Getting ready for the New Year!

One, two, three get set and go, let’s dive into your numerology future prediction. What is your prime number? Are you a number three? Get ready to network, you are the ultimate people person, happy to rock the night away, happy to connect old friends to new, or match mate a friend with the latest dude on the block. But let us move that numerology future prediction up a slot. Did you know that Isis the Goddess of Illumination, is also the number two major arcane in the tarot deck? Number two Isis is a representative of Divine Mother who seeks her male counterpart, with divine love. She is depicted as having long dark hair, as she holds the universal secrets close to her heart. She is man’s ideal woman, her sensual mystery enthralls, her impact is nothing less than multi dimensional. Isis and her number two position in the tarot arcane, reveals the secrets of the universe only to those she loves.

Would the moon have something to say when it came to end of the world predictions? Could The Silver Lady stop devastation if a mighty comet were to fall on this planet? The moon has kept her mysteries secret since time began. If you were to pop over to Mexico and check out the ancient Mayan sites, you would comprehend how deeply she was worshipped. As you stand on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, and look towards the Pyramid of the Moon you might imagine thousands of ancient Mayan initiates enacting their sacred rituals under the moon. Ixchel is the name of the knowing Mayan moon Goddess. She protected child birth, fertility and the midwife, and flowed within the depths of humanity. She maintains her magic as she heals those who call her name, as did all ancient moon Goddesses, before and after her!

A free spiritual tarot reading can be useful if we just cannot make romance happen. The free spiritual tarot reading will analyze why we are blocking out Eros’ bow and arrow. The moon could have something to do with our over sensitivity. A full moon encourages emotional imbalance, think of werewolves, legendary beings that prowl the night, as the Silver Lady gives her all. A free spiritual tarot reading could pin point why we also suffer moon maiden angst. The psychic could advise us to remain grounded and wear yellow to emotionally centre when she is full. A free spiritual tarot reading will certainly show us how to invoke moon goddesses as well as Lakshmi for happiness, or Sarasvati for healing woes.

Does Mrs. Moon come into those 2009 astrology predictions? Well, in Vedic astrology the moon is fundamental. But you had your moon in Leo sign analyzed as per western astrological moes and your 2009 astrology predictions got you buzzing for 12 months. You joined Julia Roberts and Twiggy who also have their moon in Leo and would have gotten all heated up about it too. Obviously, Leo moons are not easy. Stubborn yet tender, if a lover betrays a moon in Leo, the lady could go into sackcloth and ashes. If you have your moon in the opposing sign of Aquarius however you will not only be into 2009 astrology predictions, but absolutely anything esoteric. Nobody will be surprised to see you with blue hair, when your heart gets broken. You adore couple relationships, but domesticity is not your thing; you have eccentric furnishing tastes. You are in short a super “one off” who analyses love to dust. Woody Allan is moon in Aquarius. John Lennon and Marilyn Monroes’ Aquarius moons were so unique as to be almost exasperating. Certainly they broke our hearts when they left this world.

Lady Moon’s powers will be found in a horoscope software free download, helpful if a client wants a moon placement analysis on line or the phone. The astrologer working with the general public will have computerized charts to ascertain astral positions fast. The horoscope software free download is useful when it comes to tracking where moon beams fall. Suppose your horoscope software free download showed you were born with a full moon in Aquarius, oh so very different to any other old moon! With that sort of placement you will conjure up dreams. Your psychic perceptions will be intense. You will long for union with the divine. You will dance naked in the woods, and any New Moon ceremony will more than fulfill you. You will find yourself gaining great blessings if you invoke love under a full Aquarius moon. And if you were to pour lavender oil on to a rose quartz under Lady Moon’s light you might find romantic dreams coming to pass so fast, Speedy Gonzalez would have nothing on you!

A future prediction horoscope will outline the force of a moon placement! In fact one could say a future prediction horoscope will respect the powers of our beloved silver lady. The astrologer will know the names of moon goddesses. Take Aega the stunning Greek moon deity, whose mother is Gaia. Take Aine Goddess of pure love, the Celtic moon goddess shinning her silver light on broken hearts, bringing children to barren couples. Take Cerridwen the mighty crone who understands the deepest mysteries or Chang O, the Chinese deity who lives on the moon. Take Huitaco the moon maiden that protects women battling within a difficult relationship. Take Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess, seen as the purest daughter of the moon. Some say if we pray to fifty moon goddesses our love dreams will be fulfilled!

Harry Dent predictions would tell us the same, because most psychics connect to the powers of the moon and dig it mightily. Some Harry Dent predictions psychics might undertake basic moon rituals, to call down compassion, giving them the insight to read for the more broken hearted souls amongst us. Certainly, the moon helps understand some of the enigmas of human consciousness, and throws light on various secrets locked in our innermost hearts. Wherever we turn for readings, whether they be psychic readings Sydney, or astro websites located in the USA or the UK, we want to access inner truth, the truth of our souls, truths a moon maiden will access.

Do those who carry out psychic readings Sydney really “work the moon” as they connect to their higher selves and paranormal gifts? Most metaphysical folk would say yes, because they know purity of mind and body are essential to personal enlightenment and that the moon guides them to the fullness of unconditional love and compassion. Sometimes they will fast on fruits, or take a break from eating to detoxify their system before they undertake a moon ritual. They will know that eating yellow foods will be good for their solar plexus and strengthen their resolve to follow a spiritual path, with all its personal sacrifices. Eating “the colors of the chakras” enhances psychic powers. So go for those red apples if you want to strengthen your base chakra, oranges if you want to enhance your sacral chakra and loving relationships. Blueberries assist an intuitive throat chakra, and green, the color of the heart chakra, means eating lettuce if you want to be a loving soul. Grains and yoghurt can accentuate our auric energy as we call the moon down asking her to guide us along the path! A path that no longer pays lip service to fear and angst! A path that could lead us to meeting our own soul!

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