Astrology of the Moon: An Illuminating Journey By means of the Signs and Residences

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Your moon indication represents your emotional nature and lights the way toward profound spiritual progress. With Astrology of the Moon, you can recognize and much better comprehend your main psychological requirements, discover to satisfy them, and make constructive selections for a much more rewarding, spiritually enriched everyday living.

Illuminating the natal and progressed moon romance, this info-packed astrology guide clarifies the moon’s potent energetic potential in relation to the signals, properties, planets, and facets. In an easy-to-use “cookbook” format developed to assist you immediately seem up your moon sign, Amy Herring reveals your at any time-evolving psychological desires when it comes to adore, household everyday living, non secular health and fitness, occupation planning, and much more.

You will also come across many practical pursuits and tips to increase your imaginative likely and fulfill your crucial requirements so you can make joy at every single stage of daily life.


“A new e-book about new astrology for the New Age! Even a seasoned astrologer will uncover the insights new and in some cases profound. This is a great ebook to spotlight in your astrology area.” -NEW AGE RETAILER

“For inexperienced persons and much more superior college students alike, Amy Herring’s Astrology of the Moon will illuminate the path to particular progress.”  —DELL HOROSCOPE

“Great astrology transcends labels, and this ebook is very good astrology. The content presented here is not speculative it can be listed here-and-now with a psycho-religious flavor… The Moon illuminates. So does this reserve. It is really a fine study.” -NCGR MEMBERLETTER

“[This] is an illuminating operate that will open hearts, enlighten minds, and improve life.”—Ronnie Grishman, editor-in-main of DELL HOROSCOPE

“An uncomplicated-to-study feast of ageless wisdom that gives an evolutionary roadmap for the psychological adventure we phone life.”—Rick Levine, astrologer for

“This ebook is a amazing useful resource: instructional, instructive, entertaining, and quite beneficial in knowing the natal and progressed moon. Herring has a contemporary, new, and important voice in astrology.”—Lynda Hill, creator of 360 Degrees of Wisdom


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