Have they unearthed a Psychic in Peterborough?

Most of us believe a citizen has the right to ascertain which services and products fulfill their needs. However, when it comes to alternative medicine, the cards on the table have changed dramatically. The EU has passed a directive coming into force in April 2011, banning all herbal and mineral supplements, plus the teaching of alternative healing methods, and potential restrictions on homeopathic remedies. In fact, it might get to a point where even peppermint tea can only be sold over the counter with the appropriate pharmaceutical stamp and price tag.

So does this mean that energy healing will be banned? Will the April 2011 directive not only include outlawing complementary health care but metaphysical outlets also? In other words will our right to choose be dictated to by pharmaceutical cartels and legislation striking out “alternative” expression in any form? If we think of being dispossessed of the right to enjoy fun tarot phone readings, tarot cards future, or entertaining Leo weekly horoscope/daily horoscope Libra plus those free horoscopes and astrology, we could see a serious dent to our democratic system.

The campaign “Joining Hands in Health” is a public forum launching a petition to “protect the nation from a lifetime of perpetual ill health, safeguard health choice, human rights and secure a safer, healthier life for us and future generations.” Millions of signatures are being sought so that we can choose non toxic as opposed to pharmaceutical impositions. Dame Judi Dench has taken a stand in a documentary entitled; “We Become Silent” which underlines the fact that misinformation is being bandied as truth.

We quote Dame Dench “Fear and its darkness causes humanity to make awful choices. It can paralyze lofty hopes and dreams in an instant. It is the antithesis of God the destructive dark side; it is the ghost that haunts the mind. A universal trend, a global affliction and employed all too often by those affecting control over the masses”.

This perception is not confined to Judi Dench alone. Many realise that fear and dread are encouraged by the “forces that be”. Lobbies against alternative remedies include corrupt banking alliances. Shady ethics haunt the corridors of power; in some countries social injustice has reached epic proportions. More governments repress diverse opinions with Mafia style tactics than we would like to think. Those who stand up to injustices are often spirited away, have suspect car accidents or are left to rot in jail.

However spiritual faith has been humanity’s salvation. Those who have suffered understand the divine. The struggle to express deep beliefs encourages us to break through to mystical realities. Investigating enjoyable outlets such as psychics in Peterborough for example, or a Leo weekly horoscope, free horoscopes, even lottery predictions, or a distant psychic reading Toronto, which includes free horoscopes and astrology, enables us to gain both an alternative and magical perspective. May be because a favourite empath understands trials and sorrows, and listens when we are at our weakest. In fact, she will guide us to seeing a way around challenges from a paranormal perspective. Problems related to bullying or alternative sexual choices will be referred to with compassion. She knows that there are paranormal forces that go beyond our mainstream perceptions and she is not afraid to stand by them and utilise their healing powers.

David Icke, the popular New Age Researcher attempts to explain humanity’s struggles when he states we are ruled by a “reptilian ET race!” We might giggle at that, but a reptilian brain does exist in our neocortex. It is called the paleomamalian or the ‘limbic system’ and commands automatic nervous reaction. It is located in the basal ganglia on top of the spinal cord. It directs body movement, but also stimulates fear, conformity deception and aggression, i.e. the survival of the “fittest”. It is a primeval adjunct that serves human endurance. Without it we would be dead, with it we exert competition, aggression, and dominance. It is reptilian due to its similarity to the belligerence creatures themselves. Think crocodiles and you will get the point! Militaristic attitudes and heavy duty government interventions result from reptilian thinking modes. Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia are the results. Perhaps are ruling classes are indeed permeated by survivalist thinking. Whether we believe Icke’s ET assumptions or not, we certainly need to question repression of basic rights to health choice.

Many alternative thinkers tell us humanity is on the edge of great restructure. Our power elite are failing, revealing themselves fraudulent and manipulative. Their insight, discernment and sensitivity have been lost to greed and manipulation. Yet the general public still relates to the soul. More and more testimonials of past life experiences, life after death, angelic visions, and prophetic insights are surfacing. So as you say your prayers under the full moon, gather your herbs in forest glades, unite in a circle to manifest a “green” project, help the aged, talk to those who are being persecuted, bullied and intimidated you are empowering your life and the lives of others. Whether you believe in the metaphysical might not be the point. But it is certainly understandable to seek advice from tarot cards future, psychics in Peterborough, a Leo weekly horoscope, or lottery predictions in our challenging times. In fact, you are more than justified in deciding who to talk to, and what products or services protect your health and inner balance. Freedom includes the right to choose, if we want lottery predictions, a tarot phone reading, of free horoscopes and astrology as well as regular homeopathic treatment, flower essences and herbal solutions to better our lifestyle let us define that right and stand up for our beliefs!

What the Heck is Hand Reading Marjorie?

We sense there is something mystifying behind the workings of your every day prediction. However, the significance of the astro is oft speckled with light and dark nuances that a spot on astrologist/astrologer can define. Empaths tell us destinies twist and turn, sometimes mixing and matching soul missions with thorny personal characteristics. The paranormal premise is that cards and stars guide us down a straighter road; all we need do is follow the map. However, which path we choose is to do with self will. Therefore, when you ask an empath “what is my future prediction?” and they have noted your November horoscope as well as your online horoscope suggests challenging financial placements, realize such influences can be transformed by changing direction with positive thoughts. “Not everything is carved in stone” the reader insists, there is always hope.

If a financial problem had you going for an online tarot reading with playing cards, and up popped the Queen of Discs this could denote money coming due to your own devices. But, if you had that Queen of Discs unfavorably placed, there could be monetary challenges ahead. Remember a hand reading astrology analysis coupled with a tarot reading with playing cards could guide you through that wobbly moment. The astrologist/astrologer specialized in hand reading, could define how the lines of heart and head play out on your palm. Assessing planetary mounts under each of your fingers is also helpful. The Saturn Mount, influences holds-ups, yet if rosily placed gifts wisdom. Some readers could point out that you will never be totally removed from the effect global economics has on personal finances, unless you are more frugal. They might suggest you wise up to saving plans, so that 2011 pans out with fewer fiscal problems. Facing the stern task master Saturn in that process, allows you to integrate significant personal lessons.

Mr. Saturn will advise repaying your overdraft. Mr. S likes to oppose a Uranus that shakes those currencies up, and squares a Pluto to clamp those pennies down. Penny-pinching could include cutting down on fuel and electricity consumption. Try gathering drift wood. Try growing your own potatoes and cultivating a vegetable patch. Barter and exchange goods, remember Mr. Saturn comes down hard on those who gamble cash on superficial adjuncts. Those types of folks could end up digging their own coal mine to keep warm in winter. Remember even though Saturn does have a tendency to cut the risk takers down to size he will back you up if you stand up to your spending spree mania. Certainly, a hand reading astrology analysis will explain what gives with your currency curses. An efficient online horoscope or prophecy predictions will also help build a cost effective future, and sort out “iffy” monetary patterns. Remember Saturn appreciates honesty. Talk straight to your bank manager who might treat you right if you are willing to face the debt slowing down your life purpose.

Freaking out about “my future prediction” or prophecy predictions is unadvisable. Skew whiff planetary positions and challenging tarot cards urge us to pull ourselves up by the shoelaces; the time is now, and full of possibilities. You and the world are assessing new fiscal methodologies when it comes to credit card freakouts. If you are still on the edge regarding what you owe, and things are getting worse, avoid that 2012 movie trailer download with its tidal waves and melting earth crusts. Instead, ask an empath to help you think positive. Remember your success depends on upbeat attitudes. Most astro advisers guide us to seeing negative situations as the seeds of solutions! As long as you do not blame others for your mistakes, you will sail through any challenging karma.

Therefore if your tricky economic patch seems like a misshapen knot, know that you can unravel its twists! Discuss your budget’s prophecy predictions with your favourite empath upfront; maintain a detached point of view when it comes to savings plans. Again, getting into that 2012 movie trailer download is ill advised. You could get fearful. You are human, you are sensitive, you make mistakes, do not allow your bungles to dictate the rest of your life. You are far more than that! Anyway, you could win the national lottery or receive an inheritance if you keep on smiling. Be sure someone up there is looking after you; believe that and all will be well!

Mind Blowing Horoscopes ?

Maybe that astro empath got your Sagittarius horoscope 2010 so spot on you are convinced she must be a witch. Only someone with mind-blowing paranormal skills could have read your character to a tee, and told you things only you and your mother know! Notwithstanding your amazement, you are both carried away by the light fantastic, and scared to death. You might imagine the empath writes her evil spells on parchment paper in blood and italics, perhaps boils frogs in a cauldron, “Macbeth style” or murmurs spells in the darkest of forests, instead she might be a simple hedge witch who weaves her spells at home alone without a coven to support her.

When we look into a free love tarot card reading on line, or a horoscope UK to sort our problems out we could well be chatting to a hedge witch. In other words, could that Edmonton psychic have a broom parked in her driveway? Could that astro wizard, who read your horoscope of 2009 down to a tee, be a warlock in disguise? Either way, witches have been much misunderstood. Few are like Elizabeth Montgomery of that old TV series “Bewitched”, who just had to wrinkle her nose for a magical invocation to wash her plates and sweep her home, or the archaic Mother Shipton of the 15th century, who hailed from Yorkshire and was a genius at her spot on prophecies. We tend to forget that witches were not media friendly in the old days. They were hunted down and burnt alive and even though many had esoteric gifts the majority were simple folk trying to deal with the “ups and downs” of a hard life, and in that process conjured up herbal potions, or used magical techniques to protect their families.

The hedge witch emerged isolated from that time of spell casting strictly within a coven module. Her magical brothers and sisters lived miles away in the valleys, or cities. Perhaps her home was in an inaccessible area, so she started off her spell casting with basic magical knowledge, such as staring at a full moon to make a simple wish come true. She then proceeded to use domestic magic, utilizing her kitchen utensils, herbs and spices to heal her small children from the croup, encourage crops to grow, or breed sturdy livestock. Being a solitary practitioner, she knew simple facts like garlic protected from negative energies and hanging it from the wall kept the ghoulies away, or little known ones such as copper utensils in the kitchen ensured loving and positive folks knocked on her door. To add to a household’s good vibes, to this day a hedge witch sprinkles salt over her kitchen floors and sweeps it up. She is not naïve; she knows we live in a world comprised of dark and light energies!

If we are respectful of the witch’s magical ways, we too could have fun with basic rituals to make sure our home vibrates with good energy. Filling a container with earth and salt and placing it outside our front door works well. Nasty people will avoid us like the plague! Herbs emanate strong vibrations that protect and guide and do have a powerful effect on our environment. Fill a small linen purse with Cayenne pepper, and see hexes dematerialise as you carry it around your person. Fill another sachet with dried thistle leaves, and float it in the bath. Be sure nasty thoughts will be detoxed from your system. Thistle also helps with stress, nausea, and liver problems. To add to the protective stance, place herbal sachets around your home to define a protective circle. Cayenne pepper and thistle are excellent when it comes to shielding from harm. However, Basil is used for love spells, and if we float sachets of it in a magical bath, with pink candles placed around us, or floating in the rose scented water, we can be sure new love will knock on our door. We can also use free astrology remedies. Free astrology remedies are counselled by Vedic astro practitioners, to counteract the negative forces of the planets. They come in the form of gems, mantras, healing prayers, and Yantras, magical geometric structures that protect our environment and our lives. Rubies are good for a distraught Leo in certain circumstances.

In whatever guise she comes, a modern hedge witch is an energy healer who rarely goes public. She is aware that magical forces increase hundred fold when kept under wraps. She is careful who her friends are, and is unafraid of solitude. She would always advise us to keep away from sights and sounds that perturb our consciousness such as looking at bad news, watching scary movies like 2012 end of the world movie watch on line, may be because such epics will not help us feel positive about the future. To watch 2012 full movie on line encourages anxiety. However, if we really feel we just must take in that 2012 end of the world movie watch on line, we would be best to use protective herbs to keep our thoughts positive subsequently, and safeguard our psyches from sleepless nights. Obviously we cannot hide away from life’s challenges completely, but we can be aware how to protect ourselves. Try some Bach Flower Rescue remedy when you feel stressed out about that 2012 full movie on line; wear some Angelica herb on your person to keep away scary thoughts. You could cut some branches off an Ash tree and wave them around the bedroom to keep nightmares away. To shield and shelter, to safeguard and protect is sensible whether we are witches or not. But still, we need to revert from a prejudiced agenda that depicts the witch as a scary woman, who causes harm with evil spells. That is just not how it is. Witches can be beautiful and sweet, totally dedicated to white magic and harming none.

Next time you get through to that Edmonton psychic, that horoscope UK, that free love tarot cards reading online, and “realise” you are talking to a seventh son or daughter, in other words an astro empath, who uses psychic powers to clarify an astrology chart, or suss out a relationship issue, have no fear, trust in their intentions. She got your Sagittarius Horoscope 2010 on the nail, and read your horoscope of 2009 perfectly; for sure she will guide you along the right path, an exciting magical way to knowledge and spiritual evolution.

Fortune Telling – Tea Leaves and Other Things….

Fortune telling does not use psychic skills alone. Its empathic visions include planetary placements and tarot cards. Crystal balls and runes, tea leaves and crystals. Emotional and personal star sign characteristics however align easily to the tarot’s visionary images. Predicting future quotes could come into it. Many are commenting on today’s woes with phases such as “when in doubt predict that the present trend will continue”. Yet how will the client react to a present trend with a Hermit in Saturn, does it really mean loneliness, or simply spiritual evolution? And what would they be likely to say when put on the psychic spot? Could a clairvoyant assess how a client would have reacted to past, negative future predictions in 2009 for example? Certainly, if an astrologer or psychic has worked on their own spiritual evolution they will be able to sense the clients’ verbal attitudes, even help them negotiate scary emotions to do with that 2012 end of the world theory easily. For sure, global karma will come into most clients’ “future equation”.
The fact is we are passing through a testing time. Pluto in Scorpio bred a new generation in the eighties and nineties, a generation that learnt to deal with crisis. These young ones are hard boiled kids with a grip on reality and a capacity to stand up to it. A Pluto in Scorpio youth digs communication via computers, emails, cyber links and face book they comment on each moment of the day as they queue down the coffee shop, calm down the bad tempered colleague, and handle the traffic snarls on their way home. They are cyber kids, floating through the airwaves with a Pluto in Scorpio morphing them into tough critters; crisis is not to be avoided or rejected, even a 2012 end of the world theory kept under wraps or left on the edge of their lives does not work for them, they are unafraid to face possible annihilation. They just get on with it in other words, they do not need to test confidence, they are ready to build into a fast changing society and new realities with savvy attitudes and streetwise talk.
The fortune telling will still help these youngsters when it comes to explaining a challenging destiny away, for example if they are of the Ram persuasion with an Aries horoscope daily that seems challenging. The result of an open hearted psychic read will be understanding and perhaps encourage an inclination to attend a free psychic development course. Free psychic development incorporates psychic dream interpretation with a “see my future” question that eventually helps an individual access the core of a life mission. Tarot and horoscopes naturally mix match the way forwards, and helps the empath’s gift and “knowing” flower. Initiations and study courses access help the empath learn psychological and spiritual attitudes but the point of any reading is to guide a client forwards even in challenging times. Beyond the tarot cards and astrological layout itself there is deeper meaning to most individual destinies, and when the psychic works through the glitches life brings to access that destiny – often in the form of the Planet Saturn – many will be encouraged let go of their fiery hoops and unravel their current karma such as financial challenge.
It is hard to face unemployment, loss of a job, or any material lack. Some of us build defence mechanisms, and die hard attitudes. Yet radical change also encourages problem solving and evolution. The spiritual seeker discovers what path to tread in the positive, even if the only outcome could seem drastic on a global and personal level. The psychic, the medium the empath attempt to help both the young and old worry less and access inner peace. Sometimes an empath will distribute prayers of protection, and invocations to help that process evolve. Certainly a spiritual empath will point out that it is no use worrying about global warming financial collapse and the end of the world, since participating in good actions and positive thoughts can ease any immediate crisis.

In the final analysis, no matter how hard boiled the Pluto in Scorpio generation seems, some will still be willing to ask divine source to protect their day. In the end whether they use creative imagination or light candles, the metaphysical is proving life enhancing. More and more people are turning to the paranormal to ease their fears. Some have started using visualisations such as imagining angels carrying wishes into the home on silver trays; this is certainly a way to harness positive energies. After all a higher thought that claims the world is not going to pot but evolving instead, can pick someone up from a “down at heart” attitude.

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you can overcome challenges with creative ideas, and use your imagination to transform negative perceptions. The force of heartfelt actions makes miracles happen. Even though your mind has managed to scare, nag and worry you up to now, you do realize you can find an excuse to laugh as you believe in miracles, whether you are of the Scorpio in Pluto generation or not. There is much to change and much to heal. Let’s roll up our sleeves together having fun predicting the future quotes, giggling at the Aries horoscope, enjoying free psychic development and psychic dream interpretation as we forget those future predictions 2009 that had us worrying, expecting or wondering. As we ask the psychic to “see my future” let us access our visions, and use them to transform our reality for the better. No harm in trying.

Look back at 2010 and Astrology Predictions now!

Okay, so you want to know how accurate these 2010 astrology predictions are? Was that free Indian horoscope on the ball when it confirmed your wish would come true? You doubt because you are a critical goat, so could that daily horoscope Capricorn be getting it when they said you could expect a little bundle of surprises? Are astrology horoscopes compatibility readings and free astrological advice to be trusted? And what about that baby gender predictor. You were not that worried if baby was a boy or a girl, you just wanted a cute darling to pop into your world. You also went on to check out a MySpace horoscope for more clarity, but it clashed with the free Indian horoscope in that it told you 2010 would be a bad year for babies. The baby gender predictor was a letdown; it has to be faced, even if it had insisted you would be washing pink booties before the year was out! You are confused.

Do we really believe that predictions will guide us to meeting our soul mate, or giving birth, or diving into the 200 foot tidal wave when the end of the world hits the fan, or is that particular prophecy simply the result of a couple of weirdoes getting the Mayan Calendar totally wrong? Where do we draw the line when it comes to believing predictions? Take Jill, an astro psychic told she would marry a dentist. The week after that free astrological advice a huge filling fell out of her front tooth. She looked awful, and was almost too shy to put in an appearance at the dentist. When the handsome young “tooth driller” saw her, however, he filled the hole and the following day sent her a huge bunch of red roses. They married. Was the dentist her twin flame, was the psychic seeing that event, or was it just pot luck?

Well you probably have talked to someone who accessed a MySpace horoscope, and hit the jackpot. There are many cases of accurate predictions, even computerized ones! Yet it has to be faced, as much as the experts claim prophecies are “water tight” the majority of us have a great deal of trouble understanding what Nostradamus is going on about. His stanzas are so complex; one has to study them for years to understand a basic sentence. Nostradamus was afraid of being burnt as a heretic so his incomprehensible prophecies were pointedly confusing to cover his back in those dreary medieval days when racks and thumbscrews were to be avoided more than the black plague!

Show biz fans are also divination addicts, often into their favourite celebs 2010 astrology predictions, or astrology horoscopes compatibility to suss out whether Angelina and Brad will make it, or heartthrob George Clooney will marry his girlfriend, Italian Actress Elisabetta Cannalis. These fans might be in for a hard time. A Clooney wedding was forecast but did not hit the mark, and there is still no show down the aisle. Angelina and Brad have clamped down and folks like Hugh Hefner, who was advised to watch his health by a future computer technology programme on line, is still gallivanting around his manor house with a bevy of blondes ready to fulfill his every need.

Who can we trust? Trust what you feel is the blatant answer. Because when we alight upon an empath with mind blowing capacities we will not doubt. Why? Because the true clairvoyant channels for Spirit and is a determined individual ready to do more than advance along a spiritual path. Readers and empaths know how to meditate, how to detox their energy systems and they access more than you or me when it comes to the human soul, the etheric, the astral and the mental and spiritual dimensions of existence.

Okay, so your daily horoscope Capricorn is so unconvincing as to be laughable, and that future computer technology gets on your nerves, yet you are still ready to play metaphysical facts. You might assess the tarot or stars for yourself, yet be prepared to heed the psychic who is genuinely concerned about your life, for you know she will tell you the truth as she sees it. If she had time, she could also explain how her “knowing” works. For example, your physical manifestation is where your ego hangs out, and it does everything it can to sustain your flesh and blood manifestation.

The etheric plane is where we dream downloading worst fears, and on occasions meet spiritual guides who tell us how things really work. That is if we remember we saw our Aunt Nelly knitting in heaven!

The astral is a thought manifestation. Thoughts that come alive on a multi dimensional level. The astral is a vast energetic vibration from the highest to the lowest levels. Many, who have experimented there, know that the plane is tied to our body by a silver cord that breaks if we leave this earthly dimension. Beth found that out when she had a migraine as a front seat car passenger. She was in such pain; she lost consciousness and literally floated out of the car window. It was not until the car stopped by the side of the road, and her husband who was at the wheel shook her back to basics, that she realized her spirit was attached to her stomach by a cord. Some psychics can access this dimension and perceive these cords.

The mental plane connects to purest thoughts beyond time. It is where we store divine knowledge and understand how healing energies move through us. Empaths create a link with these mental dimensions reading the patterns and “predicting” a possible future as seen in our auric field. But the empath will remind us that free will plays a part in destiny. We can indeed choose to turn away from a negative outcome by evolving consciousness. This is what most psychics and healers attempt to do as they enhance the evolution of their clients and themselves.

The spiritual plane is a finely vibrating energy dimension, which purifies souls, alleviates karma, and holds back negativity. Buddha, Christ and other illumined beings originate from this level. They express God’s energy that vibrates at superior rates, inaccessible to man if it were not for our determination to break through to the light, and learn that happiness resides within. Now perhaps that is the real issue we need to contemplate on.

Psychic Telling in the Age of the Internet

Psychic telling has modernized since the advent of the Internet. If we are looking for metaphysical advice we can now access an instantaneous connection to the gifts of an empath by typing in www. Horoscope, for example, or past future predictions 2009, an msn psychic reading, astrological services and if the lover has let us down yet again a love horoscope compatibility reading. Yet, as we seek counsel, we tend to forget that there is always a way out, and that our lives are being assisted by divine entities recognized by humanity since time began. When ancient man erected temples to the stars, when Jesus and Mary Magdalene, when Buddha and the Egyptian Gods walked our planet, they were said to have been accompanied by “out of this world” entities, or protectors of light beyond religious beliefs and social mores, that whom we call angels. Angels have left a seed in our unconscious mind since time began, may be because they want us to seek them out when we are faced with tribulations and have given up on life itself.

As we learn to lay out our 3 card tarot reading connect to a msn psychic reading have fun with a Pisces monthly horoscope or go for those astrological services on line, we are in reality opening our minds to mysteries. Even the most skeptical realize that the spiritual sustains an empath’s code which is to harm none and draw a clear line between good and evil. Anton LaVey, the now deceased founder of the Church of Satan did not draw that line. He could not know, as do the angels, that the banality of evil is committed in small acts. Spreading cruel rumours, thinking ill of others leads to feuds hate and murder. Think Hitler’s Germany, and the general indifference to the massacre and torture of thousands. Thanks be, good men have fought against such evil acts since time began. Warriors of light like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, beings who held their mission up to angelic scrutiny no matter their faults.

The good in heaven is sustained by angelic hierarchies. Not only mystics and mediums sense the presence of these dazzling celestial guardians. Our personal angels are with us each second of our day. Some feel their caring presence as they check out www horoscope, tune into love horoscope compatibility, assess a future prediction 2009, or attempt to learn psychic ways. Angels are inclusive; nothing can be shut out of their light. Children see them, because of their innate innocence. Many are aware their light forgives no matter what pranks we get up to. In essence, the Angel guides us to goodness, but we must make the choice to go there. If we trust we could access their support and advice. If we pray we could inhale their jasmine or rose scent emerging out of nowhere. If we invoke the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabrielle they will guide us to our planetary mission.

As the bills pile on the mantelpiece and we have no idea if our life choices will work out, remember angels watch over us. If we could but listen to their soft voices, we would be relieved. In other words, when the 3 card tarot reading warns us that to learn psychic ways is not just about being intuitive, but compassionate, even if we might feel we are up against a brick wall. We know we are unforgiving, we know we are impatient, but still, we could call on angels to remind us how the heavens can reflect on to our life path if we build on trust and faith. An angel would comprehend our need to check out the astro because they can access our star sign characteristics. An angel that is watching over an Aries for example, will pull them out of trouble with hard lessons. The Taurus guardian angel will guide the stubborn bull to think realistically, respect nature and clean up the wild. The Gemini guardian angel will help the restless air sign to retain a sense of humour. The Leo guardian angel will guide the excessive fire sign to self control. Angels are inclusive! So as a sensitive water sign checks out their Pisces monthly horoscope, their angel will steer them away from emotional afflictions, and integrate the deeper darker patterns they do not want to face.

Angels would tell us we have come to this planet to learn. That our souls benefit from existing in this dimension. They accept that our yearning for love is natural, that coming to terms with flesh and blood passions is no sin. So if life confuses, bemuses and worries, if you awake at three in the morning thinking bills, if you weep at the news shocked by man’s inhumanity to man, realize that an angel is leading you to better times no matter what. Angelic energies forgive our faults and inspire spiritual fulfillment. In that process, we eventually access more awareness. Angels accept everything about us and their prime lesson is to teach us to accept ourselves! In fact, if we quit blaming what is without for our mistakes, and take responsibility for our inner motivations how wonderful life could be!

Do You Know Your Future?

So what does the power of faith healing, both the psychic and the divine, have to do with a December2009 horoscope, life in the future, a teluga astrology chart, a horoscope match, tarot reading help or Edgar Cayce predictions? Confused, get ready set and go. One, two and three!

One: Everything astrological, occult, and prophetic accesses the zero energy fields weaving the universe together like glue. The religions of the world knew this. From Christian to Hindu, from Buddhist to Islam spiritual belief systems, perceived the divine as beyond the precepts of the human mind yet ultimately powerful. Unsurprisingly, even today’s medical fraternity is integrating prayer into their allopathic perceptions of healing. In some American hospitals in fact, prayer is used to heal the gravely ill with astounding success.

Two: Indian yogis have practised refined esoteric disciplines for thousands of years. These techniques have enabled them to bury themselves alive to test their faith! In the Viparita Karami, a highly secretive ritual, the evolved yogi conquered death thru spiritual practice. The offshoot has been hatha yoga, and eastern occult training schools. Additionally, if we read the sacred texts of India we understand that the healing arts came in many diverse metaphysical belief formats and were incorporated into ancient life, as were the Vedi Telugu astrology techniques, to read the future.

Three: Healing consciousness caters to a human need. A need that goes back to the times of Jesus. In the bible we learn how Jesus’ “laying on of hands” healed those who suffered. The fabled Lazarus and his rising from the dead is a case in point. Healing circles have existed forever, and were called the “Galil” a Hebrew word meaning circle during the time of Christ and the early church. Christ and his disciples’ also caste out devils. We read that “they brought to Jesus all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments and those which were possessed with devils… and those that had the palsy and he healed them.”

Yet we still view tarot reading help, stock market astrology predictions and life in the future readings as signs of the occult. What we do not realise is that these skills are healing combos whose origins reach back into the mists of time, and deep into the Zero Point Energy field. Astrology concepts dating thousands of years read our faults and heal them with this primeval knowledge. The empath who dedicates their life to the good of humanity “sees” stock market astrology predictions and warnings only to guide us out of financial trouble within this zero point energy field concept on their side! Empaths who “see” the future push us through the challenges we face, and astrologers who look over a horoscope match make sure our future spouse will not steal our money as they connect to “all that is”.

The medium knows how subtle the veil is between the physical and metaphysical worlds. One of the most famous British healers was Harry Edwards who made history on the night of September 5 1954 when he stood before the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Divine Healing as well as representatives of the British Medical Establishment. The sense of this meeting was to understand the powers of the human mind. Harry Edwards said during this august occasion that “there is sufficient spiritual power in this hall to change the face of the world if all present selflessly will to become its instruments!”

The power of the mind is made up of beliefs that fashion our world. Many of these are so deeply embedded in our unconscious as to be inaccessible; on other words we refuse to see what is as plain as the nose on our face – that we are made out of sub atomic particles that exist in the invisible before they come into creative being. Currently, blind belief in science and super material values are a dogma to live by, even though these values have led to spiritual emptiness, and the failure of our financial institutions and corruption of our ruling class.

Simply put, the healer the empath, the clairvoyant seek to help their fellow man by ridding us of the fear and mental blockages that keep out the love and light. This fear lurks in our solar plexus and feeds on our heart energy. When we pray we eradicate that menacing power. In his past epistle the “Power of Faith Healing” Shaw Desmond tells us “the first task of the esoteric healer is to synchronize and bring into smooth action the sometimes dreadful disunity of the physical body and its psychic nature. It is only when the physical, the psychic the mental and the spiritual vehicles and nature are at one that permanent cures of mind or body or both may be effected.”

The Edgar Cayce predictions spoke of man’s incapacity to heal himself using the subtle energies. There is no doubt that Cayce was accurate to a certain extent. This US prophet who died in 1945 prophesized US nuclear tests would go wrong, creating a huge hole in the American Southwest. He even talked about Russian scientists overhearing a message from an ET civilisation. He states that American claims to have walked on the moon will be brought down when Chinese astronauts discover no evidence of a US presence and, unnervingly, the United Nations will seek to create a one-world government in 2011!

So far not all of Cayce’s dire prophecies have come true, but humanity is certainly veering into a time of challenge. Perhaps we need to pay attention to the writings of those who healed the sick in days gone by. Not only were they psychic and could answer the question of “know my future” but they accessed the power residing in their faith. In other words, we need to become aware that a December 2009 horoscope or a Telegu astrology chart are not just fairground experiences, but deeply life changing ones, especially if the psychic who reads for us understands the psychological and spiritual undercurrents of our life.

Certainly many of Cayce’s prophecies were negative. He talked about horrid viruses spreading around the world. Of individuals claiming to be Jesus Christ and imitating his powers – yet above all warns mankind of 2013, when he saw that global events would change our planet forever. From, the Edgar Cayce predictions, to know my future and stock market astrology predictions. Life on this earth is in a state of constant evolution. If we fight this fact we stop the flow of change. But to be fearful is to miss out on the wonders of the human experience.

Free Prediction – Horoscopes & Astrology

Many of us are desperately seeking answers, we sense there is more to this existence, but we are hard pressed to identify what that “more” is. We feel empty, lonely within, yet no matter how many shopping sprees we go on, no matter how many glasses of crème de menthe we down, something is still missing. Some of us begin a metaphysical search; we consult our daily zodiac more than frequently, even though we would not go so far as to consult a horoscope in the Urdu language! Still, that free prediction seems attractive, that live psychic online psychic, that daily zodiac adds to the metaphysical buzz! Horoscope junkie or not, enquiring about “my future” with all its “ins and outs,” is a source of constant fascination to us. We want to know if “my future” destiny will be kind to us, as we run amok on free astrology sites, deep down wanting to be happy, to love the world, to be loved, to be of service, to count for something!

If we were to delve deeper, we might discover that we yearn to resonate with truth, that no matter how much we mock the occult, preferring the sceptic’s perceptions of existence, somewhere, a still small voice tells us, “this is not all there is, there is something more!” Yes, we are more than our bodies, and surprise, surprise that “more” is hidden within our very own DNA. DNA was discovered in 1944, when the world was at war. Further research was carried out by Watson and Crick. That research was elaborate and subsequently morphed into the famed Human Genome Project created to defend humanity from disease, and hereditary illness.

In his evolutionary research on healing modules, the renowned kiniseologist Andrew Kemp refers to the work of Russian microbiologist Pjotr Garjajeve and how he perceived that DNA is somewhat similar to a computer programme that emanates our destiny through its complex “strands”

The Kryon Spirit Channelled Works of Lee Carroll refer to DNA as an intricate yet complex creation that stores not only our genetic blueprint, but ancient memories, and karmic residues stored in the Akashic records, a multi dimensional etheric library of all our incarnations throughout time, existing on the etheric planes of consciousness. In other words DNA stores memories not only of this life, but of multiple lives. Carroll’s DNA “Akashic” records therefore are somewhat similar to a computer disc data, but in the case of the human DNA strand it registers soul contracts, twin flames, spiritual challenges and emotional issues, plus the karmic obstacles we must overcome in this incarnation. Therefore our DNA is a powerful, spiritual force emanating our higher purpose into life.

The latest news from the metaphysical edge is that some spiritual healers activate DNA strands and claim to accelerate soul awakening. They encourage us to become “spiritualised”, because the more our collective DNA heals, the less we freak out as we free download 2012 full movie. In other words, we could choose more evolved thought processes than fear. In that process we could discover that we have healing abilities ourselves, and can acknowledge multi dimensional worlds, or communicate thoughts to a loved one living on the other side of this planet. DNA healers wish us to realise that humanity can indeed access its metaphysical potential!

This following quote from an unknown source gives credence to the idea that once, perhaps, thousands of years ago, we used spiritual strength, as well as clairvoyant and healing abilities to problem solve. “According to spiritual theory of genes there may be 12 to 16 strands of spiritual DNA. The 12 strands may be both genetic and spiritual strands associated with the number 6 which occurs in nature as an ideal number.”

And “……The DNA strands may also be associated with a sphere, whereby there are 12 strands symmetrically located in a circle in the centre of the sphere, and all of the DNA strands are connected by sphere energy grid lines much like in the world grid or gravity energy grid. It is said in myths that human beings once had 12 strands of DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that the DNA was lost due to genetic experimentation or due to changes in the environment and body. Often the 12 strands of DNA are more associated with higher beings, higher dimensions, and the spirit.”

If humanity possessed empathic skills in the distant past, it is no surprise that we feel lost in a world of rampant materiality and soulless life styles. Losing our magnificence has us feeling bereft simply put. Of course we yearn to connect to a live psychic on psychics, or morph into a horoscope junkie. Again, to consult a horoscope in the Urdu language might not be the answer for an English speaker, yet a free prediction and those free astrology sites still get us back to basics, we feel “a buzz” as we access a lost truth, or tune into “something magical!” Perhaps, we conclude, 2012 simply means humanity’s natural clairvoyance and psychic power will emerge at last? The alternative is to download 2012 full movie and scare ourselves to death! Perhaps we need to reset the dial and realise that 2012 could be a time of miraculous transformation rather than the end of our civilisation.

The true message of hope that the gifted Andrew Kemp imparts to us is, and we quote from his book “Quantum K”, that. “The DNA is the ultimate of all record keepers; it holds our genetic blueprint, so that each new cell it generates maintains the core essence of ourselves, and our unique attributes. However, it is no mechanical piece of factory equipment; it is an extraordinary piece of intelligent engineering that allows itself the freedom to regenerate our cells based on the various influences from our external environment good or bad.”

Of course this begs the question could our favourite empaths, our clairvoyants our mediums be accessing a “mislaid” spiritual intelligence. Could the Holy Grail actually be the ultimate DNA blueprint that accesses an astounding and very human capacity to see into our future, heal illness and track down multi dimensions? Perhaps miraculous solutions will present themselves when we discover where we actually come from? Some say we originate from the stars above our heads, whether this is possible or not, it is a theory to consider.

Horoscope Predictions & Fortune Telling BALLS!

You are desperately seeking a kindred spirit. Maybe you realised, during those loveless horoscope months, when you drove yourself ballistic trying to find the right horoscope prediction software to give you just one ray of hope, that not only did you feel stricken, you felt deluded. You had your zodiac sign compatibility chart done and the prospects looked mediocre to startling awful. It even felt useless asking “what gives” from that Psychic Bristol service, or getting a psychic reading future about ‘my future boyfriend?’ “Forget the future”, you say to yourself, “I am still in my past and on my own, left out, convinced love will never find me!” So you waste your time watching as many 2012 end of the world videos as you can to convince yourself that even if you met your soul mate an asteroid would land on his nose before you got anything going.

Do not despair, all is not lost, Joe Vitale has come to town, and he has come with his book ‘Zero Limits’ under his arm. ‘Zero Limits’ is a Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Love, Peace and More. We will ignore your ‘pull the other one it’s got bells on’ attitude; we realise you feel down on your luck. So listen out please! Joe Vitale was once homeless and totally loveless. He is now a millionaire New Age guru and no fool. And neither is his Hawaiian Ho’oponopono discovery. Yes Ho’oponopono you heard right!

‘Zero Limits’ is about rooting out fears and inner angst, and literally plummeting into the power of our loving hearts. This Shamanic Hawaiian system works as a stress decoder, and love accelerator. It literally whizzes us through darkness towards light. The basic premise is that the universe is an infinite and sacred thought form. Therefore by magnetising the light of our own sacred thoughts we decimate “soul sickness”, and increase the power of Higher Self. In other words, we experience personal happiness by realising life is an inner experience, that we project onto “reality!”

Okay, we realise this might seem radical to you. But since you are the one looking out of your head, you are seeing the world with your eyes only. And what you see is what you get. So if you want to change what you get, i.e. a series of loser boyfriends, Joe would advise you to say the following mantra to yourself. Here it is ‘I love you’ ‘Thank you’ ‘Please Forgive Me’ ‘I am sorry’ not necessarily in that order.

‘Give us proof’ we hear you shriek. Before we do, you could start some internal spring cleaning by going back to the psychic drawing board. Get another zodiac sign compatibility chart done, talk to those psychic Bristol people again, play Fortune teller ball on the Internet till you get the best answer, and count those horoscope months to a great romance! You could do all that, and still get a grip on metaphysical realities, which do not include creative visualisation alone but profound forgiveness of yourself and others. The fact is we know very little about this universe, even if many pretend they do. Yet, when you do something as simple as say ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, ‘please forgive me’ ‘I am sorry’, Spirit is healing you within and getting to grips with all the negativity creating devastation in your life. In other words, you open a door to a new way of being.

Let’s go back to the super Mr Joe Vitale who had the luck to meet with Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, the Hawaiian master teacher and shaman of the Ho’oponopono system tradition. That meeting created workshop after successful workshop. Len and Vitale just knocked those negative subconscious blocks folks carry around in their hearts for six. And that is not all, Dr Len had managed to heal a ward of ‘incurable’ psychotics by repeating the words ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, ‘please forgive me’ ‘I am sorry’.

Okay, your doubts and fears may say no to this and more. Yet Dr Len’s “Zero State” is indeed your point of creation within. So if we want to see goodness in your world – eradicate all your suppressed unkindness. ‘The divine is our zero state’ Dr Len tells us, a place where we have no limits to love, to success, to happiness. To access that divine we need to clean up our inner world first. So therefore, take it from us, you would do well to stop thinking badly of others; stop gossiping, and creating trouble. Stop projecting misery all around you. Instead, create peace in your life, create peace in the world. Refine your energy, clean it out, sweep it up, and then turn your shinning smile on those who need your love. In other words, you could end up fighting off a mass of gorgeous, prospective boyfriends just by being “shiny”, which is the greatest seduction technique and youthing beauty treatment in the world.

So yes, start using useful horoscope prediction software. But use it to see the pain within, which is what really stops you from that zodiac sign compatibility encounter. Understand you can still embrace ‘my future boyfriend’, you can still understand what makes you love those scary 2012 end of the world videos. And as you keep your finger pressed on the fortune teller ball till you get the right answer, you will trust a kind, enlightened psychic reading future with joy, and say a prayer for the world, which emanates from your need to serve, to love, to be forgiven.