A Wonderland – But where is Alice?

Are you an Alice through the Looking Glass type ready to whirl down any available tunnel to the infinite? Do you believe in the bizarre and the unusual? Are you someone who super digs the paranormal? May be you are into Psychic readings Michigan then, an online Horoscope, a birth date horoscope, astrological signs and you even ask about “my future horoscope” on a virtually weekly basis? You might nervously await a psychic email response from a medium on the other side of the world and think nothing of it!

Newtonian physics is probably not your friend, may be because it translates the substance of reality as molecules and atoms. For example, the form, the flesh and bones of our hands as we sip a cup of tea, drive a car, cook a meal, or put up a shelf. Yet, when it comes to the Quantum Theory, everything changes. The Quantum buzz is an intriguing key to a new universe. When we “Quantum Mechanics” our thinking, we go beyond materiality into sub atomic potentiality. Multiple dimensions simmer in a soup of possibility long before they unfold in the physical world. The magic of “potential” is our perception, and we choose it. In other words we see things in different ways, yet when we look, what we choose to observe and how we translate that observation creates our personal reality. In synthesis, as we look at life, so we are!

Confused. Okay, let us say your perception is that you will never find true love. Once romance went wrong you spun into a vicious circle of negative potential. You look at a prospective partner and think “he/she will never love me”. That thought creates a potential wave effect in the sub atomic world, that then flows into your physical/emotional world, and subsequently creates a “holding up love” energy. Frustrated, insecure expectations created a downbeat wave, a small trickle that cannot flow majestically into beingness other than in a broken heart and consistent break ups. It takes courage to transform our “perceptions” to positive, if we have been hurt, and thus change our future.

As we ask for a Chinese zodiac compatibility profile, or consult a birth date horoscope we tend to look for a different outcomes and expect to build on positive feedback. We want to believe the psychic when she tells us our boyfriend will call even though deep down we think he never will! But by opening up to the concept that love can come into our lives via an online horoscope or even psychic readings Michigan we do tend to create good news. Why? Well, we gain a new input on upbeat results. We start to wonder what would happen if we really did meet our soul mate, and by asking that question, we build a new possibility into that creative quantum wave that subsequently soars into our reality, bringing us what we desire. This is indeed the power of positive thought!

The Institute of Noetic Sciences utilizes machines called “Random Events Generators” to prove that what we focus on and expect is our reality. A computer programme was set up with random images. Some of these images were positive others negative. The volunteers’ bodies were wired up to the central nervous system and organic function and brain waves. It was discovered that before an image was shown, the volunteers knew what to expect one and a half seconds prior to seeing that image For example, if it was dangerous image, adrenalin would already be flowing into the bloodstream if it was pleasurable endomorphins were automatically released. Does this prove that mind knows our future before our reality creates it?

When we analyse our astrological signs, or consult tarot card readers in Delhi, a psychic tunes into us so profoundly they become one with our choice and thus see into our future. If you like they merge with us totally. Robert Gilman, the astrophysicist and evolutionary thinker wrote the following article entitled “The Next Great Turning” on the “In Context” website.

For many decades parapsychologists have studied the various ways that one person’s mind might influence another person’s mind, or influence physical objects or events, without the aid of normal communications. Most of these studies have concluded that there is some form of interconnection, but because of the profound philosophical and social implications of this result, the overall scientific community has resisted accepting the conclusions of these studies. In response, the parapsychologists have kept refining their experiments and accumulating evidence that is harder and harder to refute.

What is that evidence? One standard experimental setup involves placing two people, a “sender” and a “receiver,” in two separate rooms, where each room is shielded for sound, light, and electro-magnetic radiation. Once placed in these rooms, the sender then focuses his or her attention on a randomly selected item, and the receiver, in some way, responds. The experiments are designed to measure and test the accuracy of these responses, looking to see if they could be explained purely by chance.

“A good example is reported by Honorton et al. in the June 1990 issue of the Journal of Parapsychology. In their experiment, the sender views a randomly selected picture (either moving or still), and the receiver then chooses, among four pictures (the one viewed by the sender plus three randomly selected decoys), the one that most closely matches what the receiver sensed.” The percentage of experimental success was high.

The fact is, most of us were conditioned by our teachers and our parents, adults who unknowingly prevented us from accessing our own spiritual awareness due to their teachings, or their images of us. Psychotherapy, healing, energy balancing help us to re-own what we have lost within, and claim our birthright.

So choose psychic readings Michigan, the Chinese Zodiac compatibility “my future horoscope” as alternative ways of breaking through narrow perceptions and uniting our lives with an alternative reality, one that includes the possibility of psychic gifts, metaphysical realities, and spiritual insight. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass we bounce beyond mainstream perceptions and discover exhilarating new ways to express happiness. In other words, “going paranormal” might mean we access multi dimensional, sub atomic worlds! Something to think on!

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