An Internet Fortune Teller once said….

Nobody could deny we face challenging times. We do not know who to believe, as everyday life becomes increasingly complex. We are overwhelmed by global crises as powerful banking cartels, under full view of our governments, are reorganizing our economy. Is it no wonder we seek answers from a vast metaphysical repertoire. For example an internet fortune teller, or a Jyotish Vedic Astrology chart, an astro astrology outlet, or tarot card spreads, Nostradamus future predictions or monthly astrology predictions. They give us assurance; perhaps even help us understand spiritual concepts. In other words, we want to know what is going on in our mad, bad world.

Conspiracy theorists such as the popular David Icke tell us we are being run by a cartel of evil governments, and that we stand little chance of recuperating if we do not awaken to how we are being manipulated. But are we really approaching total revelation? Will we actually see reality come crashing down around our ears as hidden truths come to light? Did Diana meet her end in a simple road accident? Was nine 9/11 a government shambles, or an orchestrated plot? Are our world governments covering up alien contact? Was Kennedy shot by Oswald or is something much more sinister lurking around his death, and that of John Lennon? The list goes on and on. At this stage it is quite natural to believe that planetary evil is being organized by some dark, hidden agenda.

Coast to Coast Radio is an alternative media outlet that keeps the world in conspiracy theory mode. Sometimes adding to those Nostradamus future predictions with telling broadcasts. However Coast to Coast radio and its host George Knapp recently decided to go against the grain and interview the talk show personality David Aaronovitch an expert on world politics, and former television researcher, who has worked for newspapers such as The Guardian, and has been recognised as a savvy journalist with his “finger on the pulse”. He has even appeared on “Have I got News for You” and won the George Orwell prize for journalism. This is a reasonable man, certainly someone who can give us an alternative to the conspiracy theories that abound. He has a grounded attitude to the Internet, and yet he finds conspiracy explanations “pie in the sky” and totally absurd.

Whether we believe in conspiracies or Mr Aaronovitch, we realise we need to evolve. We know if our future transportation systems do not change, we could poison our world. Can we rely on our politicians to do something about solar power, or green technology? As things stand little is being done and Nostradamus future predictions loom as a result. In short could a Vedic astrology birth chart, an internet fortune teller or astro astrology give us hope? They would probably warn us of astro aspects that show up even more challenges. In other words, if we do not upgrade our future transportation systems, astro astrology tells us, life as we know it could disappear from the face of this planet. Certainly, many people are striking back at the “powers that be!”

Jane Burgermeister, a science journalist, won a Master Degree Honours from Edinburgh University Edinburgh and has written for The Scientist, and The Guardian. She filed against the World Health Organization and the United Nations, highlighting the corrupt content of some vaccinations during the swine flu scare. She pinpointed an Austrian offshoot of the famed pharmaceutical company, Baxter, storing 72 kilos of contaminated virus vaccines containing avian flu. She pointed out that these vaccines were about to be distributed throughout Europe. Much of this information has been collaborated. Being a mainstream journalist of scientific bent, she probably did not turn to jyotish vedic astrology or tarot cards spreads, but she was aware that something was not right. Jane is certainly no conspiracy theorist, and far more mainstream in her approach. Yet she has since lost her job.

The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were obviously a result of governmental incompetence. We need to be more vigilant. Whether the Illuminati are the cause of the current damage or not, we can certainly open out our minds to new concepts and belief systems, perhaps create a more spiritually aware and meaningful life. In other words, our investigation of the metaphysical could evolve our souls and our world! So do not turn up your nose at the power of the internet fortune teller, for she or he might have more than a grasp of things to come!

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