Addiction: As Seen Through Astrology: An Astrological Perspective on Addiction & the Addictive Personality (Book 1 – The Planets) (Volume 1)

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Addiction to substances such as alcohol, heroin, and prescription painkillers continues to take center stage as a crucial public health concern. In Addiction As Seen through Astrology, author Robert Reis studies the nature of the addictive personality through the eyes of astrology.

To accomplish this, he uses a special astrology program known as the astrodyne method to analyze case studies involving the personalities of addicts and nonaddicts. His research of 150 astrological birth charts, including those of both everyday people and celebrities, is designed to examine why certain people go through addiction and others don’t. The first in a five-part book series, Addiction As Seen through Astrology: Book One – the Planets offers a primer on astrology that extends far beyond sun signs and horoscopes.

Astrology’s main purpose is to understand the human personality. Here, he shares compelling astronomical facts about each planet and what influence they have on both astrology and people’s personalities.

But while this knowledge can provide essential insights, this book isn’t meant to be used to cure or diagnose someone with an addictive personality. Rather, it’s meant to deepen our understanding of the addictive personality and help us persuade loved ones to get the help they need to recover.

Goravani Astrology Complete

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Jyotish is the ancient science of Vedic Astrology, the Astrology of India. In “Goravani Astrology Complete”, Das Goravani, best known as the creator of Goravani Jyotish software explains Vedic Astrology in his own, unique, rich, creative, conversational way that makes understanding Jyotish fun and easy. Over the course of 690 pages, Das gives easy-to-understand explanations and examples covering the Planets, Signs and Houses, and their significations and Lord placements; Dashas, Nakshatras, and Lunar Calendars. He writes concept specific chapters on methods and philosophies on the practice of Astrology and cultivating deeper insights. This book includes over 100 pages of graphs, charts and lists for easy reference as well as a glossary of terms for ease of understanding. Whether you’re a student or a long-term practicing Astrologer, this book has both practical knowledge and unique philosophical insights which make this book a rich addition to your astrological library.

Charted Territories: Astrology in Poetry

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Charted Territories: Astrology in Poetry is a refreshing and unique exploration of astrological traits and characteristics. In this deeply beautiful and provocative poetry, seasoned astrologer, Kari Trottier-Whitsitt, shares with us the essence of each astrological sign, planet, house, element, and quality with nuance and subtlety. Each of us is a combination of many signs. At the time of birth, every planet and luminary (sun and moon) is passing through a sign constellation that attributes particular characteristics to our ways of being in the world. Feel your way through these pages and find yourself reflected in these poems. Take it further, and match it against your own astrological birth chart that you can obtain by contracting Kari. Contact information included in “About the Author.”

Early Christianity and Ancient Astrology (Patristic Studies)

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Early Christianity and Ancient Astrology explores a variety of responses to astrology, the most popular form of divination among early Christians in Greco-Roman antiquity. After a brief overview of ancient astrological theory and a survey of polemical responses to it, this book documents instances in which early Christian writers and communities incorporated astrology positively into their beliefs and practices. This study is of interest to students of early Christianity and of Greco-Roman religion and to those concerned with interfaith relations or with issues of Christian unity and diversity. It is particularly recommended for use in courses on the history of Christianity and on the religions of Greco-Roman antiquity.