Llewellyn’s 2015 Astrological Calendar: 82nd Version of the World’s Best Recognized, Most Dependable Astrology Calendar

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The 82nd Edition of the World’s Very best Recognized, Most Dependable Astrology Calendar

Approach Your Year Wisely

Explore in depth and inspiring astral knowledge with month to month horoscopes, an astrology primer, and gorgeous original artwork by Christine Mitzuk.

Showcasing horoscopes for each signal by Lesley Francis, and:

A guidebook to the planets, indicators, properties, features, and transits Journey forecasts by Bruce Scofield Very best days for planting and fishing The Moon’s indicator, stage, and void-of-class dates Graphic planetary retrograde table Important daily facets, regular ephemerides, and 2015 eclipses Contains retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars