new job, you never found it. You expected a soul mate Prince type to show up, but only frogs put in an appearance. Perhaps you are still waiting for your life to happen and no matter how many future predictions you are into, and how positive they are, things are stuck. Well, at least your horoscope for 2009 had a purpose, which was to wake you up! There is nothing like a lousy year to yearn for improvements. But how can you change your world if it is seemingly conspiring against you? How can you find peace?

Perhaps you are ready to meet a life coach who not only is an expert astrologer but can guide you through challenges. Perhaps you will call your astro life coach a star psychic. Your star psychic works through those planetary hitches. She helps you gain access to all that angst and negative self talk encouraged by a dodgy moon placement. Your star psychic could ask you to close your eyes and focus; perhaps hold your hand over your heart to access the love within. She could advise that you breathe into your soul light, your “beingness!” At that point she could also go over that dreadful 2009. So you did not get that dream job, but your boss offered a promotion in 2011 when the company’s books would start to balance. Okay so you did not find your soul mate, but a great new friend introduced you to a fantastic social life. Take a few minutes to feel gratitude for what you did get out of 2009, she tells you, even if it was not exactly what you wanted. Then say, “even though I did not manifest what I expected to, I am okay!” Success starts with self acceptance! Once you accept the things that do not work, things will start working. Too simple for you? Think again!

Janice had had a lousy year. Her horoscope for 2009 told her Saturn would play up, and Pluto was in severe malfunction. Janice went into a dark depression after her divorce, her beloved cat died and her kids left home. But even though things seemed dire, she made a breakthrough. From when she was sixteen years old Janice had been reading tarot cards. She gave free tarots readings, free tarots readings that mates and family adored. She always got it right. When she “saw” the boyfriend calling, he would. When she saw the house sale going through, it would. But the plus was that throughout the years she had accessed her spirituality. She felt the presence of angels whenever she felt down, as if they were protecting her. She enrolled in a tarot reading course at a famed psychic college. She started a healing course. She made great friends, and in 2010, moved on from free tarots readings to working as a gifted psychic on line. Her new career opened her life up. She discovered her latent gift that was a Godsend.

So you felt down during 2009 too, so you turned to love readings, a horoscope for 2009 and a star psychic to help you through. Yet within, you knew there was something more, something that would change your life. Call it Spirit, or a sacred force that flows through heart and mind. Your Spirit was never crushed by the teacher who shamed you, the parent who rejected you, the first love who walked away, or even that sense of never being good enough. When you touch Spirit you access your life force. You are carried away to dimensions that sustain soul. When you ask that Star Psychic to guide you through your pain, she accesses your Higher Self and helps you transform your perceptions of the world. The star psychic guides you to healing, techniques that access loving kindness. Your light begins to manifest on to the world. You understand that you can lend a touch of magic to everything when you are in synchrony with your true self!

During a love reading the empath sees our heart has been broken yet she knows we can heal it. We can change anything we want; if we decide another lousy horoscope for 2009 is never going to happen of course! We are more than our fears and doubts. We can live on our terms. And we can do it by being 100 percent ourselves. We give up blaming people for letting us down, we realise that we create our own upsets when we do not access inner strength. Finally we build success within. We give up feeling unworthy. We reach out for healing perhaps during a love reading breakthrough, and above all we quit blaming others for our misfortunes. Can we really create this? Can we accomplish such things; achieve an alternative to our past? The answer can only be a resounding yes!

To access possibilities ahead, to know ur future whether during a love reading or that India Future prediction deal, realise that even if a 2009 world prediction affected you negatively, you have woken up to positive thinking. You can chat to a brilliant psychic in New Delhi or Mumbai, renowned for their India Future prediction, and assimilate the positive aspects of the reading. You can assess and know ur future yet you will no longer heed overly negative prophecies as per that 2009 world prediction. Instead you prefer to be optimistic, to bring to completion your positive plans, in other words you have changed. You experience with joy, you perceive that the 2009 world prediction was just another way to access the good within you, and wake you up. Yes, you can change your life from inside out. You can finally understand that the two principle emotions are love and fear and you have decided to choose love. In fact you will know ur future can only be love!

The life coach informs us of various different disciplines we can access to defrag anxieties. She advises us of an excellent clearing exercise to play with, one created by Mantak Chia in his book Chi Self Massage. If we are feeling glum he tells us to smile into our organs heightening our self awareness as we access emotional or physical blockages. Then we imagine those blockages melting away. Mantak tells us “the most important key to keeping healthy is to eliminate tension, worry and toxins every day so that they do not accumulate”. So basically, the best bet is to open out your chakras and just let the light flow through. Difficult, perhaps. But the truth is you are worthy. you are powerful, and you can change your life right around. So next time an astro love reading advises you to spruce up your inner world, and change all the negative perceptions about yourself, give it a go! You might be surprised!

Breath deep and project love!

If you have a tendency to go for an April Love Horoscope on the back page of a magazine, you could either be a Taurus or Aries. Aries is the “Go for it”, “Go go”, “Go Ballistic” sign, a “cutting edge, cutting through obstacles” type of gal or guy when it comes to forgiving a wayward lover! Your homegrown Aries, who digs the April Love Horoscope tends to be passionate, yet unsentimental, bad tempered yet kind hearted. If you hurt an Aries heart however, at the very most they will be standoffish; at the very least they will plan vengeance. They have a short memory and might agree with the Dalai Lama, who tells us forgiveness is good for our health because it lengthens our life span. In other words, compassionate people get better press than those who wreak vengeance on others. But would an Aries sit down and meditate on forgiving a love who had run off with their best friend? Breath deep and project love…. in time perhaps? Usually, Aries wants quick solutions. Moving on from painful experiences that hurt them or de-fragging childhood trauma can only be tolerated if an April Love Horoscope advises it. Psychoanalysis is usually far too long winded for an Aries, who is busy living proactively and certainly will not want to spend time self searching. The Ram might prefer bungee jumping, or rocking the night away to forget a “meanie” lover.

The Aries is curious and commanding too; indeed “find my horoscope” could be a question they would ask, rather than looking for it themselves of course. Being so “Go Go” they do not have the time to muck about trying to discover which astro website is best. They will usually have a secretary, a doting mother or friend, perhaps an adoring husband, lover or wife, who will jump to attention should they utter the magic “find my horoscope”. And when they do find it, Aries will want to emphasize the good things about their personality. None of this “mamby pamby” self analysis stuff please, solutions, and “fast without delay” responses are the job. This can make life changing decisions difficult to process. It can also block our Rams along their path of evolution. Being stubborn and a touch arrogant tends to hold back an individual. Always wanting things to go their way makes them an enfant terrible! In fact, see infantile Aries stamping feet when they do not get the best astro reading. “I should never have asked you to find my horoscope” they will scream, “if I had known it was all going to be bad news”. Aries do not tolerate bad news!

Taurus, on the other hand will enjoy the April Love Horoscope. They are a contestant who likes to play, but not as hard as Aries. When they came into the world, from April 20 to May 20, baby bulls did so languidly. They looked forward to mum’s cuddles. They slowly sucked and pooped. They did not kick booties in the air yelling for processed baby food like the Aries infant. When it comes to forgiving, “who is making a fuss?” says Taurus. “So it hurts, so let’s get practical, and draw up divorce papers”. When a lover lets Taurus down, they scream, stamp and shout …for a bit. They could even check out a virtual tarot card reading, to ease the emotional pain, if that virtual tarot reading shows up bad cards, the Taurus will go on playing until they come out good. The Taurus will always tend to forget heartbreak and defrag angst! The Bull demands harmony, and will only “link horns” when pushed by an elephant. So rather than wallow in “sneaky” “get even” behaviour, the Taurus will dig up a vegetable patch, or plan a quick marching holiday through the Amazon Jungle, now that will give them back their “joie de vivre”. Being in touch with nature and outdoor adventures helps earthy Taurus to connect to the basics of life. They certainly do not want a bad romance to clip hooves. So to ease up the “let down” Taurus will gather together all the people they love, and just get on with having fun, lousy virtual tarot reading or not!

That virtual tarot reading might not be as in-depth as a “one to one” with an empath, but when it comes to someone doing the romantic “dirty” the psychic will go all “Dalai Lama” and advise that forgiveness liberates the soul. Without forgiveness we are lost in pain for a very long time. .If you get a virtual tarot reading come up with say The World, or The Star cards, be certain you are on the way to making your love life work however. You could even get brave enough and acknowledge you feel resentful about the way you have been treated by an overactive Aries lover, who insisted on swinging on chandeliers when you preferred a missionary position. By the light of the Star Tarot however, you can examine your unconscious mind at last, and get answers as to why a love let down resembles a boa constrictor squeezing you to death. Okay, it should be easy to forgive, but some of us find it hard to pardon selfish lovers, and forget how they ripped us off.

The Dalai Lama said “To reduce hatred and other destructive emotions, you must develop their opposites – compassion and kindness. If you have strong compassion, strong respect for others, then forgiveness is much easier.” The guy or girl that reads a Scorpio daily Horoscope would find those aforementioned words a joke. What “Forgive”, you must be kidding! The Scorpio will forgive “War of the Roses Style”. In other words only after a hundred years and oodles of blood and tears. In fact a Scorpio could prefer to wait till their next incarnation. You will not see this sign check out their Scorpio Daily Horoscope for emotional back up. If you betrayed them, you will be haunted by vengeance. Simple! We are not saying Scorpios would tell the “Dalai lama and his forgiveness theories to go pound sand!” but almost. You will never find a tearful Scorpio rummaging through a Scorpio Daily Horoscope at the hairdressers just to check out if the love section shows signs of improvement. Scorpios would laugh uproariously at the very mention of the Tibetan Forgiveness Meditation. Sitting in a quiet place, with some soft music playing in the background is not a Scorpio’s idea of fun, especially if some ex boyfriend is gossiping about their very personal habits around town. In short, the words “I forgive you!” rarely figure in a Scorpio daily Horoscope or any Horoscope that has to do with Scorpio. If the ex Scorpio lover happens to be a Mafia boss, it is best having plastic surgery and setting up home in Fiji! The Scorpio cannot sleep, cannot eat, and cannot get his black leather pants on if the lover has let them down.

Now if that ex lover happens to be a Leo, checking out the Horoscope for Leo on a daily basis might be a best for our King or Queen of the Jungle. A horoscope for Leo will stand a Big Cat in good stead, if they have a vengeful Scorpio lover on their tail. Leos will be willing to meditate on trust and peace to release any romantic torment. Leos will even go so far as to read “The Lancet” cover to cover to discover the latest anti stress procedures. They could visit an alternative health professional and get acupuncture needles stuck in their heart chakra. They could spend inordinate amounts of money on a new wardrobe or hairstyle, not caring a jot if they go over Credit limits. If they feel bad they feel bad. When Mr. or Mrs. Scorpio walks through their door and flattens them with vicious comments they will feel so devastated they could even give up growling. No matter how much they get their manes in a twist, they will never be as street wise as a Scorpio crushing their ego into a sickening pulp. The Horoscope for Leo said however, that their ex Scorpio would fall in love with a Pisces – thank God! A Pisces flows and grows with a Scorpio in soul mate ecstasy. No battle of the Titans for that connection.

Leos usually revel in relationship tarot card readings. They are looking for a kind empath who will pay them a lot of attention. Leos know much about romance’s hard knocks. They know because they give far more than they should – but also expect more than they should. The expert empath carrying out a relationship tarot card reading will remind friendly Leo that excessive reactions do not help. They will also advise against reactive behavior i.e. spending sprees and excessive chocolate eating binges. Teaching the sunny Leo positive affirmations to pull them through a sad end to an affair is a good idea during a relationship tarot reading. Coaching the Leo to understand that negative perceptions tend to stick to their auric fields like glue is also a good idea. The empath who works with relationship tarot readings reminds the big cat that they can heal themselves by channeling light and love. Leos tend to spread unconditional love, so the thought of a pink love ray dissolving romantic anguish is just up their street. That type of healing can put a fire sign back into balance toute suite, even if they have undergone the most painful of divorces or break up.

Taking one’s mind off romantic problems can be a challenge. Even though the sexually formidable Scorpio and effervescent Leo cannot live with each other, they will not be able to live without American British Idol Predictions. Why? Well Idol predictions are very likely to get them off their romantic pedestals and debunk their obsessions. Idol predictions are sought by many in social angst and emotional stress about who will win this year? The Idol Predictions phenomenon has taken the world by storm. This is the talent competition we all adore. It is great watching a bunch of amateurs, of all sun signs gifted or not, stand on a stage in front of hard boiled showbiz judges, and either get blasted or hit the big time in show biz terms. Susan Boyle got launched into the stratosphere after appearing on Idol. 2009 Idol predictions were made about her. Wowowow psychic Peggy Rometo said “I feel she will be a finalist, yet I don’t see her winning the title. Nevertheless the show will be the beginning of a huge overnight career for Susan, similar in scope to Jennifer Hudson!” Well nobody could claim she was wrong, and those predictions will continue to fascinate us all. So Scorpio and Leo eat your hearts out and make it up!

So moving on from feuding Leos and Scorpios, and tuning into good old Aries again, what would the horoscope 2010 Aries say about curing a Ram’s hurt heart? Well for starters 2010 shows us that Aries will feel more trust in themselves and their other half, if he or she is still around that is. Warm hearted Aries will not have made a song and dance re emotional muck ups, and they will be ready to turn a new page. Horoscope 2010 Aries shows us that there is a passionate new love affair on the horizon, and at no stage should Ram underestimate the power of the ensuing sexual delights. This is a year to sweep the board clean of heartaches, in other words. If a lover is still causing problems it will be time to let go, or if not, climbing Mount Everest is not impossible. Any long term relationship will feel much more positive, much more fulfilling. Even though the horoscope 2010 Aries shows that our ram will be vivacious, also stubborn and stroppy as usual, the “Go Go” changes ahead will be handled with Aries Style. No more compromises; Aries are not good at compromising. There will be a breakthrough, and the horoscope 2010 Aries tells our ram that it is time to make past ideas happen, and pick up opportunities for love and light. It is time to let go of forgiving and start living!