Baby booming in 2013

Having a baby is a thrilling time in a woman’s life! Many pregnant mums will be down the empath before you cab screech “pass the talc!” “Why?” Well, we all want the very best for that magnificent little being coming into our lives. We might even go the whole hog and get a Chinese horoscope 2010 done for them, especially if baby is to be born this year. We could feel online astrological predictions help us relieve that “soon to be parent” angst, perhaps even a Nepali horoscope or a free daily horoscope would not go amiss, just to ward off pregnant mums’ anxieties with positive affirmations. But really, the best solution is having a magical grandma in the family. Granny is the best guardian angel and baby healer on the block. She knows all about baby’s croup, and above all she knows about the power of the baby soul. She might even be waiting on a “healing baby” and tell us that a baby gender prediction has no relevance when it comes to the arrival of such an elevated soul.

Some magical grannies have a strong allegiance to the “old ways” when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Enlightened grannies do not just rely on the free daily horoscope, the baby gender predictions, the Chinese horoscope 2010 or the online astrological predictions, when a child is to be born into their family, but their own powerful prayers – especially if a “healing baby” will overwhelm them with joy. To protect the “healing baby” a granny would walk into the middle of a dark forest at night, or row into the middle of a stormy lake to humbly ask Spirit to call on healing angels to guide baby to a happy life. Elena Avila, who wrote “Women Who Glow in the Dark”, tells us “In Western medicine, the body goes to the hospital, the mind to the psychiatrist, and the spirit to church. In Latin Folk Healing the healing takes place under one roof.” Therefore, the home must be a fort that defies negative attack and of course the granny must be able to stand up to nastiness in whatever form it appears.

Granny’s love is pure, for she knows a “healing baby” will grow into a glorious adult soul that could be beset by others’ envy. But the most loving, metaphysical grannies of the world also spot a nasty entity at 20 meters and will tie a red cord around baby’s waist to keep those baddies away. Granny will burn lemon grass to keep the “boogies bouncing” in the opposite direction too. You see, granny’s adoration of her grandchild rests in the sacred knowledge that all babies heal us and therefore must be protected. When we hold a newly born child in our arms, and they look up at us with their innocent eyes, they melt our hearts with ingenuous spiritual “beingness”. Their purity is unique.

Recently, John Travolta and his wife Kelly astounded the world by announcing that Kelly is pregnant. Pregnancy is unusual in a 47 year old. The spiritual significance of such an event, after the tragic loss of their son, could herald the arrival of a “healing baby” for the Travoltas! Prime Minister David Cameron is also expecting a “healing baby”, conceived after the death of his disabled offspring Ivan. In the Mail on Line, it is reported that Trudy, 37, an office administrator from Bracknell, Berkshire, who lost a child, is adamant: “Having a baby has been the only possible therapy for us after losing our child. You honestly need to walk in our shoes before you can understand. Our friends, family and even medical staff all seemed to believe we needed to take time to grieve and come to terms with our loss. But although I was so devastated I wanted to die, at the same time I felt this uncontrollable need to have another baby”. And so the “healing baby” arrived.

The power of an infant’s healing powers reside in the sweetest innocence. When little Paolo was born into the Italian Sacchetti family, he came at a time of great grieving. The whole family was bereft at the loss of Theresa, the beloved and respected mama of the family, who had died of a sudden heart condition. When Paolo was born, the family celebrated his coming with tears and laughter, for he came into the world shortly after her death. It seemed like a blessing, for at last Theresa’s broken hearted husband smiled again as he held Paolo, his beautiful little grandchild in his arms.

So you are pregnant and want to know your child’s destiny, you want to download every tarot reading software known to man, you are so obsessed. You even want to access your horoscope daily to see whether all will go well at birth. Your horoscope will certainly help you understand your mothering instincts, but if you are lucky enough to have one of those wacky, spiritual grannies around, she will welcome your beloved little one into the world like no other. There are so many ways of greeting a blessed child. A Yemenite family cracks raw eggs on the doorstep when baby is born, to keep nasty intentions away; Indian Jews decorate their home with flower blossoms floating in water when a little girl comes into the family. Italian families attach a pale blue rosette to the door if a new born baby is a boy, and a pink rosette if she is a girl!

But we can all welcome our own “healing baby” by decorating their room with flowers, and empowering crystals with our loving protection; we could also imbue the atmosphere with our adoring prayers and invocations to the light. The most powerful form of protection however is when we look into our infant’s eyes and smile the love we feel so deep, into their sweet, little souls. When we tell them we will protect them, and hold them to our hearts, they sense that until our dying day we will never let them down. The magical grannies of the world know this truth as they nod and smile at you downloading that Nepali horoscope, at you re-reading that free daily horoscope cos you only have a few days left to the birth. Even if gran is playing future games on line with all that latest tarot reading software – magical grannies just love the internet – and those future games on line, she knows the real game, the true game, which is nurturing “healing baby” and filling its little heart with a loving welcome into this world! For the rest of both your days!

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