Breath deep and project love!

If you have a tendency to go for an April Love Horoscope on the back page of a magazine, you could either be a Taurus or Aries. Aries is the “Go for it”, “Go go”, “Go Ballistic” sign, a “cutting edge, cutting through obstacles” type of gal or guy when it comes to forgiving a wayward lover! Your homegrown Aries, who digs the April Love Horoscope tends to be passionate, yet unsentimental, bad tempered yet kind hearted. If you hurt an Aries heart however, at the very most they will be standoffish; at the very least they will plan vengeance. They have a short memory and might agree with the Dalai Lama, who tells us forgiveness is good for our health because it lengthens our life span. In other words, compassionate people get better press than those who wreak vengeance on others. But would an Aries sit down and meditate on forgiving a love who had run off with their best friend? Breath deep and project love…. in time perhaps? Usually, Aries wants quick solutions. Moving on from painful experiences that hurt them or de-fragging childhood trauma can only be tolerated if an April Love Horoscope advises it. Psychoanalysis is usually far too long winded for an Aries, who is busy living proactively and certainly will not want to spend time self searching. The Ram might prefer bungee jumping, or rocking the night away to forget a “meanie” lover.

The Aries is curious and commanding too; indeed “find my horoscope” could be a question they would ask, rather than looking for it themselves of course. Being so “Go Go” they do not have the time to muck about trying to discover which astro website is best. They will usually have a secretary, a doting mother or friend, perhaps an adoring husband, lover or wife, who will jump to attention should they utter the magic “find my horoscope”. And when they do find it, Aries will want to emphasize the good things about their personality. None of this “mamby pamby” self analysis stuff please, solutions, and “fast without delay” responses are the job. This can make life changing decisions difficult to process. It can also block our Rams along their path of evolution. Being stubborn and a touch arrogant tends to hold back an individual. Always wanting things to go their way makes them an enfant terrible! In fact, see infantile Aries stamping feet when they do not get the best astro reading. “I should never have asked you to find my horoscope” they will scream, “if I had known it was all going to be bad news”. Aries do not tolerate bad news!

Taurus, on the other hand will enjoy the April Love Horoscope. They are a contestant who likes to play, but not as hard as Aries. When they came into the world, from April 20 to May 20, baby bulls did so languidly. They looked forward to mum’s cuddles. They slowly sucked and pooped. They did not kick booties in the air yelling for processed baby food like the Aries infant. When it comes to forgiving, “who is making a fuss?” says Taurus. “So it hurts, so let’s get practical, and draw up divorce papers”. When a lover lets Taurus down, they scream, stamp and shout …for a bit. They could even check out a virtual tarot card reading, to ease the emotional pain, if that virtual tarot reading shows up bad cards, the Taurus will go on playing until they come out good. The Taurus will always tend to forget heartbreak and defrag angst! The Bull demands harmony, and will only “link horns” when pushed by an elephant. So rather than wallow in “sneaky” “get even” behaviour, the Taurus will dig up a vegetable patch, or plan a quick marching holiday through the Amazon Jungle, now that will give them back their “joie de vivre”. Being in touch with nature and outdoor adventures helps earthy Taurus to connect to the basics of life. They certainly do not want a bad romance to clip hooves. So to ease up the “let down” Taurus will gather together all the people they love, and just get on with having fun, lousy virtual tarot reading or not!

That virtual tarot reading might not be as in-depth as a “one to one” with an empath, but when it comes to someone doing the romantic “dirty” the psychic will go all “Dalai Lama” and advise that forgiveness liberates the soul. Without forgiveness we are lost in pain for a very long time. .If you get a virtual tarot reading come up with say The World, or The Star cards, be certain you are on the way to making your love life work however. You could even get brave enough and acknowledge you feel resentful about the way you have been treated by an overactive Aries lover, who insisted on swinging on chandeliers when you preferred a missionary position. By the light of the Star Tarot however, you can examine your unconscious mind at last, and get answers as to why a love let down resembles a boa constrictor squeezing you to death. Okay, it should be easy to forgive, but some of us find it hard to pardon selfish lovers, and forget how they ripped us off.

The Dalai Lama said “To reduce hatred and other destructive emotions, you must develop their opposites – compassion and kindness. If you have strong compassion, strong respect for others, then forgiveness is much easier.” The guy or girl that reads a Scorpio daily Horoscope would find those aforementioned words a joke. What “Forgive”, you must be kidding! The Scorpio will forgive “War of the Roses Style”. In other words only after a hundred years and oodles of blood and tears. In fact a Scorpio could prefer to wait till their next incarnation. You will not see this sign check out their Scorpio Daily Horoscope for emotional back up. If you betrayed them, you will be haunted by vengeance. Simple! We are not saying Scorpios would tell the “Dalai lama and his forgiveness theories to go pound sand!” but almost. You will never find a tearful Scorpio rummaging through a Scorpio Daily Horoscope at the hairdressers just to check out if the love section shows signs of improvement. Scorpios would laugh uproariously at the very mention of the Tibetan Forgiveness Meditation. Sitting in a quiet place, with some soft music playing in the background is not a Scorpio’s idea of fun, especially if some ex boyfriend is gossiping about their very personal habits around town. In short, the words “I forgive you!” rarely figure in a Scorpio daily Horoscope or any Horoscope that has to do with Scorpio. If the ex Scorpio lover happens to be a Mafia boss, it is best having plastic surgery and setting up home in Fiji! The Scorpio cannot sleep, cannot eat, and cannot get his black leather pants on if the lover has let them down.

Now if that ex lover happens to be a Leo, checking out the Horoscope for Leo on a daily basis might be a best for our King or Queen of the Jungle. A horoscope for Leo will stand a Big Cat in good stead, if they have a vengeful Scorpio lover on their tail. Leos will be willing to meditate on trust and peace to release any romantic torment. Leos will even go so far as to read “The Lancet” cover to cover to discover the latest anti stress procedures. They could visit an alternative health professional and get acupuncture needles stuck in their heart chakra. They could spend inordinate amounts of money on a new wardrobe or hairstyle, not caring a jot if they go over Credit limits. If they feel bad they feel bad. When Mr. or Mrs. Scorpio walks through their door and flattens them with vicious comments they will feel so devastated they could even give up growling. No matter how much they get their manes in a twist, they will never be as street wise as a Scorpio crushing their ego into a sickening pulp. The Horoscope for Leo said however, that their ex Scorpio would fall in love with a Pisces – thank God! A Pisces flows and grows with a Scorpio in soul mate ecstasy. No battle of the Titans for that connection.

Leos usually revel in relationship tarot card readings. They are looking for a kind empath who will pay them a lot of attention. Leos know much about romance’s hard knocks. They know because they give far more than they should – but also expect more than they should. The expert empath carrying out a relationship tarot card reading will remind friendly Leo that excessive reactions do not help. They will also advise against reactive behavior i.e. spending sprees and excessive chocolate eating binges. Teaching the sunny Leo positive affirmations to pull them through a sad end to an affair is a good idea during a relationship tarot reading. Coaching the Leo to understand that negative perceptions tend to stick to their auric fields like glue is also a good idea. The empath who works with relationship tarot readings reminds the big cat that they can heal themselves by channeling light and love. Leos tend to spread unconditional love, so the thought of a pink love ray dissolving romantic anguish is just up their street. That type of healing can put a fire sign back into balance toute suite, even if they have undergone the most painful of divorces or break up.

Taking one’s mind off romantic problems can be a challenge. Even though the sexually formidable Scorpio and effervescent Leo cannot live with each other, they will not be able to live without American British Idol Predictions. Why? Well Idol predictions are very likely to get them off their romantic pedestals and debunk their obsessions. Idol predictions are sought by many in social angst and emotional stress about who will win this year? The Idol Predictions phenomenon has taken the world by storm. This is the talent competition we all adore. It is great watching a bunch of amateurs, of all sun signs gifted or not, stand on a stage in front of hard boiled showbiz judges, and either get blasted or hit the big time in show biz terms. Susan Boyle got launched into the stratosphere after appearing on Idol. 2009 Idol predictions were made about her. Wowowow psychic Peggy Rometo said “I feel she will be a finalist, yet I don’t see her winning the title. Nevertheless the show will be the beginning of a huge overnight career for Susan, similar in scope to Jennifer Hudson!” Well nobody could claim she was wrong, and those predictions will continue to fascinate us all. So Scorpio and Leo eat your hearts out and make it up!

So moving on from feuding Leos and Scorpios, and tuning into good old Aries again, what would the horoscope 2010 Aries say about curing a Ram’s hurt heart? Well for starters 2010 shows us that Aries will feel more trust in themselves and their other half, if he or she is still around that is. Warm hearted Aries will not have made a song and dance re emotional muck ups, and they will be ready to turn a new page. Horoscope 2010 Aries shows us that there is a passionate new love affair on the horizon, and at no stage should Ram underestimate the power of the ensuing sexual delights. This is a year to sweep the board clean of heartaches, in other words. If a lover is still causing problems it will be time to let go, or if not, climbing Mount Everest is not impossible. Any long term relationship will feel much more positive, much more fulfilling. Even though the horoscope 2010 Aries shows that our ram will be vivacious, also stubborn and stroppy as usual, the “Go Go” changes ahead will be handled with Aries Style. No more compromises; Aries are not good at compromising. There will be a breakthrough, and the horoscope 2010 Aries tells our ram that it is time to make past ideas happen, and pick up opportunities for love and light. It is time to let go of forgiving and start living!

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