Are the hills really alive with the Sound of Music?

Music is an aspect of the soul, when we hear its blessed tones we can be so moved, tears come to the eyes! Most psychics and astro empaths who check out our star sign compatibility charts would tell us that music accesses something infinite within the human heart. They certainly know a psychic reading is enhanced if an empath has meditated or accessed the sound of a mantra, hymn or meditative music before, after, and sometimes during their work with a client. So next time you want to know “is my future real?” or want to ask the empath whether you will ever meet that soul mate put a romantic CD on the player and contemplate on your heart chakra first!

Clinical studies have now proved stress is healed by music. Music therapists abound in hospitals and clinical environments. It is known patients speed up their “get well quick” potential when the sonorous notes of sacrosanct tonalities are played to them. Soft, loving notes lower blood pressure, and calm the mind. Music skips past the logical left brain modules, and touches the non linear right brain where brainwaves become ideas and flashes of insight. It then resounds within the very soul of the individual, touching places of insightful expansion and sacred perception. There is a symbolic power to music that conveys word-less concepts and moves us up to Absolute energy levels. High street shopping malls and supermarket cash tills have also cottoned on to the stunning success musical attraction has on the human heart. They play their tinny reprises in the back ground to entrance the customer and keep them on the premises, but of course, as yet, these background sounds cannot be compared to high quality, healing sounds created by spiritually gifted musicians and songsters.

New Age musicians connect us to our inner truths. The metaphysical community appreciates and understands their honorable gift, as much as they understand that a star sign compatibility or horoscope love chart, even an astrological forecast today is enhanced by sacred music playing in the background as the “intuitive” accesses their higher self and merges their soul rhythm with these evolved sounds. The healer or empath reaches into the sublime, one might say, Spirit descends to meet them through the high notes, and the “deeper meaning” of celestial music touch their client’s hearts!

Deva Premal is a beautiful and inspired singer, Mitten is a spiritual musician and their shared miracle is that they joined forces as a duo husband and wife combo when they met in India. Their “sound” has been helping countless people discover a healing way through life. They would tell us that we are all wandering around the planet like lost souls. One need only think of the financial collapse when Dow Jones futures showed nothing but pitch black. What a dream it would have been to hear the dulcet tones of healing music playing in the background of such Wall Street fiascos, or perhaps that would really be a case of “the sublime meeting the ridiculous” especially when it comes to Dow Jones futures! Yet think a peaceful heart, think the security of a loving and supportive society, think the end of greed, competition and war, and you get Deva Premal and Mitten’s message.

Be that as it may, Premal was born in 1970 in Germany. Her father was a mystic and a musician. She began singing at only five years old, when she gave a superb “little girl rendition” of the great sacred Gayatri Mantra. Deva is also a powerful complementary health therapist but she perceives that was “called” to perform sacred song.

She and Mitten met at the famous Poona, Osho Ashram. Mitten is an English man, who grew up in the sixties with the Beatles as his background music, a time when the paranormal was considered intriguing, and a psychic reading was both swinging, yet special. Flower Power helped, in those days future real visions were easy to accomplish. Carnaby Street and great rock music were the tangible demonstration, and it proved a global upturn in creativity and the reassessment of social mores was hitting planet earth!

Mitten guitar playing skills toured the US with Fleetwood Mac, and Lou Reed, but his wild rock and roll life style left him spiritually bereft. He went to India on a search for answers. He met Osho, the great Spiritual Teacher, and of course his beloved Premal. Of his experience he says, “Osho gave purpose to my life, and an understanding that divine chaos is the essence of it. My eyes were opened to new possibilities which I explore to this day.”
Of course one can only wonder what would happen if the sound of Deva Premal’s exquisite voice and Mitten sublime’s musical accompaniment became an everyday reality in shopping precincts, radio and television. Yet their sound remains as “special” as the metaphysical world itself and only about 20 percent of the population know of them. Of course that number is always rising!

Mitten says “Our music has always felt precious right from the start. Our job is just to travel and share it, which was something we have found very easy to do. And over time more and more people have come to join us in the celebration. Our music is to awaken a longing in the heart for that which is omnipresent, the experience of silence and meditation. This is the blessing that Premal and I receive every time we sing mantras. Our vision is simple – everyone with a breath in their body can experience their divine and everybody with a voice can sign.”

So next time you want go for the psychic reading, or desire a future real assessment, be aware that if your heart is shut down to the dulcet tones it is unlikely that you will synchronize with the flashes of insight or the revelations relationships predictions could give you. Yet for Mitten and Deva Premal even free astrological horoscopes would not make sense if they could not sing their mantras, and balance their souls to the “sound of music”. In fact they might even read their free astrological horoscopes playing instruments and singing at the same time! But then as Julie Andrews said “The hills are alive with it, that amazing, healing, divine “sound of music!”.

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