Fortune Telling – Tea Leaves and Other Things….

Fortune telling does not use psychic skills alone. Its empathic visions include planetary placements and tarot cards. Crystal balls and runes, tea leaves and crystals. Emotional and personal star sign characteristics however align easily to the tarot’s visionary images. Predicting future quotes could come into it. Many are commenting on today’s woes with phases such as “when in doubt predict that the present trend will continue”. Yet how will the client react to a present trend with a Hermit in Saturn, does it really mean loneliness, or simply spiritual evolution? And what would they be likely to say when put on the psychic spot? Could a clairvoyant assess how a client would have reacted to past, negative future predictions in 2009 for example? Certainly, if an astrologer or psychic has worked on their own spiritual evolution they will be able to sense the clients’ verbal attitudes, even help them negotiate scary emotions to do with that 2012 end of the world theory easily. For sure, global karma will come into most clients’ “future equation”.
The fact is we are passing through a testing time. Pluto in Scorpio bred a new generation in the eighties and nineties, a generation that learnt to deal with crisis. These young ones are hard boiled kids with a grip on reality and a capacity to stand up to it. A Pluto in Scorpio youth digs communication via computers, emails, cyber links and face book they comment on each moment of the day as they queue down the coffee shop, calm down the bad tempered colleague, and handle the traffic snarls on their way home. They are cyber kids, floating through the airwaves with a Pluto in Scorpio morphing them into tough critters; crisis is not to be avoided or rejected, even a 2012 end of the world theory kept under wraps or left on the edge of their lives does not work for them, they are unafraid to face possible annihilation. They just get on with it in other words, they do not need to test confidence, they are ready to build into a fast changing society and new realities with savvy attitudes and streetwise talk.
The fortune telling will still help these youngsters when it comes to explaining a challenging destiny away, for example if they are of the Ram persuasion with an Aries horoscope daily that seems challenging. The result of an open hearted psychic read will be understanding and perhaps encourage an inclination to attend a free psychic development course. Free psychic development incorporates psychic dream interpretation with a “see my future” question that eventually helps an individual access the core of a life mission. Tarot and horoscopes naturally mix match the way forwards, and helps the empath’s gift and “knowing” flower. Initiations and study courses access help the empath learn psychological and spiritual attitudes but the point of any reading is to guide a client forwards even in challenging times. Beyond the tarot cards and astrological layout itself there is deeper meaning to most individual destinies, and when the psychic works through the glitches life brings to access that destiny – often in the form of the Planet Saturn – many will be encouraged let go of their fiery hoops and unravel their current karma such as financial challenge.
It is hard to face unemployment, loss of a job, or any material lack. Some of us build defence mechanisms, and die hard attitudes. Yet radical change also encourages problem solving and evolution. The spiritual seeker discovers what path to tread in the positive, even if the only outcome could seem drastic on a global and personal level. The psychic, the medium the empath attempt to help both the young and old worry less and access inner peace. Sometimes an empath will distribute prayers of protection, and invocations to help that process evolve. Certainly a spiritual empath will point out that it is no use worrying about global warming financial collapse and the end of the world, since participating in good actions and positive thoughts can ease any immediate crisis.

In the final analysis, no matter how hard boiled the Pluto in Scorpio generation seems, some will still be willing to ask divine source to protect their day. In the end whether they use creative imagination or light candles, the metaphysical is proving life enhancing. More and more people are turning to the paranormal to ease their fears. Some have started using visualisations such as imagining angels carrying wishes into the home on silver trays; this is certainly a way to harness positive energies. After all a higher thought that claims the world is not going to pot but evolving instead, can pick someone up from a “down at heart” attitude.

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you can overcome challenges with creative ideas, and use your imagination to transform negative perceptions. The force of heartfelt actions makes miracles happen. Even though your mind has managed to scare, nag and worry you up to now, you do realize you can find an excuse to laugh as you believe in miracles, whether you are of the Scorpio in Pluto generation or not. There is much to change and much to heal. Let’s roll up our sleeves together having fun predicting the future quotes, giggling at the Aries horoscope, enjoying free psychic development and psychic dream interpretation as we forget those future predictions 2009 that had us worrying, expecting or wondering. As we ask the psychic to “see my future” let us access our visions, and use them to transform our reality for the better. No harm in trying.

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