Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

So what did Chinese Astrology 2010 predict for the future of the human race? The answer is simple. This is a Tiger year, and no matter how we look at it, it is one big roar! Whether you believe in Chinese Astrology 2010 or not, it might be challenging to take that prediction on board and experience the world speeding up on all fronts. Burn ups, blow outs and Mother Nature detonating will be the order of most 2010 days. The fact is Mr. T has come to town and the result is we could all defuse at a minimum, or blow up at a maximum! With the Tiger, a metal tiger for that matter, rampaging across our world, Chinese Wood Monkeys will be running for cover, throwing their bananas at Mr. T and scratching their chimp heads in horror, as Mr. T snarls surprises and challenges.

Chinese Astrology 2010 started off with Buddha’s New Year’s Eve party the legend goes that Mr. B told all the animals in the jungle to join him for some shenanigans to celebrate New Year, and only twelve bothered to show up. If that sounds like the type of New Years Eve parties you go to, you do not have to read on. However, Buddha was so delighted with the critters that did put in an appearance; he made them ambassadors for the human race, in other words those born at certain times of the year, would have the traits of the animal representing them. Think Tiger, beautiful but striped, graceful but prone to pounce and tear to shreds, does that sound like someone you know? Perhaps your new lover, or your mother in law? Perhaps it is best to run for the high ground then, unless you are a tiger yourself of course. You might find your Monkey mate deciding to let go of Chinese Horoscopes in 2010 and go for a free life prediction instead, just to keep cool up the palm tree as you rage on the beach. Fun loving monkeys tend to find comfort in a simple free life prediction. The kind of prediction that avoids prophesying mighty cosmic meat axes striking them down. In other words, the clairvoyant will see there is a Divine Plan working in the chimp’s back ground, and say “it is always best to see life as work in progress”.

Regarding “life in progress”, the world renowned psychic Grace Sphere reports on how a highly traumatized woman came to see her, and recounted how her family had conspired against her. That the pain and resentment were gnawing at her soul. But Grace advised that it would be best to forgive, not retain grudges in other words to grieve the past, but let it go. This can only be done with a choice to forgive. Forgiveness is the balm that heals most wounds.

Of course, we are always concerned about our love lives. If we have lost ourselves in relationship angst and dependency, if a partner has walked out on us, we seek a horoscope signs love reading. It is of comfort to understand why we experience failed relationships in continuum. Sometimes, we alleviate our angst and join a spiritual group to gain more emotional insight. An astrally inclined member might offer a horoscope signs love reading to ease our angst, we could also meditate on the unconditional love vibe of crystals or become a Reiki Master.

Spiritual choices are a serious business; we need to be sure that we have not gotten caught up in a cult situation. It just needs basic common sense. If a spiritual leader asks us to give up everything, it is best to turn a blind eye and get a horoscope signs compatibility chart done toute suite, especially if you are a Leo and the cult leader is a black leather coated Scorpio. You must be sure you are not misinterpreting his metaphysical motives. Horoscope sign compatibility charts are useful in such cases. A chart is also useful if the spiritual guru only eats one lettuce leaf a day and does scary rituals with chains, In fact it might be best to drop the whole thing fast.

Past Nutty cults included the Heaven’s Gate that committed mass suicide so their souls could ride a spaceship, sadly many of its members sold up everything to join the cult. Another was the Chen Tao UFO cult in Taiwan that believed God would present Himself on television all across North America. Chen, the leader told his followers to crucify him, when God did not show up on TV, but of course they declined. Perhaps the most bizarre cult was the Ho No Hana Japanese Foot reading cult. Cult Leader Hogan Fukunaga insisted that he was both Jesus and the Buddha. He also insisted on spending the money cult members gave him in wine, women and song!

Certainly a cult that imitates reflexology treatments as per the foot reading cult would get short shrift in most people’s book, but cults are risky, and tragedies can occur. Mind control techniques are not acceptable of course. The fact is spirituality is not about shutting oneself away from the world in some dead beat belief system, but opening up the heart with higher intentions, perhaps helping others in the process. Even if you do not believe in astrology or year 2012 predictions, it would be sensible if you got a horoscope sign compatibility chart done if you are considering joining a slightly suspect spiritual movement; otherwise you could spend the rest of your life defragging brainwashing modules.

Are the Year 2012 predictions a case of media brain washing? Must we believe everything we are told? As children, being classified stupid by an authority figure was convincing. We rarely failed to believe a teacher or parent, and have probably spent the rest of our lives regaining self esteem. If we believe someone’s put down, why should we not believe the media’s perceptions of the Mayan Calendar? Penney Peirce who wrote the metaphysical master piece “Frequency the Power of Personal Vibration” would prefer us to wise up. She would perceive 2012 issues as low vibration as she would parental put downs. Rather than looking outside ourselves at other people’s visions of reality, she insists we need to raise our energy, and make good things happen within us first Penney tells us to flow into our fears, even though global annihilation is more than scary. She writes “living is moving. The emotional Roller coaster takes you from wave to particle. The wave of life brings flow and the joy of release.” In other words, if we surrender to the positive force within, we will beat the scare mongerers without! Some believe there are only two emotional states fear and love anyway; so it might be time to choose whether we prefer to see Year 2012 predictions as a fearful catastrophe or as an opportunity for loving change?

Penney tells us Pandora’s Box has been opened and the old structures are breaking down. Economic challenge and natural disasters hit the headlines every day. If we connect to our home frequency however, our inner core if you like, Penney tells us we access peace, that steady light within our souls. We thus create a high frequency destiny, where “self expression is our birth right!” By fearing 2012, we hinder our evolution. The famous US spiritual pundit Marianne Williamson tells us that “World conditions challenge us to look beyond the status quo for responses to the pain of our times. We look to powers within as well as to powers without. A new spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself. It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth. Perhaps a Psychics in the City session will give us interesting input on this subject!

So you are not convinced about cults or 2012 but you have you decided to pop along to Psychics in the City and get your baseline reading done with hopefully some useful input. Physics in the city convince you to a certain extent, as do Daily Mail Horoscopes. In fact you love the Daily Mail Horoscopes; their astro comments are spot on and fun. Predictions are fashionable anyway; there are predictions on who will win the world cup. Predictions on what style boots will be the rage this winter. Predictions about who will win the Oscar, or American Idol. We always want to know what is going to happen and rarely enjoy the moment. If we are constantly waiting for the boyfriend to call or the great job to materialize we miss out on “here and now” It is great to know the future, when we have no idea how a love affair will work out, or whether we will ever get a raise but we must learn to accept our “special moments” too.

So yes, the Daily Mail horoscopes are entertaining, as they do not go into an end of the world scenario. Most sun signs prefer to perceive the future is sunny. We do not relish the thought of global meltdown. The Bible Code has become a challenge for many due to its pessimistic stance confirming some of the Mayan 2012 prophecies. The Bible Code was originally based on a book by Michael Drosnin that perceived the Bible containing prophecies written in a special code. Some think that an assassination attempt on President Osama was actually pre-empted by the Bible Code. Others than an attack is being planned on Iran. However the inaccuracies of the Bible Code interpretations abound and perhaps should not be taken seriously. The fact remains, worrying about prophecies does not help our lives flower! It is best to remain centered in our own light and personal power, where nothing can harm us as Penney Peirce claims.

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