What will happen in 2012?


Let us explore this question through a horary chart, genuine question asked by myself on June 27, 2009, at 10:20 pm CED, (location 01e37, 50n43): after doing some reading on the subject, I wanted to find the answer (or an answer) by horary.

Stunning chart! As the whole 2012 issue is a based on a calendar prediction, no wonder that the Ascendant ruler is Saturn, the master of Time. Notice the tight conjunction with the Moon (at the end of a Moon-Saturn cycle) in the 8th house (of transformation). A very clearly astrological picture of the humanity (the Moon) reaching at the end of some human calendar.

So, this is what we knew already, it’s part of the question. Let us explore the chart indications.

First of all, looking around for more indication, I notice that Ceres is located right between the Moon and Saturn. Ceres is an asteroid known to be associated with Mother Earth (also food and ecology). Ceres is also applying to conjunct Saturn, in what represents the end of a Ceres-Saturn cycle (fyi, this is a 6 year long cycle). So, symbolically there is also a end to a time cycle on Mother Earth.

To those fearing a physical end of the Earth, I point out the MC-IC axis in this chart at the 15th degree in a fixed sign, with both 4th and 10th house rulers in a fixed sign: the physical and social environement will not suffer sudden changes.

Also, notice the position of the main significator, Saturn and the co-significator, the Moon, in succeedent houses: also an argument of continuity.

So the keyword cannot be sudden change, nor end, but rather transition.

In what way?

As the 2nd house is also ruled by Saturn, I think this indicates a strong connection with material values and the economy. The whole chart seems to have connections at this level.

Saturn (peregrine, therefore weakened) is applying to an opposition to the Part of Fortune from the 2nd house, which indicates a challenge to materiality and attachement to material values (orb 3.5 degrees just as there are 3.5 years to go from June 2009 to December 2012), so the economic crisis should likely continue until then.

But Saturn is helped by sextile by the Sun ? ruler of the 8th house, suggesting that the banking system (= 8th house) will intervene to offer help. What kind of help will this be, knowing that the Sun is also peregrine, it is located in the detriment sign of Saturn, Cancer, therefore ??Saturn dislikes the Sun?? and the Sun separates from an opposition with Pluto, modern 10th house ruler from the 12th house (= hidden rulers of the world). In other words, this astrological picture seems to confirm the conspiracy theories of the economic crisis manipulated by certain hidden powerful leaders.

I’m sure this economical situation is just a tiny part of the overall picture, and would welcome any other intervention from other astrologers that might help clarifying the chart indications.

Looking at the bright side, I notice the very special and spiritual conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron on the 2nd house cusp, so the tendency of financial anarchy or dissolution of of the attachement to material values is most welcome from a spiritual standpoint.

Jupiter rules the 12th house of humble service and spiritual illumination, Neptune spells spirituality, while Chiron teaches us to learn to transcend the difficulties into spiritual strengths.

North Node’s position in the 1st house at the very first degree of Aquarius is also relieving ? evolution is the word of the day!

As the triple conjunction is moving back into the 1st house, I expect this spiritualizing influence to be stronger and stronger. We should tune into this opportunity to overcome any materialism and petty preoccupations for our material future. Do your best today and do not worry about tomorrow Jesus said, there are enough troubles today. God gives you already every day what is proper for your soul anyway. Seek true spirituality and shift your focus to the divine aspects of existence, before anything else: “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I think this is one of the messages of this horary chart.
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An Internet Fortune Teller once said….

Nobody could deny we face challenging times. We do not know who to believe, as everyday life becomes increasingly complex. We are overwhelmed by global crises as powerful banking cartels, under full view of our governments, are reorganizing our economy. Is it no wonder we seek answers from a vast metaphysical repertoire. For example an internet fortune teller, or a Jyotish Vedic Astrology chart, an astro astrology outlet, or tarot card spreads, Nostradamus future predictions or monthly astrology predictions. They give us assurance; perhaps even help us understand spiritual concepts. In other words, we want to know what is going on in our mad, bad world.

Conspiracy theorists such as the popular David Icke tell us we are being run by a cartel of evil governments, and that we stand little chance of recuperating if we do not awaken to how we are being manipulated. But are we really approaching total revelation? Will we actually see reality come crashing down around our ears as hidden truths come to light? Did Diana meet her end in a simple road accident? Was nine 9/11 a government shambles, or an orchestrated plot? Are our world governments covering up alien contact? Was Kennedy shot by Oswald or is something much more sinister lurking around his death, and that of John Lennon? The list goes on and on. At this stage it is quite natural to believe that planetary evil is being organized by some dark, hidden agenda.

Coast to Coast Radio is an alternative media outlet that keeps the world in conspiracy theory mode. Sometimes adding to those Nostradamus future predictions with telling broadcasts. However Coast to Coast radio and its host George Knapp recently decided to go against the grain and interview the talk show personality David Aaronovitch an expert on world politics, and former television researcher, who has worked for newspapers such as The Guardian, and has been recognised as a savvy journalist with his “finger on the pulse”. He has even appeared on “Have I got News for You” and won the George Orwell prize for journalism. This is a reasonable man, certainly someone who can give us an alternative to the conspiracy theories that abound. He has a grounded attitude to the Internet, and yet he finds conspiracy explanations “pie in the sky” and totally absurd.

Whether we believe in conspiracies or Mr Aaronovitch, we realise we need to evolve. We know if our future transportation systems do not change, we could poison our world. Can we rely on our politicians to do something about solar power, or green technology? As things stand little is being done and Nostradamus future predictions loom as a result. In short could a Vedic astrology birth chart, an internet fortune teller or astro astrology give us hope? They would probably warn us of astro aspects that show up even more challenges. In other words, if we do not upgrade our future transportation systems, astro astrology tells us, life as we know it could disappear from the face of this planet. Certainly, many people are striking back at the “powers that be!”

Jane Burgermeister, a science journalist, won a Master Degree Honours from Edinburgh University Edinburgh and has written for The Scientist, and The Guardian. She filed against the World Health Organization and the United Nations, highlighting the corrupt content of some vaccinations during the swine flu scare. She pinpointed an Austrian offshoot of the famed pharmaceutical company, Baxter, storing 72 kilos of contaminated virus vaccines containing avian flu. She pointed out that these vaccines were about to be distributed throughout Europe. Much of this information has been collaborated. Being a mainstream journalist of scientific bent, she probably did not turn to jyotish vedic astrology or tarot cards spreads, but she was aware that something was not right. Jane is certainly no conspiracy theorist, and far more mainstream in her approach. Yet she has since lost her job.

The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were obviously a result of governmental incompetence. We need to be more vigilant. Whether the Illuminati are the cause of the current damage or not, we can certainly open out our minds to new concepts and belief systems, perhaps create a more spiritually aware and meaningful life. In other words, our investigation of the metaphysical could evolve our souls and our world! So do not turn up your nose at the power of the internet fortune teller, for she or he might have more than a grasp of things to come!

A Wonderland – But where is Alice?

Are you an Alice through the Looking Glass type ready to whirl down any available tunnel to the infinite? Do you believe in the bizarre and the unusual? Are you someone who super digs the paranormal? May be you are into Psychic readings Michigan then, an online Horoscope, a birth date horoscope, astrological signs and you even ask about “my future horoscope” on a virtually weekly basis? You might nervously await a psychic email response from a medium on the other side of the world and think nothing of it!

Newtonian physics is probably not your friend, may be because it translates the substance of reality as molecules and atoms. For example, the form, the flesh and bones of our hands as we sip a cup of tea, drive a car, cook a meal, or put up a shelf. Yet, when it comes to the Quantum Theory, everything changes. The Quantum buzz is an intriguing key to a new universe. When we “Quantum Mechanics” our thinking, we go beyond materiality into sub atomic potentiality. Multiple dimensions simmer in a soup of possibility long before they unfold in the physical world. The magic of “potential” is our perception, and we choose it. In other words we see things in different ways, yet when we look, what we choose to observe and how we translate that observation creates our personal reality. In synthesis, as we look at life, so we are!

Confused. Okay, let us say your perception is that you will never find true love. Once romance went wrong you spun into a vicious circle of negative potential. You look at a prospective partner and think “he/she will never love me”. That thought creates a potential wave effect in the sub atomic world, that then flows into your physical/emotional world, and subsequently creates a “holding up love” energy. Frustrated, insecure expectations created a downbeat wave, a small trickle that cannot flow majestically into beingness other than in a broken heart and consistent break ups. It takes courage to transform our “perceptions” to positive, if we have been hurt, and thus change our future.

As we ask for a Chinese zodiac compatibility profile, or consult a birth date horoscope we tend to look for a different outcomes and expect to build on positive feedback. We want to believe the psychic when she tells us our boyfriend will call even though deep down we think he never will! But by opening up to the concept that love can come into our lives via an online horoscope or even psychic readings Michigan we do tend to create good news. Why? Well, we gain a new input on upbeat results. We start to wonder what would happen if we really did meet our soul mate, and by asking that question, we build a new possibility into that creative quantum wave that subsequently soars into our reality, bringing us what we desire. This is indeed the power of positive thought!

The Institute of Noetic Sciences utilizes machines called “Random Events Generators” to prove that what we focus on and expect is our reality. A computer programme was set up with random images. Some of these images were positive others negative. The volunteers’ bodies were wired up to the central nervous system and organic function and brain waves. It was discovered that before an image was shown, the volunteers knew what to expect one and a half seconds prior to seeing that image For example, if it was dangerous image, adrenalin would already be flowing into the bloodstream if it was pleasurable endomorphins were automatically released. Does this prove that mind knows our future before our reality creates it?

When we analyse our astrological signs, or consult tarot card readers in Delhi, a psychic tunes into us so profoundly they become one with our choice and thus see into our future. If you like they merge with us totally. Robert Gilman, the astrophysicist and evolutionary thinker wrote the following article entitled “The Next Great Turning” on the “In Context” website.

For many decades parapsychologists have studied the various ways that one person’s mind might influence another person’s mind, or influence physical objects or events, without the aid of normal communications. Most of these studies have concluded that there is some form of interconnection, but because of the profound philosophical and social implications of this result, the overall scientific community has resisted accepting the conclusions of these studies. In response, the parapsychologists have kept refining their experiments and accumulating evidence that is harder and harder to refute.

What is that evidence? One standard experimental setup involves placing two people, a “sender” and a “receiver,” in two separate rooms, where each room is shielded for sound, light, and electro-magnetic radiation. Once placed in these rooms, the sender then focuses his or her attention on a randomly selected item, and the receiver, in some way, responds. The experiments are designed to measure and test the accuracy of these responses, looking to see if they could be explained purely by chance.

“A good example is reported by Honorton et al. in the June 1990 issue of the Journal of Parapsychology. In their experiment, the sender views a randomly selected picture (either moving or still), and the receiver then chooses, among four pictures (the one viewed by the sender plus three randomly selected decoys), the one that most closely matches what the receiver sensed.” The percentage of experimental success was high.

The fact is, most of us were conditioned by our teachers and our parents, adults who unknowingly prevented us from accessing our own spiritual awareness due to their teachings, or their images of us. Psychotherapy, healing, energy balancing help us to re-own what we have lost within, and claim our birthright.

So choose psychic readings Michigan, the Chinese Zodiac compatibility “my future horoscope” as alternative ways of breaking through narrow perceptions and uniting our lives with an alternative reality, one that includes the possibility of psychic gifts, metaphysical realities, and spiritual insight. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass we bounce beyond mainstream perceptions and discover exhilarating new ways to express happiness. In other words, “going paranormal” might mean we access multi dimensional, sub atomic worlds! Something to think on!

The problem with people is….

Off to get a psychic reading about boyfriend troubles? Going for a daily star signs analysis, a Lal kitab astrology chart, or even a horoscope for Aquarius, since Mr. Trouble is a Water Carrier? Or did you give up on the whole psychic conundrum a couple of years ago when your 2009 astrology forecast said you would marry your boyfriend and it never happened?

Psychic predictions can let us down. The empath said the errant boyfriend would show. Two years passed and he is still Mr. Invisible Man. The psychic said that we meet true love this year, but the way things are going we are more likely to meet them end of world in 2012. The prophecies we tend to dig are those Nostradamus predictions 2012, since we are at such a low romantic ebb even an “Antichrist lookalike” would do! Anyway, the only soul mate we are attracting is our neurotic cat Jeeves.

So what gives? A lot gives. For starters, we know little of metaphysical matters or how our empath works. Folk think that a clairvoyant just falls into a state of altered consciousness channels their guide “Harry” – and that is virtually it! Yet every psychic is different. Some work with astrology, bouncing off planetary placements to intuit future trends. Others download visions. Others hear spirit voices commenting on what is to come. Still others use tarot cards to access a future reality. In whatever way a psychic works, they tune into Great Spirit energies, and then interpret them.

Annabelle went to a spiritual institute to have her future predicted by a highly gifted clairvoyant. She was told she would meet a soul mate, and that he would love old houses. Well she did meet an architect, and he was her soul mate. The only problem was he lived on the other side of the world, and it would take years before they would find nuptial bliss. In this case the psychic picked up the karmic picture, but could not describe the “ins and outs” within the relationship itself. This is because the intuitive is given “visions” that do not always encapsulate multi aspects of an individual future! This is because the client has life lessons to learn, like patience, emotional strength, etc.

Many psychics are trained in counseling that help them access our psychological issues. But to understand us, they connect to our Higher Selves, or even an aspect of our spiritual patterning within the unconscious mind. Geraldine, who is a gifted empath, says clients will be given “the essentials” of the future, and guided towards solutions, yet agrees the gift of free will must be utilized for a life to flower; otherwise, important karmic lessons cannot be learnt. The question is if the psychic cannot give us a detailed account of our future, and accesses only certain aspects of it, why do we use her in the first place? Well, the intuitive’s gifts connect us to All that Is or Great Spirit, the same energy that faith healers of all denominations utilize when they reach out to help the suffering. A miraculous healing is especially awesome when animals are the recipients.

The US Earth Fire Sanctuary has currently distributed a video showing a wild wolf Apricot suffering from an inflamed spine. An energy healer Jill lays her hands on Apricot “feeling her way into the animal’s nervous system”. Apricot senses healing energy emanating out of Jill’s hands. At first, the wolf is disorientated. But then takes in the energy and enters into a healing trance. After forty minutes Apricot looks up, licks Jill, and slowly gets up to explore her world again. She senses the light emanating out of Jill’s hands and throws herself down before her, thanking her and giving up her fear of humans. Apricot’s health has vastly improved. Jill’s faith in the healing process won the day.

Faith also sustains those of us interested in exotic belief systems, such as the Hindu Bhavishya which is a sacred Sanskrit text containing prophecies, as well as God like legends. In the Bhavishya it is written that we are at end times, or the Kali Yuga, when people will participate in irreligious practices solely for their egoic gratification. The time also heralds the arrival of the last avatar translated, an anti Christ lookalike, who will bring great difficulties to humanity, punishing them for their spiritual indifference and ultimately creating devastation. Okay, so we could read the Bhavishya prophecies and scoff, watch the 2012 movie on line and giggle, dig our Daily star signs or horoscope for Aquarius superficially, or blame our 2009 astrology forecast for our life glitches. Ultimately it is far easier to blame Nostradamus predictions 2012 than to take responsibility for our human failings.

Perhaps we need to change our tune, as those Nostradamus predictions 2012 get closer, and instead endeavour to protect our planet from those who would abuse it. Perhaps we need to pay attention to how our individual planetary sky lies in our Lal Kitab astrology chart and become far more positive. We might even discover our spiritual gift, the one that resides within our hearts, and our natural respect for all living things. If we do decide to ask a psychic to help us, we will soon realise the reading works when both parties respect each other. If we learn to connect to our empath with an open heart, that attitude may help her channel news on our soul mate! So who is waiting for the end of world in 2012, certainly not you we hope!

Lover; Please come back!

Do you have a Scorpio Star sign lover, mate or family member? If you do, you will know what enigma is all about. The Scorpio star sign is a cool “brain teaser” in that they imply rather than state, obscure rather than reveal. Yet they will never hide the truth from themselves, and often dive deep within to reveal it! A Scorpio star sign personality whether analyzed through today’s star signs, a Hindu Vedic Astrology chart, a life horoscope, a Today’s Star Signs or a fun Glastonbury tarot cards reading is a complex individual, because their inner convolutions are governed by Pluto, the most distant planet from the sun. When we are having a relationship with a Scorpio we can forget simplistic! Yet if we were to expand on Scorpio’s “depths” we might move on in vision, go global, and even take in conspiracy theories and humanity’s hidden history. Why?

Well, Pluto is Scorpio’s ruling planet, and when its energies hit an astrological sign, even a horoscope 2010 Capricorn, known as the most balanced astro dude on the block, Mr. Wise Goat could get bent out of shape. Okay so their horoscope 2010 Capricorn reveals that throughout 2010 our billy goat’s realistic perceptions will win through, but Pluto will still transform Cappy’s good sense as nothing else could in 2012! Pluto is in Capricorn for the next fifteen years. In that time frame we could see current global institutions, and political structures crumbling before our very eyes.

On the 21st December 2012, the Pluto Cappy astro placement confirms Mayan predictions, in that radical renovation will hit humanity head on and bring us all back to the drawing board. Indeed, these drastic planetary energies might unveil an astounding mass delusion. Could our true origins have been hidden from us by the global elite? If so, will all this be made known in 2012 as Pluto the ultimate “revealer” of “shadows”, blows the lid off powerful institutions and educational establishments?

Some might say the truth already speaks through the thousands of ancient sites left behind by those who inhabited this planet before us. If you doubt what we say test a free real tarot reading empath to give you feedback or “a sense” of this statement. Perhaps Hindu Vedic astrology will also help you understand that humanity has already been through various states of evolution, some positive some negative, going back millions of years, and that we are in the age of Kali Yurga, a destruction and rebirth, that some say hinges on the power of the Planet Pluto! It is known that ancient Mayan pyramids and calendar revealed surprising futuristic concepts also, but the latest findings are even more astounding! Could Dr Semi Sam Osmanagich, an archeologist, have unearthed an answer to humanity’s true origins?

Dr Osmanagich’s Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, has discovered immense pyramids in a land once torn apart by war, Bosnia! In fact, the Bosnian pyramids are considered the largest stone structures on this planet! The base of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 meters in size; the Pyramid of the Moon is 190 meters and with the Pyramid of the Dragon they form a perfect triangle connecting to star configurations. Additionally, the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids unearthed an underground network of tunnels similar to those in Egypt, and even monoliths carved with symbolic hieroglyphs. Some claim the Bosnian pyramids are but geological phenomena, yet the underground tunnels and monolithic discoveries cannot be explained away.

Of course Pyramids have also been discovered in China, Peru, Guatemala, Korea, Egypt, Mexico, Belize, Greece, Sicily and Turin. Italy. Yet Dr Osmanagich tells us that the 21st century will reveal more complex archeological breakthroughs. You might ask what is the symbolism of these pyramid structures? When we look at financial astrological predictions, at today’s sun signs, at a free real tarot reading, at Hindu Vedic astrology, at a life horoscope we intuitively connect our inner world to the mysteries within our deeper selves. We sense that there is far more to existence than we have been taught. Exacting men of science are now piecing together humanity’s jigsaw puzzle with quantum science breakthroughs “on the nature of consciousness” leading the way. New revelations are occurring every day and one of them could be that self interested societies commanding pharmaceutical cartels, arms proliferation, global monetary and political agendas have distorted our perceptions since time began!

Some claim that this world has already been inhabited by extraterrestrials, that humanity is a combination of Star People and Primitive Man. Even though the skeptical will scoff at these theories, and call those who seek them “batty”, they cannot negate the pyramid structures in Bosnia as vital historical evidence. Certainly, humanity’s beginnings are a conundrum. Could the events of 2012 lead to resolving a global enigma? Could the astounding archeological discoveries in Bosnia and Italy lead to even more archeological clusters that deny mainstream conclusions on our cultural heritage?

Next time you undertake a free real tarot reading, or those financial astrology predictions and are surprised by the outcome, take on board your life is not a singularity, but connects to a whole. Perhaps you will not feel so alone when you look at the stars, and realize more mysteries are waiting to be discovered. Perhaps the full truth will be unveiled in 2012, and it could not only set us free, but evolve humanity into another time, dimension, format of “being!” even another consciousness!

Baby booming in 2013

Having a baby is a thrilling time in a woman’s life! Many pregnant mums will be down the empath before you cab screech “pass the talc!” “Why?” Well, we all want the very best for that magnificent little being coming into our lives. We might even go the whole hog and get a Chinese horoscope 2010 done for them, especially if baby is to be born this year. We could feel online astrological predictions help us relieve that “soon to be parent” angst, perhaps even a Nepali horoscope or a free daily horoscope would not go amiss, just to ward off pregnant mums’ anxieties with positive affirmations. But really, the best solution is having a magical grandma in the family. Granny is the best guardian angel and baby healer on the block. She knows all about baby’s croup, and above all she knows about the power of the baby soul. She might even be waiting on a “healing baby” and tell us that a baby gender prediction has no relevance when it comes to the arrival of such an elevated soul.

Some magical grannies have a strong allegiance to the “old ways” when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Enlightened grannies do not just rely on the free daily horoscope, the baby gender predictions, the Chinese horoscope 2010 or the online astrological predictions, when a child is to be born into their family, but their own powerful prayers – especially if a “healing baby” will overwhelm them with joy. To protect the “healing baby” a granny would walk into the middle of a dark forest at night, or row into the middle of a stormy lake to humbly ask Spirit to call on healing angels to guide baby to a happy life. Elena Avila, who wrote “Women Who Glow in the Dark”, tells us “In Western medicine, the body goes to the hospital, the mind to the psychiatrist, and the spirit to church. In Latin Folk Healing the healing takes place under one roof.” Therefore, the home must be a fort that defies negative attack and of course the granny must be able to stand up to nastiness in whatever form it appears.

Granny’s love is pure, for she knows a “healing baby” will grow into a glorious adult soul that could be beset by others’ envy. But the most loving, metaphysical grannies of the world also spot a nasty entity at 20 meters and will tie a red cord around baby’s waist to keep those baddies away. Granny will burn lemon grass to keep the “boogies bouncing” in the opposite direction too. You see, granny’s adoration of her grandchild rests in the sacred knowledge that all babies heal us and therefore must be protected. When we hold a newly born child in our arms, and they look up at us with their innocent eyes, they melt our hearts with ingenuous spiritual “beingness”. Their purity is unique.

Recently, John Travolta and his wife Kelly astounded the world by announcing that Kelly is pregnant. Pregnancy is unusual in a 47 year old. The spiritual significance of such an event, after the tragic loss of their son, could herald the arrival of a “healing baby” for the Travoltas! Prime Minister David Cameron is also expecting a “healing baby”, conceived after the death of his disabled offspring Ivan. In the Mail on Line, it is reported that Trudy, 37, an office administrator from Bracknell, Berkshire, who lost a child, is adamant: “Having a baby has been the only possible therapy for us after losing our child. You honestly need to walk in our shoes before you can understand. Our friends, family and even medical staff all seemed to believe we needed to take time to grieve and come to terms with our loss. But although I was so devastated I wanted to die, at the same time I felt this uncontrollable need to have another baby”. And so the “healing baby” arrived.

The power of an infant’s healing powers reside in the sweetest innocence. When little Paolo was born into the Italian Sacchetti family, he came at a time of great grieving. The whole family was bereft at the loss of Theresa, the beloved and respected mama of the family, who had died of a sudden heart condition. When Paolo was born, the family celebrated his coming with tears and laughter, for he came into the world shortly after her death. It seemed like a blessing, for at last Theresa’s broken hearted husband smiled again as he held Paolo, his beautiful little grandchild in his arms.

So you are pregnant and want to know your child’s destiny, you want to download every tarot reading software known to man, you are so obsessed. You even want to access your horoscope daily to see whether all will go well at birth. Your horoscope will certainly help you understand your mothering instincts, but if you are lucky enough to have one of those wacky, spiritual grannies around, she will welcome your beloved little one into the world like no other. There are so many ways of greeting a blessed child. A Yemenite family cracks raw eggs on the doorstep when baby is born, to keep nasty intentions away; Indian Jews decorate their home with flower blossoms floating in water when a little girl comes into the family. Italian families attach a pale blue rosette to the door if a new born baby is a boy, and a pink rosette if she is a girl!

But we can all welcome our own “healing baby” by decorating their room with flowers, and empowering crystals with our loving protection; we could also imbue the atmosphere with our adoring prayers and invocations to the light. The most powerful form of protection however is when we look into our infant’s eyes and smile the love we feel so deep, into their sweet, little souls. When we tell them we will protect them, and hold them to our hearts, they sense that until our dying day we will never let them down. The magical grannies of the world know this truth as they nod and smile at you downloading that Nepali horoscope, at you re-reading that free daily horoscope cos you only have a few days left to the birth. Even if gran is playing future games on line with all that latest tarot reading software – magical grannies just love the internet – and those future games on line, she knows the real game, the true game, which is nurturing “healing baby” and filling its little heart with a loving welcome into this world! For the rest of both your days!

Lucky Stars upon a Glittering Astro….

Remember that old song “You are my lucky star. I saw you from afar. You’ve opened Heaven’s portal. Here on earth for this poor mortal. You are my lucky star?” Many of us are unaware that a lucky star shone down on us when we popped into this world! No matter how convoluted our lives would become, on that magnificent day the angels assigned a glittering astro to us. Our birthday was a time of celebration, and as tiny babies we innocently accepted all around us. However, destiny could have then proved a struggle; perhaps we lost our faith when challenges beset us even though the raw power of our birthday star still shines its beams upon us.

When we investigate our Leo horoscope, Gemini horoscope, or astrology horoscope we are not only asking “I want to know my future” we want to re-access that child like spontaneity and believe in our dreams again. How innocent we become when we gaze up at the night sky, and wish upon a bright Venus to bring us love no matter how many times our hearts have been broken.

Like Fairy Godmothers Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan guide us to accessing our lucky stars in their “The Power of Birthdays Stars and Numbers” manual, which is a complete soul purpose reference guide, and helps access our soul purpose. Saffi and Geraldine tell us that “fixed stars offer a fascinating insight into the subconscious mind and our individual potential”. So rather than worrying about 2012 end of the world issues, watching too many 2012 movie trailers or that 2012 free movie on line, with all its gloomy visions of “things to come”, just open a page of “The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers”, and focus on the very best you can be!

For example, you were born on August 4, so yours is a Leo horoscope. Saffi and Geraldine’s Birthday Star Kochab has gifted you with fiery determination, courage and the capacity to overcome obstacles. “Kochab” they tell us “is a giant orange star located in the Small Bear, also called the Little Dipper and bestows on us a capacity to fight to the very end and express a universal perspective on life.”

If your Gemini horoscope birthday is May 28 your lucky star is Aldebaran, considered one of the “Four Royal Stars or Watchers of the Heavens”. Aldebaran bestows eloquence and integrity and helps you build financial freedom. Another of its gifts will be an astute mind and a vocation for law or education.

If you are a Libra born on September 27, the Zaniah white birth star located in the southern wing of Virgo has gifted you with charisma and will lead you to honor and success. You will have a commanding presence and put people at ease. You will be drawn to powerful and determined individuals, as your spiritual strength emerges from within. You will rarely ask the question “I want to know my future” because you will be confident you can create whatever you desire.

When we tune into our astrology horoscope, Leo horoscope, or Gemini horoscope, and access our personal star we open up to universal knowledge. Saffi and Geraldine tell us that “The observations and relationship of fixed stars to world events began thousands of years ago. The naming of fixed stars is recorded in the Mesopotamian and Babylonian eras. In addition to the Babylonians the Egyptians believed in the powerful influence of fixed stars. For example, aware of nature’s power and dependent on the river Nile for their survival, Egyptians celebrated the agricultural calendar summer solstice with fertility rites linked to the rising of the Star Sirius. There has been much evidence to suggest that the Egyptians aligned the majestic pyramids of Giza to the Orion Belt. And of course in the story of the Nativity a star guided the three wise men to the stable in Bethlehem!”

Saffi and Geraldine incorporate numerological concepts into their stars influence. They access the days of the month, and inform us of the value of each one. For example if you were born on the fifth you would have an adventurous nature, and a desire for freedom. If you were born on the second you would need to be part of a group. You would also have a tendency to be a peace maker. If you were born on the twentieth, however, you like being part of a group and want to share your experiences with others even though you could be hurt by their criticism. If you were born on the twenty-seventh, you will be “patient and self controlled, analytical, forceful and determined”. Of course, these are but some of the minor aspects of soul activation when we pop into the world on our birthdays, but still, those lucky stars shine their brightest light on all of us, their only condition – that we believe in our loving hearts!

Perhaps when you started up a new relationship, you enjoyed comparing numbers and lucky stars. But you could also have consulted a Vedic orientated Indian Kundali matching and thus gained depth knowledge of how your relationship would pan out. You might have found Kundali matching accurate. When two birthday souls link and the heaven shine brightly on their mutual astrology horoscope, there will be much to celebrate. They could even share a life mission, which will certainly not be about getting freaked out watching 2012 free movies on line, unless it is an excuse for a kiss and a cuddle!

The heavens guide us to build on beauty, and accentuate unconditional love! So when you invoke your glorious lucky star, whether it be Kochab, Zaniah or Aldebaran, whether it be Alcyone, a stunning green and yellow star in the Pleiades cluster, gifted to those May babies, or Acrux, a Scorpionic triple lucky star, and the brightest star in the Southern Cross, remember just one thing, “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, your dreams will come true!”

So we made it past the end of the World!

Let’s face it; humanity’s obsession with the future is not restricted to astrology alone. Other than say, a horoscope 2010 Leo, we love to connect to something like a psychic readings London service or marriage predictions. In fact, horoscope horoscopes could be coming out of our ears. Yet would it surprise you to know that reading into the future is morphing into a refined art that can collate computer technology with futuristic predictions.

According to Paul Cuercio, the horoscope horoscopes overdose is not the only way to assess the future. He claims “things to come” show up as universal patterns that can be printed on a spreadsheet and analyzed. “Pull the other one” you might cry! Yet in his interview on Coast to Coast Radio, Paul Cuercio stated the future is like sheet music in that it matches rhythmic patterns. Paul equates those patterns as our destiny. Scratching your head? Go back into the past and ask yourself what your birth was like and when your first trauma occurred? By calculating from then on, and working on complex algorithms, the complex Merlin computer printout will show how your tendencies create your future.

Okay, for those of you who do not know who and what Paul Cuercio and the Merlin Project are, you are in for a surprise! Paul Cuercio is a futurist who co-founded the Merlin Project with physicist Dr George Hart. His “forecasting technology” he states, “is based on celestial “phenomena” blended with personal historical data that morphs into graphical time lines foreseeing the chronology of events! Evolutionary software technology is the result of this future telling system, and suggests that life patterns are repeated in seven year cycles and that we can future-map our lives if we understand the technology itself, and get a sense of history repeating itself”.

Cuercio was an avid student of mystical phenomena from an early age. After much inner work and outer investigation he and his partner came up with the Timetrak® system. He states on his website “Timetraks are highly individualized patterns, tracings in time that begin when we are born or a key (“genesis”) event occurs. These Timetraks® depict chains of activity that are twofold: external factors (career matters, where we work or live) and internal factors (health, relationships, and emotional concerns.) Merlin creates snapshots of time. Timetraks® work by using a single, “frozen moment” of time as a starting point. Merlin pinpoints three elements about such periods of activity: the onset, the intensity, and the duration.”

Free online predictions are not Cuercio’s thing, however, free online predictions “alla Merlin” would require graphic and computer input which would not be cost effective or practical. However, broad based readings can be found on the fascinating Merlin Website which gives us some idea of how the system works, and even the future of the United States. Merlin’s future of the United States website predictions for 2010 show a crisis in the Obama Presidency even sudden changes that could lead to a reshuffling of the primary administration players (Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton.) There is also a possibility of a further domestic financial crisis that could involve China and India. Japan could also intervene in the on-going Iranian nuclear crisis in 2010.

More news is on the Merlin Website states “that the Iranian revolution will repeat itself by taking another big hit in the streets during the winter of 2010. American Democracy will be at a critical tipping point. This failure will be brought on by excessive spending, plus lack of the best and brightest willing to serve. There is also a possible military intervention down the road. The time lines show more major newspapers will fail and Rupert Murdock’s New Corp will become the media model for the future. Tiger Woods shows a possible suicide attempt. A series of major, unexpected (likely career) changes for conservative talker Sean Hannity and former colleague Alan Colmes are also predicted.”

The Merlin project does connect to the overall content of an astrology horoscopes reading however, in that an astrology horoscopes reading will base future predictions on moon phases as does the Merlin Project. So putting aside the horoscope horoscopes theory or free online predictions about the future of our planet, there could still be a “complex, futuristic working under the surface” that we are only just beginning to access. If we could technically tell the future, would there be no more room for empaths and clairvoyants?

Clairvoyants into psychic readings London and marriage predictions would probably not go for a system that sees humanity stuck in trauma, or some high point repeating itself throughout history. They would envisage inner work, or self awareness as shifting old emotional patterns on. Most empaths believe that there is an element of free will to all our lives. In other words, if we debug the trauma, we avoid a similar event in future. If, however, we are so conditioned by our birth, and familial conditioning, we could well recreate a repeat negative scenario. It is obvious that if we do not want our traumatic history to repeat itself, psychoanalysis, spiritual healing and personal growth techniques will ease up our destiny, and direct us to more fulfilling future scenarios. To some extent, one could say a natural empath is less conditioned by someone’s personal history, than the Merlin system.

When it comes to the Mayan calendar, Cuercio claims that it is peaking right now. And will end up a “damp squid”. So those who believe that 2012 is the end of the world be comforted. There are alternatives to the fearful predictions, even though folks have been making a lot of films about dinosaurs, namely the Jurassic Park Trilogy! Talking dinosaurs, could we really be in for a “repeat” asteroid catastrophe, as predicted by some? To ease your “end of the world” angst why don’t you get that free download 2012 movie? It is great to take in a free download 2012 movie not only to wile away the hours, but to avoid repeating planetary history as a fried dinosaur.

In other words, let’s change our patterns, and put a stop to gloom and doom! For starters, listen up all Leos out there, dig your horoscope 2010 Leo prediction and forget that you, the King of the Jungle could end up as toast because of some past “cub trauma”. Right or wrong the Merlin theory does not cease to fascinate! But we are still resting our case!

Something Serious – Happy New Year!

No “Denial” is not a river in Egypt; it is the general attitude of our governments when it comes to extraterrestrials. Dr. Michael Salla is an exopolitics pioneer. He has written “Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence” and was an Assistant Professor/Researcher in Residence in the American University from 1996-2004. He is also a PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, and founded the Exopolitics Institute, which researches the alien presence in our skies. He was chairman of the Hawaii Conference on “World Peace and Extraterrestrial Civilizations” and has written a number of controversial books including “Exposing US Government policies on Extraterrestrial Life”, and “Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence”. In other words, he is certainly no “River in Egypt”.

In fact, Michael Salla would be the last to smirk at a 2012 Movie watch on line. The 2012 Movie watch on line is more than a possibility in his book; for he sustains that if we continue to ignore warnings on global warming “we are in for it!” In other words, worldwide disaster will wreck our planet! We need to pay attention to ET sightings, and realize UFOs are not just “silly”, he says. In fact, they could be a warning from other “folks” in our “galaxies” that the human race will have to wake up, or get “shipped out” to some other planet, on massive space vehicles! In Salla’s view it is no use getting upset about Iran future predictions either, in fact some Iran future predictions include a “face-off” with Russia and Israel, due to their warlike stances and political incompetence. If we do not look after our earth and change our perceptions to peaceful ones, we could see even more rapid degeneration! In his Coast to Coast interview, Salla drew our attention to a recently reported UFO sighting at Hangzhou Airport in China, and assured us that this was not a “wacko” incident. He feels that Chinese air traffic controllers are more than wide awake to the presence of UFOs in our skies, than say, Brit traffic controllers! Ummm!

When it comes to future quotes, Salla informs us that our governments have been in contact with the ET presences since the fifties! His future quotes refer to the results of the “Disclosure Project” run by Dr Stephen Greer, meeting the international press in 2001 and in his view a subsequent cover up of much of the info by mainstream media. This meeting was indeed played down, but it showcased sworn declarations of UFO sightings from over 400 US military personnel.

Coast to Coast Radio, which sustains Salla’s perceptions reported, “The Washington Post’s recent series of articles on US government secrecy, suggested that classified UFO technology is being handed over to corporations, taking it out of citizen oversight. Salla commented that Stephen Hawking’s recent pronouncement that we should be “wary of making contact with aliens” was a positive development in that it turned the subject into a legitimate scientific debate. Salla believes the next window for government disclosure may take the initial form of something “far from Earth”, such as related to exoplanets or a SETI signal, rather than a direct admission of ET visitations to our planet”

But could our awareness of the ET presence avoid a tragic 2012 scenario? Those in the know, also include Mr. L A Marzulli, who is an expert on the “Book of Revelations” and a popular author of the “Nephilim Trilogy”. His latest book “Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and the Luciferian End Game” depicts ETs as “Fallen Angels!” He underlines the relevancy of the “Book of Revelation” prophecy and also quoted it during his Coast to Coast Interview as follows.

“When you hear of wars, and rumors of wars, do not be troubled for such things must happen. But the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes…and famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows.” Marzulli told Coast to Coast radio that we have been experiencing quakes on an unusually high Richter scale recently, and claimed “I’m alarmed at what I see. I’ve never seen the global atmosphere so charged, as uncertain…as it is now.”

Considering the above, is it no wonder we are seeking metaphysical answers to our angst. The thought of future “doom and gloom” scenarios would even drive “Miss Calm” to the crème de menthe, especially when it includes the devaluation of the euro, the recent economic fall of Iceland and Greece, and the probable economic fall of Spain, Italy, the UK and Ireland – as recently predicted by some. In such circumstances turning to a horoscope calendar on a “month to month” basis might help us maintain “that stiff upper lip!” In other words, do we follow the advice of a horoscope calendar and store a thousand cans of tinned beans, and dried food and milk packs in the cellar or not? A free psychic healing sent over the airwaves could help us stay focused on building the “nuclear fallout” shelter. Or we could simply wait for “Mother Ship” to pick us up when the tidal wave hits the Himalayas instead!

A free psychic healing could also debunk emotional glitches when “end of world scenarios” drive us to “excessive swinging from chandeliers” with our honey. Checking out weekly astrology predictions could be quite reassuring when the demise of this planet ties in with that of lying politicians. So make sure you highlight your weekly astrology predictions in yellow biro, especially when you hear of a recent mini quake in Hampstead Garden Suburbs!

Solutions could be planting corn, growing your own lettuce, and building your own plumbing system. Marzulli informed Coast to Coast radio that political tensions will escalate with natural disasters! So we should take heed! He believes the situation will peak in the next 20 years or so. Therefore, when one becomes aware of such realities, who would not want some Weekly astrology predictions especially if you are a “Super Sensitive” Pisces, “Can’t Wait to Change the World” Aquarian or just a “Roar, Roar Give me More!” Leo. So get your February horoscope and Leo tarot reading done as fast as humanly possible, or you could lose your cool! But there is more indeed!

1. Marzulli is certain there will be a war in the Middle East, and when it occurs there will be sightings of huge spaceships, from one to three miles wide in the skies!
2. Natural disasters will be up 400 percent in two decades!
3. Famines will increase!

Feeling blue about the aforementioned? We repeat, get those weekly astrology predictions, that February horoscope and Leo Tarot reading under your belt, if they apply, and get going on digging that underground shelter in the back garden. Also, start learning how to speak Martian, live off beans and tell your bank manager to go pound sand while you are at it, we all will be back to bartering anyway! Got any shells and buttons to exchange for one of those old Motorola mobile phones then?

Living life like an Opera – or – Farce?

Do you live your life as if it was an opera? Are you singing your duet or a solo with gusto? Are you participating one hundred percent in the brilliance of your every note? Is your life strung together by a great cosmic orchestra, in a crescendo of power and beauty? Are you allowing your personal music to soar or are there moments of “basso profondo” in your solo interpretation, so “basso” that you doubt why you are on this planet, and what the purpose of life is?

Many of us do not make the most of our journey on this earth. We really do not appreciate the rhythm of our own tune. We turn our gaze to superficial issues when life is a “twister”. We want to ease the pain. We have one more at the pub, have one more love affair too, eat ourselves silly, over work out at the gym, or just smoke another cigarette. We are insecure because we believed our teachers when they said “we could do better if we tried!” just when we were trying our hardest! Perhaps we have never got over a trauma or a teen emotional rejection. But yet, no matter how far we have been pushed, tried or tested by life, only when we are forced to face the breakdown of our way of being, do we shift our perceptions, and turn to the metaphysical.

When there are no more mainstream solutions to help us, we look at the Future Web, and research what other people are doing on the Future Web. How have they got over their life crisis? When emotional letdown and loss of status struck did they dive into themselves to access a new way of living and only then take in alternative healing, tarot readings spreads, Quantum physics, or simply healthy eating? Did they, like us, suddenly understand that they really do not know that much and perhaps it was time for some magical journey of self discovery to begin? Did they start realizing that the light weight tarot readings spreads they had been playing with had a lot more significance than they thought?

The great American psychic Grace Speare believed that by experiencing the traumas of life we become more compassionate inclined to understand the suffering of others when we see it and therefore we are less judgmental. In a way, suffering is a sort of massive detox that frees us from pride and self importance. Somehow we start to realise that our thoughts create a chain reaction and that if we are projected into the positive we can make a vast amount of positive difference to this planet.

In our search to make a difference we might seek out Indian astrology. Indian astrology has a primeval perception of karma, the mystical rules of reincarnation, and the cause and effect that weave right through it. We usually follow the higher path of evolution eventually, the “very human” path we see reflected in the symbolism of the arcane tarot cards. Yet we might get into Future telling games, trying to take our mind off our troubles with the fun metaphysical options Future telling games offer us. We might even dig a real tarot reading from an online psychic, and listen to her compassionate insight. But in the final analysis the answers will come from within, and any spiritual adviser worth her salt, will guide us to finding those answers!

Near Death Experiences tell us how easy and flowing the Spirit world is. In that “Afterlife Dimension” the light of consciousness has been described as “The Breath of God”. In such eternity we recognize that our personality and actions on earth were but a suit of clothes worn to evolve our souls. That all the suffering we underwent during our lives had a point, which was to realize we were not our bodies alone. For example a child dies young, and leaves distraught parents in their wake. The child could have chosen to help their parents evolve as souls, and like an angel the child left this world teaching their beloved parents to overcome their denial of Spirit and believe in Eternity! No matter how stark, even cruel this sounds, as karma unfurls on Planet Earth, the evolving soul must grow into compassion, and reach out to help their fellow man. Those who choose to remain locked in their bodies, and the physical aspects of life alone, are those who do not wish to acknowledge their own light, and must learn through many lives how to.

Slowly and surely, we become responsible for ourselves as we learn to understand others, and seek to be of service. We realize that our road to the “Castle on the Hill”, incorporates checking out that Feb 2010 horoscope to get a more “astro” perspective on our future, or learning to laugh at a Pieces daily horoscope, or even asking an empath to predict lotto numbers, so that we can play with various possibilities, knowing we will eventually empower our lives. We remember that there is always a solution to negative karma, and that solution is forgiveness. The clairvoyant learned that lesson long ago. She enjoyed checking out a Feb 2010 horoscope too, and was so inspired she studied astrology. She even laughed herself silly too, reading a Pieces daily horoscope, and when her clients ask her to predict lotto numbers, she says she is prepared to go deeper, she is prepared to inspire!

The empath will tell us that the moment we identify the injury we carry within, we will start to forgive. If we can forgive we are on the road to freedom. Our souls loosen the fetters and expand in awareness. So even if you are living a difficult material situation you can still resolve it with your calm and centered inner self. Yes you can even forgive the banks! You can also forgive those who lied to you, stole from you, misunderstand you, chastened you, chastised you, and put you down. In short, you can forgive all those who did not understand who you were because they did not understand who they were themselves.

So now you will ask why I am not as strong as Mother Theresa, as giving and enlightened as the Dalai Lama? Simple, because you choose not to be. Remember, you are the “Master Chooser” within your life. You can choose to be positive or negative every second of the day. But in reality if you change what your chose, if you take charge and make a decision to become the light you truly are, above and beyond your fears, you will certainly make your mark on destiny. There is no need to succumb to fear; just learning how to transform it is enough. As the esteemed George King, D.S.c., Th.D says in his book “Visit to the Logos of Earth” states.

“The Realizer must then take the next step, an unconditional surrender to God, without thought of selfish likes or dislikes. This unconditional surrender must be made, for only when it has been made is that person then capable of what must be called “modern miracles”.

Is it so difficult to surrender to your concept of God, whatever that is? Is it so difficult to be kind, giving, loving, and a light that shines on all around you? Come on start sing your solo aria and believe in miracles!