Psychic Numerology

Some of us seek answers beyond 2010 horoscope predictions – perhaps a more evolved way of perceiving reality. We turn to psychic numerology, perhaps Kerala astrologers, or a free online horoscope and start to appreciate the spiritual core of our life. We realise humanity has been consulting sages, and ‘seers’ since time began In the old days there was no such thing as internet predictions, or a joyotish shastra reader, with their exotic Vedic insights. Few gave our parents advice or cures for their woes. Without an internet connection, Kerala astrologers were unavailable. In the old days esoteric people turned to the psychic down the road, or went on sacred pilgrimages.

But in these interesting times, many of us are beginning to discover our divine purpose. We consult psychic numerology to gain more understandings to that end. We investigate yoga, meditation and dream along to New Age music, its sublime tones pervading our lives. It has to be said it is easier to let go of angst when a crescendo of harmonic healing chords are playing in the background. In time, inspirational melody becomes as much a part of our reality as a free online horoscope. In fact those of us who dig Jyotish Shastra could discover that Kerala astrologers are privy to the mightiest chants in the world. The Kerala Sopanam is the ultimate spiritual definition. It is easy to ‘bliss out’ to evocative prayers sung to Kali, or the Javedeva’s Gita Govinda.

Music is obviously the food of love, even if our tastes clash with our friends. For example a Capricorn star sign digs Joan Baez, John Denver, Mary J Bilge, and Elvis who are unsurprisingly all Capricorn star sign musicians. Your Cappy mate believes something transcendent inspires their music. They insist it shifts blockages, and affects their electromagnetic field. But we are Aquarians who prefer synthesizing artists like the Pink Floyd, or even Keith Jarrett and Kitaro with their ‘evolutionary’ New Age musical renditions. Their types of tonalities tend to free suppressed emotions.

When we listen to Vangelis, Enigma, Singh Kaur or Enya, awesome New Age artists, we lift ourselves into another dimension of beingness, where the best online psychics have a place in our lives. We become more tolerant, more benign of the paranormal. We see through new eyes. As Justin St Vincent states on The Scavenger Website “Music is a powerful tool for cultivating a community and a powerful drug that allows you to reach states of ecstasy without the come down!”

We are resonating beings, we vibe to mantras from cradle to grave. A national anthem. A mother singing her child a lullaby, a stroppy adolescent revving up to Heavy Metal. A lover writing poetry to classic violin, a banking conglomerate attentive to piped background music, musical fads and fashions speak volumes about who we are, and what our society believes in. We communicate through music every day, singing songs in the shower, solitarily dancing to our favourite tune as the cat looks on, gathering together in community concerts, or becoming a member of a band. Music is a cord that connects us to our highest soul evolution. A finer representative of Spirit is hard to find. The epic emotions music conjures up within our hearts cannot be analysed under a microscopic; they exist in the sub atomic worlds.

The universe was created to the sound of ‘The Word’. In his book ‘Soul Song’ Dr Zhi Gang Sha tells us that once we discover our significant soul word, or music we access the power of love and joy within, and light up our lives and those of others. He is right, we all have a personal tune, our own rhythm that expresses around us, but like that famous saying ‘if you want to know whether an apple or pear is sweet you have to taste it’ we cannot comment on anything until we have tried it. The power of a mantra, for example, can bring us peace as can the sound of a sacred song, or evocative poetry.

The fact is many of us reject what we cannot understand. Yet how can we allow the advice of best online psychics, or a free online horoscope to affect us if we are unable to integrate the wisdom of their words? We need to let go of limiting beliefs, free ourselves from the doubts and fears within, and just allow ourselves that “lightness of being” each moment of the day.

And to think this freedom was acquired through a simple identification with a stunning piece of music, our soul song, or just listening to the dulcet tones of hymns, mantras that simply take the breath away So tune into the wonders of your Joytish Shastra reading, and those Internet Predictions, and as you do so, vibrate to the tunes of love!

Read My Future: Truth Behind Horoscopes?

As we ask an astro psychic to “read my future” analyze our horoscope for tomorrow, get into a download 2012 movie torrent, or a 2012 end of the world movie download; or even ask her to present us with a complex Urdu horoscope, are we completely off our rockers? In other words, are metaphysical mores really the answer to life’s challenges? Will that astro empath actually get that we are trying to be happy, but are not quite managing to? These are questions the sentient individual will tend to ask, may be because most of us are extremely skeptical about the effectiveness of metaphysical mores!

We are fascinated by the paranormal nevertheless. We loved having our hand read by that lady from the Woman’s Institute dressed up as a gypsy. We knew she was telling us rot at the time, but hey, we went with the flow of the charity drive anyway. But above and beyond our doubts, our suspicions and the Skeptic’s Society, what can a reading communicate that a cup of tea, a massive rant or a shopping spree cannot! What gives regarding half the world’s fascination with psychic issues?

The answer might be surprising. You see, as we consult a company we discover our divine potential moves in rhythm to the astro! In other words we awaken to another form of reality. We could even be lucky enough to bump into some high powered spiritual healers or sages along our way! For example, Eckhart Tolle, and Caroline Myss, both of them famous in their own right. Caroline is a medical empath, in that she can see into a person’s energy field and discover what illnesses plague them, and Eckhart is a philosophical healer, adored by Oprah Winfrey, because his talks and lectures strengthen our resolve to dig mystical realities.

Tolle has written a best seller “A New Earth” that refers to the suffering of humanity, a suffering that has repeated itself throughout time. His conclusion is that to turn our anguished world around, we must start with ourselves. We thus transform negative thoughts by becoming aware of them, by watching how they affect us! When we are depressed or down, the origin lies in how we have been taught to perceive, and these perceptions are anchored in our childhood indoctrination, our relationship with our parents and the world around us. If our childhood was challenging we still carry negatives within us. However, if we are aware, we can seek to access our authenticity and start changing the conclusions we came to as children. Perhaps we felt we did not deserve love. That thought can be painful, but also inspirational when we turn it around and transform it into “I am lovable” thus disassociating from the fear, and becoming whole.

Yes you might say, but can this system get my boyfriend back? An evolved psychic will certainly answer your “read my future” request on that question; she could even get into your second question about American Idol predictions, just because you dig the show! She might go so far as to comment on your appalling “Illuminati” freak out when you managed to get that 2012 end of the world movie download on to the TV, but eventually she will agree with Caroline Myss. Why? Well, because like most psychics, “our Caroline” goes for spiritual accountability.

In her book “Sacred Contact” Myss states ”If you realize that negative judgments, including judging yourself cause harm, then you must reevaluate your behaviour as soon as you realise that you are being judgmental. You also need to recognise when you are justifying yourself and your actions. The more aware you are of the demands of managing your consciousness, the fewer hiding places will be available in your psyche, and soul for the shadow play of the child, the victim, the prostitute and the saboteur.” Archetypes that Caroline deems the main cause of our unhappiness in this life.

In other words, no matter how grim our destiny if we “get” that we are creating our own misery, we are on the right track. So what is new we hear you cry? Remember, the psychic’s job is to explain and help you, and yes she will explain how to detach from fears about that download 2012 movie torrent. She will even stand your depressive harping on about horoscope for tomorrow news! But in the final analysis, once you are ready to look into your heart, the empath will know you are going in the right direction. In fact, a loving clairvoyant “will come up to the plate” and encourage you to strike out on your own. As Caroline tells us, “that does not mean to say you can’t receive help from family, tribe or group, but you need to withdraw your power from a magnetic field that holds you back.” So if you are in a miserable couple relationship or doing a job you hate, until you pull away from that energy field the negatives will continue to drive you to the crème de menthe!

It never ceases to amaze empaths how folks cling on to their unhappiness even if their Urdu horoscope told them if they remain stuck in a loveless relationship they will hold themselves back. Yet over and over again, they ask “Will he call?”, “Does she love me?” avoiding the issue, which is often they do not love themselves enough to enjoy the emotional commitment they deserve.

For Caroline the fundamental goal can only be spiritual awareness. With that on our side we sense the presence of light beings guiding us. But just as a psychic cannot advise you if you do not trust her, on a grander scale the angel cannot connect to you if you a) do not believe in them or b) do not ask for their intervention. But if you ask, if you trust, you can receive the divine help you need, plus a connection to unconditional, and often sacred love. In other words, once you are determined to walk down that spiritual path, nothing will hold back the happiness!

Phone Psychic Reading or Tarot Reading?

The notorious Aliester Crowley was considered a beastly man, an advocate of sexual magic, fascinated by the “dark side”; he created the famed Hermetic Order of the Dawn, as well as complex occult philosophies fueled by hedonistic behavior. Some deemed him “the wickedest man in the world” due to his anti social behaviour. He seemed impervious to suffering, and bullied those who loved him. Yet for all his complexity, he was a powerful wizard, as he created a ground-breaking branch of magic, which included the utilization of tarot cards with an eerie capacity to see into a man’s soul. The cards were published in 1944, and created by Lady Frieda Harris. They are a refined deck of commanding symbolic meaning. As a result, many experience a Crowley Tarot reading as most significant, Crowley called on both angels and demonic forces, the dark and light in all creation. His mission was unusual, and often seems as negative, yet he touched the souls of many, and in his own way brought innovative knowledge to the occult world.

Empaths, who answer your free online psychic question, work on horoscope websites or predict future trends, will call on angels for protection against mal-intentioned souls, and dark energies. Angels always come to the rescue, and have been seen in photographs as columns of light, emanating a repertoire of glorious colors such as magenta and crimson, pink and gold that flow into the human energy field. They reside deep within the universal creation, and are believed to work within a hierarchal structure, namely the Cherubim, the Seraphim, the Thrones, The principalities, the Power and Might’s, the Archai the Archangels and the Guardian Angels Some perceive them as an extension of God’s thought forms.

A favourite protector is the Archangel Michael; prevalent in this time of great change, and esteemed opposer of the “darkness”. He is a good ally to have on your side. In the Book of Revelations it says “and there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon prevailed not. And the great dragoon was cast out into the earth, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” This passage symbolizes the future awakening of humanity, after trials and cataclysmic change.
Yet we need to learn to overcome our fears when we watch the 2012 full movie or imagine 2012 end of the world scenarios. Many believe that redemption will come, and that it will be Michael who evolves the human heart. Steiner, the great philosopher, saw Michael as “the Fiery King of the Universe”. In England many churches are dedicated to Him and you can find them along leylines, the majority of which are in Cornwall. Some believe that Stonehenge and Avesbury are storing houses for Michael’s light.

As our spirits evolve, protection is fundamental. Those who reach out to horoscope websites would be wise to say a prayer to Archangel Michael. Again, we must not fear, because a Crowley tarot reading can be most positive, as can a free online question, if the reader and client have pure intentions. Above and beyond asking for spiritual protection it is important to connect to our inner guide as we locate the voice of the Higher Self. Spiritual sages believe we can access God Consciousness personally. The phrase “Be still and know that I am God” opens up our hearts. Those of us with pure hearts will know that voice, and it will protect us, even against the decadence that Crowley yearned to know along his road to enlightenment and occult knowledge.

Remember, as we enter any place or building for the first time, or meet people we do not know, we can offer a prayer to Archangel Michael asking him to guide us away from dark forces, for he is an expert at confronting the dragons within and without. As we say our prayers, or do a ritual, we might see his image as a huge, column of crimson light ready to stand up to all evil on this planet and in all the multiple universes. Whenever we travel to St Michael’s Mount, or meditate in a beautiful cathedral we can whisper “Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth”. In this way we can enlighten our lives and be grateful for Michael’s presence on this earth!

In his highly optimistic book Operation Redemption, Sir George Trevelyn, the Grandfather of the New Age, and Prince Charles confidante, told us the Earth is now receiving an in flooding of Spirit that will gradually transform the people of the planet allowing a unit of all life to help people draw together. “Ours is an age of dramatic and sensational change, the great themes that claim there can be no renewal without a dying process, no death without resurrection.”

Sir George Trevelyan left this world in 1996, but his teachings still touch the simplicity, power and love of angelic protection. So as we pose our free online question, perhaps regarding 2012 End of the World issues, or even the 2012 full movie, that shook many of us to the core, remember notwithstanding our angst, we are opening our minds. When we check out our star sign match, hear from a friend in Oz who has been inspired by phone psychics Australia we are acknowledging the power of the invisible. Like Sir George, as we invoke the light forces, and call on Michael to help us as we become more aware, and conscious we can face anything. A Crowley tarot reading, a Star sign match, all is well, as we look at life with forgiveness. Nothing can hurt us, if we access our inner place of purity, incorruptibility and blamelessness.

Psychic Detectives

Could psychic detectives have really helped the hapless Betsy Bell?

Certainly, an experienced empath might have sussed out the causes for the infamous Bell Witch haunting! The case was so notorious people are still trying to work out what the blazes occurred in Robertson County, Tennessee. The year was 1817, and in the surrounding countryside a horrible entity with a dog’s body and a head of a rabbit was seen by John Bell Senior. This was followed by some very odd noises in the Bellhouse, i.e. the sound of an invisible bird flapping, the noise of unseen dogs fighting and an entity pulling clothes of beds, and making horrible sounding noises like choking gulping and gasping. Rocks started being thrown and furniture turned upside down. Betsy Bell, the oldest girl, was the main focus. This is not an unusual phenomenon when it comes to poltergeists that tend to feed off the powerful dislocated energy of pubescent girls. Hauntings are scary events that the clairvoyant is often asked about. She will try to define if the “thing” we see standing over us in the dark bedroom as the ghost of our Aunt Fanny, or a simple case of the flu?

Perhaps only a courageous soul can take on the responsibility of giving free psychic readings, perhaps only the spiritually strong guide lost souls and ghosts home. Perhaps only those who sense the suffering of others take on the spirits of this world and help them heal. Free psychic readings, whether done as an offering or for a media company, are usually undertaken by folk who know how to move on from their own victimhood. Every healer is aware of the darkness lurking within the human soul. Like the Jedi in Star Wars they still fight for the light. Like Superman, the Knights of the Round Table, and Shakamunbi Buddha they serve others and lead them back to self confidence. How many of us are potential Mother Teresa’s, Desmond Tutus, Nelson Mandela’s, and Oprah Winfreys? Perhaps more than one thinks. This does not mean we cannot be negative but we can stand up to the drug dealers, the bullies. We can demand freedom of the press, and de-mask the inutility of war. The brave, the inwardly balanced see where injustice lurks and transforms it. And strangely the greatest gift is helping a lost soul, or ghost move on to the light.

If only you could call a telephone psychic like Allison Dubois who works with police and helps them track down criminals in the television series “Medium” Perhaps she could track down your boyfriend who has not put in an appearance for ten weeks. Or how about Jennifer Love Hewitt as the sensual psychic medium who has tea and biscuits with ghosts. Now she could spot whether you boyfriend had has walked out with a gorgeous blond. That would be useful. As would meeting that odd little boy who got himself so well known in the film “Sixth Sense”. But have you asked yourself what goes on in a clairvoyant’s head for example? Would it surprise you to know very little goes on before she tunes into your reading, simply because she is giving spirits a chance to hang out around her aura, and communicate with her? She has worked to detox her mind so that she can identify the voice of her ego, from a spirit’s message for you. She will have let go of emotional blockages and thoughts that could slow down her connection to the spirit coming through. So yes, often truth is indeed far stranger than fiction!

If you ask your empath during a phone psychic reading how she actually reads into the future, or “senses” the presence of spirits, she would tell you that one of her methods might be to breathe deeply, close her eyes, and imagine a bright ball of light above her head. She imagines this ball of light contains the message from your guide, and focusing on the colour and beauty, she might even see the first communications emerging in the form of written words, sounds or images. During the phone psychic reading she might advise how to connect to your Higher Self which contains the mystical magic of your light body, and have fun in the process. In fact, she would say that being joyful is a great way to manifest a good life, and make things happen. So if you really want your boyfriend back look at the funny side of the situation, and open a new door, a new way of looking at it. A new angle in other words, which could be about building up a bright aura that will magnetize positive events, and guess what your boyfriend might even show up again when you least expect it.

An online tarot card reading would be more about using tarot symbology to work out the impalpable elements in your life. You saw a ghost in the corridor, the intuitive might tell you as she gazes at the Hermit card, the spirit is probably an old man with a beard, or an entity who feels trapped in solitude and cannot escape from their sad physical world and fly to the light. If you are asking about a boyfriend and the Tower Tarot popped up, you would probably be told “call it a day” get on your bike and seek out new love, as this one ain’t going to work. If for example the Sun Tarot Card showed up, the empath would assure you that it will all come to a happy ending after all. He has not run off with a blonde, he has got stuck in an elevator at work for days, and needs food and water. When he sees you coming to the rescue he will love you forever and the sun will shine on your lives. We are being light hearted, but be sure the tarot card archetypes rarely fail to comment on a challenging life situation accurately.

Keen is one of those organizations on line that helps us find our way through life’s confusions. But there are many other services, aside from Keen whereby qualified readers help with their wise insights. Perhaps one day, when you call up a paranormal worker she will ask whether you have ever wondered at the millions of electrical volts passing through you each day, whirling around, keeping you going, keeping your heart beating, making you like nobody else on this amazing planet. This is the wondrous “Chi” energy and it will stay with you when you leave your body for the other side. The Native Americans also call this energy Great Spirit. It has been deciphered by scientists as the Unified Field, holding us together like glue, making our existence the magical experience it truly is. This is the miracle so even if you do end up as the ghost of Aunty Dot wondering why when you picked up a box of your favorite choccies, and your hand goes straight through it, the fact remains the human race needs to step out of limiting thoughts to limitless thoughts and find new ways of living life, with a faith in the future!

Psychic chat

Just imagine if you dialled in for a psychic chat and the “seer” on the other end of the line was Tom Cruise? Very unlikely, you might say, but actors are known to have a very sensitive clairvoyant streak. Both Tom Cruise and John Travolta believe in metaphysical mores and are scientologists. Tina Turner is a Buddhist, and Jimmy Steward and Val Kilmer have all joined unconventional spiritual movements to express their more soulful sides. Many showbiz folk are superstitious; the classic example is the Scottish Play Macbeth. Few thespians will mention the name of Macbeth out loud for fear of the spirits getting angry, and a lot of actors would be dead worried about bumping into a theatrical ghost as a result of wearing a purple or blue tea shirt to rehearsals. Actors are the ultimate sensitives in the sense that they morph so totally with their characters they “become” them, just in the way an empath will morph totally with a client and understand her problems from a profound point of view. Certainly, when Ben Kinsley won an Oscar for his amazing portrayal of Gandhi, he was certainly in some sort of spiritual resonance with the great man.

Psychic guidance takes into consideration the multi dimensionality of the human energy field, and points out how often we “act” out our lives rather than believe in our authentic soul journey and our mystical natures. Many of us seek out psychic guidance because we think we do not fit into the role assigned us. We feel out of place, at a loss as to how to continue living our lives, needing more structure, security, protection yet totally unaware that we have all that we need already pulsating within us. If the human being really started using more than five percent of their brain cells, which is what we are said to be using currently, we could perceive the invisible worlds that sustain our reality. One might say that the sign of a true empath is that she connects to her client through the soul, and deciphers their thought forms with compassion and sensitivity. If you like she “resonates” or “identifies” with another individual like an actor identifies with their role. The empath, however, knows that Spirit is the secret; it radiates a truly powerful electromagnetic field that affects our environment. If we are spirit-cantered, we spread out “gifted” energy.

The free psychic reading on line helps us understand how we can express our artistic gifts. Perhaps we truly want to be an actor. We have the looks, do we have the gift? The competition is rife. Perhaps a free psychic reading on line will clarify whether we possess stunning thespian skills, and whether we could be another great like Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp. An evolved empath will tell it how it is! If we do have the talent, the empath might point out to us that to be a good actor we will probably have to sacrifice our time learning acting, and the best way to interpret a role. That we will need to understand other people’s motives, and why they do both good and evil deeds. Could we interpret a really evil role, like a mass murderer, or would we better at Teresa of Calcutta? Perhaps we could be anyone if we learned to open our hearts! The capacity to understand another is through love. Again, love is “the way of the artist”, the dancer, the painter and the actor, as only through that “compassion” can we feel or sense, a more mystical artistic and metaphysical truth.

The future forecasts are good, we feel optimistic. We are sensitive, dedicated, open minded human beings and we chose to talk to a recommended empath to understand how we could best use our gifts. Now we feel certain she gave us good advice. In fact, the reader interpreted a total run down. She checked out some Egyptian tarot cards, she sussed out all the hidden aspects of our personality, she convinced us that we needed to delve deeper if we wanted to bring out the best of our creative gifts. This empath was so savvy on all the new sciences like the Quantum Theory and she did not waste our time babbling on vaguely, she cut right to the chase. She told us that to use our talent we had to connect to the strength of our soul, and the gifts of our personality, and make things happen with affirmations plus faith and trust. She gave us a little prayer of protection to help us outside, in that “big bad” world, and made only one request of us, that we considered that we were magical beings, eternally reincarnating on planet earth, and learning more and more with each life time. Wow!

We wonder if learning how to travel into the astral would move our soul evolution on a tad. We know learning how to travel into the astral is a biggie. It takes an evolved soul to go beyond the physical form, and look down from on high at their material body, connecting to the astral via a mere silver cord. We have heard of out of body experiences, and that some of them occur during accidents or on the operating table. Near Death Experiences are so common, that Southampton Hospital is actually doing a scientific study on them. Some people have had very profound spiritual insights during such events, feeling wrapped in a cocoon of light and love. Sometimes going down a tunnel and meeting with relatives who had passed on. The spiritual teacher tells us that if we experience such an event these are signs of evolution and spiritual understanding. The main thing is to trust in the fact that there is more to physical life than meets the eye. But we would have to turn our backs on the sceptics, the cynics and the status quo. If we are born actors that really should not be so difficult!

Tarot Card Psychic Reading

We have all come to planet earth for a purpose. David Bowie’s purpose could be to wield the Wizard’s creativity, and thrill with his unusual persona. A tarot card psychic reading assesses what path we have chosen too. The cards depict our major personality archetypes within, in both the good and bad. Alistair Crowley, the infamous Black Magician, created a mind-blowing set of Tarot called the Golden Dawn that fascinated Bowie. There is no question Bowie was interested in the tarot, he certainly was drawn to enlightenment. Between 1967 and 1969, he slept in a wooden box, seeking to enter utter silence. Bowie was also fascinated by the Cabbala and the Gnostics. He once said, “I’m closer to the Golden Dawn! Immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery!” Of course it is not difficult to imagine Bowie’s magnetic stage personality might have had a little off world assistance to manifest. The mysterious cards could be viewed as the unified field of consciousness breaking into multidimensional “fragments” that express through the archetypal force fields. Bowie is still convinced he channels something mysterious anyway, “I’ve always felt like a vehicle for something else but then I’ve never really sorted out what that was”

But would David have ever used a psychic directory? We doubt it; he would probably consider a psychic directory for seekers at the very beginning of their metaphysical journey! Folks who were not yet aware how staggering the significance of the “other worldly” is to the sensitive human being. The fact is, we are usually “guided” to the correct reader. Readers who never doubt the divine and seek to inspire and stimulate our lives for the better. Packs like the insightful Shapeshifter Tarot, illustrated by Lisa Hunt, define energy as “one” and that nothing ever dies, but simply changes form. If we meditate before we read the cards and shapeshift into a diverse archetype, perhaps morphing into Merlin, one of the more beautiful enchantresses, or old wise women depicted in the pack itself, we then emanate the energy of the card we have chosen, and transform our individual consciousness, until our life experience becomes attuned to the magical. Once we have blessed our cards, and learnt them well, we can use them to astral travel or for distant healing. A deeply felt prayer said with an arcane card held to the heart, often results in astonishing healing results!

Telephone psychics will enhance our lives magically even guide us through the multiple choices existence faces us with. Interestingly, mass consciousness is evolving worldwide, influenced by recent global events. The Mayan predictions leading up to 2012 influence and fascinate us. The more “sensitive” amongst us are experiencing metaphysics in an innovative way and hence accessing the deeper meaning of the universe. Like the Shapeshifter tarot pack we have started “using the eyes of a hawk for insights that transcend time and space!” Humanity has always longed to know the future, asking the shaman to use their magic skills to encourage good crops, control bad weather and avoid famine. In ancient days, humanity also used stones to read the future. They consulted oracles, enlightened magical folk who lived in caves or temples, and spoke with Spirit’s voice. In fact, we could consider our channelers as the “sooth sayers” of today. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the wonders of eternal life, and perceived the stars, the heavens and the soul as containing deep spirit magic. To the Pharaohs life had no meaning without the mysteries of Spirit guiding them to the everlasting. But without compassion our own spiritual path is devoid of significance.

The best psychics read with compassion when we are in a life crisis, connecting to the grace of the metaphysical eases our hearts. When love affairs go wrong, best psychics suggest we learn to walk away from emotional suffering. Eros has let us down. The lover we set our heart bolted with our best friend, we are crushed. How can we ever fall in love again? How can we ever avoid destructive relationships? The reader tells us that our unconscious emotions are affecting our choices, and to change them we must access our hidden belief systems. Only when we become more aware can we save the day. If one prays for a long period of time, she tells us, the neural pathways in our brain start to change direction, and our mind gets used to analyzing reality in a more enlightened and healing manner. Regular prayer and meditation were created to expand our minds and hearts, and the results can be “mind boggling”. If we add counseling to the equation, it is unlikely we will continue with the same self defeatist emotional patterns. Enlightened knowledge is the true key to astounding changes for the better! In other words, we heal!

“How can I tell if he likes me” might be your 65 thousand dollar question? So next time you go out with him, note his body language. If he leans forwards in his seat, gesticulates towards you, pointing, lifting your hair from your cheek, he likes you. If he laughs and nods in agreement with much of what you say he likes you. If he pays you a compliment, whilst his knee is touching yours, he likes you. If he leans back in his chair and scans the room, he does not like you. If he touches his nose, he doubts you. If he crosses his legs, and folds his arms over his chest he is getting defensive. If he raises his eyebrows after you told, what you thought, was a hilarious joke, he is irritated. If he rolls his eyes he might even wish you were not there. You will sense an open aura when someone likes you. You will not ask “how can I tell if he likes me?” when he turns his body towards yours, and smiles. You will know! Finally, if he picks dust of his jacket and frowns at you, you don’t stand a chance!

Karma and free tarot readings link us up. Karma and free tarot readings demonstrate life beyond “perceptions”; or a material emanation of the invisible – atoms and protons beyond our ordinary awareness, that hold the universe together. Good manifests solutions to life crises, heightens experience and learns compassion for other’s suffering. The definition is cause and effect, what we do, think or believe manifesting in our lives. If we continually think negatively about others, we will probably get a lot of negativity thrown back at us. Bullying, making others feel less than they are, and trying to push our opinions on them tends to have dire come backs. We might experience ten seconds of glory, but the results of our destructive words and actions could be forever! It is said that when we pass over to the other side, we face a life review, and both the positive and negatives of our existence are played back to us, with the results of good and bad actions. We feel the pain we caused; we become the one hurt by our actions. If we have hurt many, the hell we experience as we walk in another’s shoes, is of our own making!

Psychic Artists

Psychic artists are not that well known. You will not see many of their pictures hanging in the National Gallery; you could however see them in a private collection where the artistic rendition of a beloved one passed on was accurately depicted by a medium with such gifts. The appearance of beautiful faces, the face of one we love on the other side, can appear accurate on canvas or paper. These drawings are done after a medium’s connection with the spirit dimensions, and then precise renditions of the departed are depicted with amazing detail on occasions. Coral Polge is one of the most famous mediums able to interpret the impressions she receives from the sprit worlds so accurately, sometimes with surprising dexterity which can overwhelm her clients. A lady received a spirit drawing from Coral, and was unhappy she did not recognise who it was. She likes the look of the portrait so much she hung it on her hall wall. A few months later, a woman came to visit, and said, “where on earth did you get that picture of my father, he died a year ago!” Obviously miracles can happen when mediums give accurate proof of the afterlife.

Sometimes we are so impatient to seek proof of life after death, we turn to free psychic readings now. But can free psychic readings now put us in touch with the departed? Well, they can tell us what the future holds for our relationships, or sustain us in emotional issues or financial problems, but they are not prone to communicating with the dead. The Spirit Medium is an expert in that area alone, and only through her gifts can we find proof that everlasting life does exist. A Spirit Medium will tell us that sometimes loved ones do not know they are dead, therefore it is always best to pray for them for at least three weeks after they have passed on, to help them on their way. Often those who did not believe in everlasting life remain stuck in the ethers. They did not expect to see their life continue, and believe they still exist on the earth plane. An experienced medium will be able to see if that is the case, and will advise us how to help them move on. Most mediums believe that life on the other side is a continuum of thinking modes in this life.

However, when we do want to discuss metaphysical or spiritual problems, live psychics are a good font of information. They assure us situations that worry us do have a solution even though we cannot see it. Perhaps we are trying to recover after the passing of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship and we want to know how things are going to work out for us. Janet was grief stricken when her boyfriend left her. She rang up an astro line just to find out if things would get better and to talk to someone. She was very lonely. She talked to an astrologer who told her that she would meet someone within three days. Janet laughed about it, and thought it ridiculous. When her boiler leaked 48 hours later, the guy who came around to fix it turned out to be a hunk, and it was literally love at first sight. They married a year later. Okay, cases like this do not happen every day, but certainly they occur far more than we know. Most clairvoyants nurture compassion for the suffering of human beings, and therefore they are always ready to listen to our deepest fears.

The accuracy of some telephone psychic readings demonstrate the clairvoyant is not conditioned by material views of existence. Her capacity to read destiny is due to a gift, which goes far beyond conventional 3D perceptions. We feel life through our five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. However, empaths undertaking telephone psychic readings use their sixth sense to decipher other worlds, and penetrate the invisible realms. If a quantum scientist were to speak for a clairvoyant they would say that the sensitive perceives reality as a multitude of electrical signals, emanating photons. In other words, our reality is made of high definition indicators that resonate at very high energy levels. These indicators then connect to the pineal gland in the cerebrum, and are subsequently read by the sensitive’s third eye chakra, located in the middle of her forehead. More subtle energies like emotions, and thoughts are usually seen in the auric field of a client, and then interpreted. The empath could tell us that the soul uses our material body to experience the world and learn from it. A true sensitive can therefore pick up our profound yearnings and tell us which of our thoughts serve our highest evolution.

Spirits have a strong effect on the medium’s auric field. She could feel confused and shaky on spirit contact. She could wake up at odd hours with someone tapping on her shoulder, only to find nobody is there! She could suffer a headache, or a faint feeling. She could tend to want sweet things or overeat. She could find television’s electromagnetic waves damaging to her mental state. She could weep with emotion when an angel is near! A medium is a sensitive human being, she has to be to tune into the paranormal dimensions. Gary Schwartz PhD Professor of Psychology at Yale University states: “All the findings of contemporary neuroscience are consistent with the hypothesis that the brain serves as an antenna-receiver for consciousness rather than being the “creator” of consciousness.” Could a medium contacting a soul from the other side be like that aforementioned antenna? Anyone who has experienced an accurate reading knows that there are enigmatic aspects to consciousness that we know very little about. These sorts of mystical realities certainly clash with the more mainstream perceptions of material reality! But certainly even mainstream science has come a long way in explaining elements of “other worldly” events.

Before evolving metaphysical matters, you must learn how to protect your space. Just as there are evil folks, there are nasty entities around. It would be naïve to be unaware of negative entities! A spiritual teacher will inform that the magical arts are not only about learning how to protect your space but a dedication to “awareness techniques! The Judy Hall Protection Technique is described as the “Make Me Dim” method! Hall tells the seeker to “pay attention out to the edge of your aura. Pull the aura in towards you. Wrap a cloak of dark light around you so that your inner light is protected and cannot be seen by those around you and remember to take the cloak off when things are safe again” This technique is used when we are going about our day in difficult circumstances. The professional medium always cleanses, disentangles, ties and performs grounding techniques before a sitting. Dissolving her own darker thoughts is a must for the medium. The more positive she is, the more she can channel through angelic and sacred energies. Therefore, she will always note the warning signs of evil presences and deal with them to protect her client’s safety!

Psychic Art

Psychic art comes to us naturally; perhaps one could say “all artwork is spiritual!” To claim that Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci, Renoir or Gauguin were not spiritually inspired would be short sighted. Their creative depictions of the human condition, plus their sublime renditions of the sacred and divine, send shivers up and down our spines. Their awesome creations speak to our souls as we gaze at their work! Artwork perceives life on this planet as something dazzling, even if tragic, and challenging. But there is another aspect to metaphysical expression; some empaths draw the faces of the spirits and angels they channel. For example, Jane walked into the down town crystal shop, and saw a kind looking man. He put his hand in his jacket pocket and drew out a picture he had just drawn. He said to the owner “Honey, do you know anyone who looks like this?” Jane asked to see the picture as the owner shook her head. The face he had drawn was an exact depiction of her husband, curly black hair and all, who had died in the sea ten years earlier! She realised that a miracle had happened, and never was the same again!

But can we find artists in psychic chat rooms?

Certainly, we can! There are a myriad of gifted and illumined folk who express their souls through sooth saying, or describe in accurate detail their visions of angels and illumined spirits. Of course psychic chat rooms are also places to find people like ourselves and discuss our doubts and fears about the spiritual journey. For a spiritual journey can be challenging if we are truly sincere. As we meditate and even pray, we start to realise how unkind we have been to others in the past, or see our own faults more clearly. The truth is the greatest friends we will ever find in this world will be our spiritual friends, or twin souls. They will tend to judge us less, tend to want to help us along our way, and tend to send their prayers when we feel lost and alone. A spiritual friend is a light in our darkness, and it is unlikely that we will ever lose them. They will return, sometimes after great difficulties of their own, to stand by our side. As we grow in our understanding, we become dedicated to our life purpose, and our highest soul mission!

Psychic information can come through in so many different ways. A total stranger can say exactly the right words to us, when we are in trouble, and we know not why! We open a book on a particular page, and read a line that applies to our exact same situation. We contact an online clairvoyant and she makes so much sense of our past and present. We read metaphysical books like “The Secret”, or even “The Bible”, to encourage our spiritual path. We can join a workshop, or take part in a meditation group. Some of us might even recognise our metaphysical skills and want to develop them by attending an esteemed college. We begin to learn how complementary systems such as homeopathy, can improve our health, and how Reiki can open new doors for us. Our perceptions on life change as we learn, we assimilate the new, and transform, sometimes feeling unique and beautiful as we gain more faith in our path. We make our lives magical, and realise that we have chosen the very best approach. The sincere spiritual path turns us away from our narrowed minded thinking and prejudiced perceptions of existence.

Psychic phone readings can be inspirational, yes, indeed! Why? Because when an empath connects to our hearts, sees our confusion, describes it in detail, sends out her vibes and explains why we feel the way we do, suddenly we are no longer alone. We realise that something magical exists beyond our perceptions. Even if psychic phone readings are not always super exact, we can still receive a picture of our lives that serves us, even points out solutions that we never thought possible. The clairvoyant will ask us to connect to her heart. She tunes into our lives through our heart chakra, an opening that covers our human heart, where we unite with divine universal forces. By accessing that energy centre, she sees our aura, perhaps symbolic pictures appear, or the colours of our chakras, which she will interpret as she tunes into our voice vibrations. Phone readings can open a doorway to the infinite, and if we dare lift our gaze up to the heavens, we realise something magical really speaks through our empath! Something that logic cannot define, or non believers and sceptic’s access. That something is called “Faith” in an eternal Spirit far beyond normal sight!

In fact, as we open our hearts to spiritual healing, we might feel a pressure in our chests, at first, and then a weird and wonderful happiness that occurs whether things work out for us or not. The balancing of our chakras can help this process. As a spiritual empath works to harmonize out astral and etheric chakra points we rise above the troubles of life. We connect to our unique Divine Plan, in other words, and what was not apparent starts to reveal itself. We begin to see why our relationships don’t work, why we always find life a struggle; why we tend to worry about everything, and we learn to discover true inner balance. We also begin to sense beyond our own illusions. Sometimes the spiritual journey will bring up what we don’t want to see. Compare that process to a lake, calm on the surface, but agitated under the currents. Human beings find forgiveness difficult, and tend to hide their own faults from themselves. But spiritual awareness shows where we are going wrong, and that knowledge changes us for the better. And as we change ourselves we automatically begin to help others, and improve their lives too!

Some say when there is peaceful silence in a room; an angel is flying over us. Angels are everywhere; we see their stone effigies in grave yards, on Christmas cards! They are sometimes chubby cherubs; sometimes noble figures who guide men into battle or stand in emergency wards watching over the sick and dying. Angels guide us into life, and guide us from it. Some spiritual healers teach how to contact your guardian angel. But is it really possible to learn how to contact your guardian angel? As we meditate on the beauty of life, we might sense a warmth rise in our hearts; we might intuit a sudden happiness. Perhaps at times like these, we are touched by an angel! The healer will teach us to read the signs. For example we have noticed white feathers falling from the sky and a week later we meet our soul mate. Perhaps we prayed for protection, and just as we were about to experience a frontal car crash, our vehicle veered miraculously out of the way. The more we love others, have faith and believe in our guardian angels, the more joy we experience in everyday life, and true miracles begin!

Psychic Articles

Psychic articles are written with one intent in mind, to awaken us to our true life purpose Psychic Articleswhich is a vital component to our happiness. If we want to live with true meaning, we must inform ourselves, read up on the mysteries of existence, even understand that our subconscious mind is full of programmed beliefs, and that they often run our lives. Esoteric information is useful if we want to unwind our mind from mainstream conditioning, get in touch with the basic core beliefs that cause uninspired beliefs, and instead access the transformational power of love. In a way, reading up on alternative realities, and how they affect our lives, helps us to gain more in-depth compassion for the human condition. How different our lives would be if we could base it on optimistic belief systems, and upgrade chronic fear to joy. Reading up on how creative visualisation helps this process and how meditation can stimulate peaceful feelings, we sidestep mainstream thinking and go for an inner paradigm shift. Perhaps it is really time to become acquainted with “out of the box” thinking, shift our narrow perceptions, start to realise where we are going wrong and finally transform our lives.

Psychic readings help us to think “out the box”. Psychic readings also encourage us to look beyond the veil, and believe in the Akashic records. The Akashic records are viewed as an infinite library that exists on the astral plane of consciousness, and within them is registered every thought, every dream, and every life story experienced from the beginning of the time! Of course this perception is inconceivable to us. The only way we can understand it is to visualise an immense computer, storing trillions of thought bytes! The Akashic records are these bytes, they come in the form of our karma, past lives, and all the dreams we have ever conceived. Evolved empaths have access to these records. Years of spiritual training, meditation and metaphysical contemplation enhance their force field, and assist them as they “peer” into our soul histories. But the most mysterious element of the Akashic Records is that we can change our future, once we become conscious of the Higher Force within us, and how it affects our existence. As remarkable as this seems, it is possible if we believe it to be. Spirit is eternal and yet powerful! It is the Force blazing within us!

Psychic Mediums overcome a narrow minded “status quo”. They turn their backs on the sceptics, to access the ultimate realities with serenity. They want to truly serve humanity, contribute to the lives of others, help us realise that 3D reality can block true evolution They let go of mainstream educational thinking and religious beliefs, and seek the power of spirit within them. In this process they access their guides. As they contemplate on universal wisdom they perceive the presence of multidimensional beings, sometimes see them in the form of bright lights. These entities are recognisable by the deep beauty and peace they emanate. Some are channelled into reality by the spiritual healer, and they expand their heat and warmth through the healer to ease aches and pains. Frequently they come in the form of a vocal transmission divulging the secrets of the universe, on other occasions they appear as relatives who have passed on. When we sense their presence we realise that they are different to angels. Angels have never materialised on this earth, but spirit guides know the ways of human flesh, and their life experience gives them the wisdom to sustain a human being in deep spiritual crisis.

In order to connect to the metaphysical we might want to start off our experience with a free psychic reading. These types of readings are offered online by media outlets wanting to promote their empaths. A free psychic reading can be just as inspiring as a paid one, although a little shorter. For sure most empaths on line would point out that there is an ongoing global transformation which will begin to incorporate radical changes in humanity’s perceptions of reality. They inform us that there is also a huge increase in personal awakenings, and many folk are changing their life styles radically. Readings usually concentrate on the light side, and advise us how to protect ourselves from the darker forces. We can do this by taking salt baths, for example, or learn healing techniques like Reiki. The spiritual reader will want us to note life’s miraculous events, encourage our personal visions, and point out that throughout time humanity has sought to ignite their hearts and heal their pain with spiritual insights. The empaths will not attempt to explain the unexplainable, but will undergo tests to prove their powers, and often confuse the sceptics. They are usually unafraid of mainstream cynics!

Spiritualism upholds a belief in the invisible, and maintains a doorway to the infinite opens up to those loved ones who have passed on. The medium channels divine energies, and strives to keep her personal energy as pure as possible in that process. She could meditate or use homeopathic treatment to balance her aura; therefore more easily sense presences around her, even something akin to a “flash of love” running through her nervous system when a communicating soul is close. The medium feels a spirit’s sentiments, and tears will come to her eyes, as a departed one communicates their deep love for a relative. Tony Redhouse a Native American Spiritualist says, “I see people opening up more and more to the spiritual aspects of life and death!” Perhaps this intense interest indicates a yearning for inner freedom. Any spiritualist will tell us how important it is to respect the soul and define the personal God within. Spiritual readings touch our very essence, help our soul evolve, and even access spontaneous metaphysical knowledge. In so doing, we slowly eliminate negative life patterns, and ultimately learn to truly love our neighbour, an extraordinary and magical experience not be missed in this lifetime!

A failsafe way to connect to the divine is to forgive. If we cannot learn how to forgive we hold back our lives. Byron Katie, author of “Loving What Is, Four Questions That Can Change Your Life!” fell into deep depression at the age of 43. She was eaten up with such bitterness, she thought of killing herself. She said “The world does not understand my suffering, my pain I am worthless!” Overcome by rage, she reviled God, and turned her back on him. Then one morning, sprawled on the floor she saw a cockroach walk across her foot. She suddenly realised that whenever she believed in her horrible thoughts, the ones that denied her beauty and light, terrible suffering would be the ultimate result. She understood it was not so hard to learn how to forgive herself of her perceived shortcomings, to spiritualise her thinking and alter her “vision” of reality. So rather than focussing on all the world’s horrors, she started to innovate her way of perceiving life, and found true grace. Perhaps by noticing the beauty around us we shift our life vision. The fact is science has proved prayer actually changes the structure of the human brain!

Psychic Advice

We generally ask for psychic advice when we are more than surprised by a ghost prowling around our front room! But is what we are seeing other worldly, or simply a bad hang over due to one too many down the pub? Perhaps we could get one of those weird clairvoyants in on the case, an individual who intuited other worldly phenomena from an early age. An individual so metaphysically gifted they conversed with dead people whilst toddling around the playground in nappies. Perhaps they could help us work it all out, send those ghouls away, and ease our perplexity and confusion. Not that we object to Aunt Gladys dropping in for a cup of tea, problem is she died ten years ago, and does not understand that it is time to move on to the “light up the sky”. Sadly, phantoms are not really our thing. So we “go the spiritual route”, via one of those online media companies with an esoteric reputation, an outlet backed up by a famous astrologer. They usually veto their online workers so that we will not find ourselves saddled with a hoaxer who tells us that our house is being haunted by Vlad the Impaler!

The empath will give us far more than a mere psychic prediction. They will explain to us why that creepy ghost keeps going “bump in our night” and why indeed it is the soul of stroppy Aunt Gladys who has passed on! We remember that movie “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman, and do not need a psychic prediction to shiver in our shoes. The empath explains that Nicole Kidman was a ghost who didn’t know she was one! Frequently, the scary spirits who encourage us to reach for the crème de menthe are more frightened than we are, and project their wonky energies into our environment hoping we will disappear! In other words we see them as “presences” that persecute us, but they see us as a curse. Why are we living in “their” house? Why are we cooking up our breakfast in “their” kitchen? So rather than making a prediction, in such cases an empath will use her spiritual energies to detox an environment! She could send us healing vibes from a distance so that the ghost “cottons on” and finally moves on and out. In other words, the empath guides the ghost towards truth, and back to the light!

When we turn to a psychic line for urgent answers the empath will tell us that until only a short while ago people like ourselves, folks who actually saw ghosts, were classified as eccentrics, even total nut cases! But these days, due to the advent of mobile and surveillance cameras, ghosts have even been photographed. Sometimes they appear as large “orbs” of fast moving lights that tend to zig zag around us. Studies demonstrate that ghosts are “electro magnetic” entities existing outside our normal “perception” range. Many of us are aware sheep dogs can hear the sounds of a special, high pitched “training whistles” that the human ear is usually unequipped to decipher. So therefore it is obvious that the human eye cannot pick up on “invisible energies” that easily. When there is an unexpected energy glitch, and we do catch a glimpse of the “unseen” we remain disorientated, and might believe we need psychiatric treatment! We could do, but then the empath working on line will assure us that the ghost we see does exist, and we can heal the environment and send it packing. Solutions are possible; we just need to open our minds to the paranormal!

Psychic readings on line are useful. Not only can psychic readings on line assess whether our house is haunted, they advise us how to self heal, even how to heighten our very own paranormal insights and spiritual gifts. Most clairvoyants are determined to keep their energy at an extremely high frequency, simply because they know the more refined it is the more they can help others work through their problems. Space clearing encourages peace, not only for the spirit worker but their clients. Healers will tell us that electromagnetic overload from televisions and computers can make us extremely depressed. The energy tends to stagnate, and we just feel stuck, or in a very bad mood. We can burn a pink candle for emotional peace, therefore, or a sky blue candle to clear our downbeat thoughts. When life gets financially challenging, burning a gold candle will re-establish a grounded mood. It may sometimes be suggested jasmine incense to clear our worries, or visualising a white light surrounding us wherever we go, for protection! She will advise meditating on an exquisite flower, or asking for angelic intervention; when we imagine awesome angels standing all around us we feel loved and peaceful!

We can enrol in spiritual forums and discuss the power of positive energies with others like ourselves. It is always interesting to hear other folk’s input and discuss why upbeat thoughts tend to ease our angst, and are often a constructive alternative to negative thinking. We could chat about why good results often occur after saying a prayer like “I claim a golden circle of protection around myself, and my family throughout this day and night. I ask the angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful physical actions or mental thoughts. I ask this in the name of the purest Light?” Someone on the forum might suggest that prayers safeguard us because the moment we say them our thoughts emanate encouraging vibrations into the environment, and our life then reflects back highly constructive results. Someone might even counsel us to play music and ring bells to clear up negative environments, or to pay attention to the healing power of jewels, and wear a crystal necklace or pendant, to create a more confident vibe when we have to face an emotional divorce, a longstanding overdraft, or a demanding job!

Spiritual forums keep us abreast of the latest news. They tell us that it is normal to experience the paranormal world as fascinating. Even if sceptics pan the “magical”, it can open our minds, and hearts. We understand that when we work in harmony with higher forces, we remain serene, maintain our internal balance and sense the metaphysical world enhances our lives and calms our fears. When we connect to our “Spiritual Heart” it becomes natural to want to learn how to become psychic. Seeing a ghost might just be the beginning of our remarkable journey! When we suddenly are able to pick up someone’s thoughts, are drawn to investigate our chakra system, join a spiritual forum or learn a metaphysical healing technique we reach out to a new life, and learning how to become psychic is a natural part of that life. We make friends who support our choices, and do not tease us if we want to spray our front room with Bach Flower Rescue remedy to keep the ghosties away. We laugh more, we understand others better, we are aware of a magnificent plan working through our universe, and it could be both transformational and divine!