Living life like an Opera – or – Farce?

Do you live your life as if it was an opera? Are you singing your duet or a solo with gusto? Are you participating one hundred percent in the brilliance of your every note? Is your life strung together by a great cosmic orchestra, in a crescendo of power and beauty? Are you allowing your personal music to soar or are there moments of “basso profondo” in your solo interpretation, so “basso” that you doubt why you are on this planet, and what the purpose of life is?

Many of us do not make the most of our journey on this earth. We really do not appreciate the rhythm of our own tune. We turn our gaze to superficial issues when life is a “twister”. We want to ease the pain. We have one more at the pub, have one more love affair too, eat ourselves silly, over work out at the gym, or just smoke another cigarette. We are insecure because we believed our teachers when they said “we could do better if we tried!” just when we were trying our hardest! Perhaps we have never got over a trauma or a teen emotional rejection. But yet, no matter how far we have been pushed, tried or tested by life, only when we are forced to face the breakdown of our way of being, do we shift our perceptions, and turn to the metaphysical.

When there are no more mainstream solutions to help us, we look at the Future Web, and research what other people are doing on the Future Web. How have they got over their life crisis? When emotional letdown and loss of status struck did they dive into themselves to access a new way of living and only then take in alternative healing, tarot readings spreads, Quantum physics, or simply healthy eating? Did they, like us, suddenly understand that they really do not know that much and perhaps it was time for some magical journey of self discovery to begin? Did they start realizing that the light weight tarot readings spreads they had been playing with had a lot more significance than they thought?

The great American psychic Grace Speare believed that by experiencing the traumas of life we become more compassionate inclined to understand the suffering of others when we see it and therefore we are less judgmental. In a way, suffering is a sort of massive detox that frees us from pride and self importance. Somehow we start to realise that our thoughts create a chain reaction and that if we are projected into the positive we can make a vast amount of positive difference to this planet.

In our search to make a difference we might seek out Indian astrology. Indian astrology has a primeval perception of karma, the mystical rules of reincarnation, and the cause and effect that weave right through it. We usually follow the higher path of evolution eventually, the “very human” path we see reflected in the symbolism of the arcane tarot cards. Yet we might get into Future telling games, trying to take our mind off our troubles with the fun metaphysical options Future telling games offer us. We might even dig a real tarot reading from an online psychic, and listen to her compassionate insight. But in the final analysis the answers will come from within, and any spiritual adviser worth her salt, will guide us to finding those answers!

Near Death Experiences tell us how easy and flowing the Spirit world is. In that “Afterlife Dimension” the light of consciousness has been described as “The Breath of God”. In such eternity we recognize that our personality and actions on earth were but a suit of clothes worn to evolve our souls. That all the suffering we underwent during our lives had a point, which was to realize we were not our bodies alone. For example a child dies young, and leaves distraught parents in their wake. The child could have chosen to help their parents evolve as souls, and like an angel the child left this world teaching their beloved parents to overcome their denial of Spirit and believe in Eternity! No matter how stark, even cruel this sounds, as karma unfurls on Planet Earth, the evolving soul must grow into compassion, and reach out to help their fellow man. Those who choose to remain locked in their bodies, and the physical aspects of life alone, are those who do not wish to acknowledge their own light, and must learn through many lives how to.

Slowly and surely, we become responsible for ourselves as we learn to understand others, and seek to be of service. We realize that our road to the “Castle on the Hill”, incorporates checking out that Feb 2010 horoscope to get a more “astro” perspective on our future, or learning to laugh at a Pieces daily horoscope, or even asking an empath to predict lotto numbers, so that we can play with various possibilities, knowing we will eventually empower our lives. We remember that there is always a solution to negative karma, and that solution is forgiveness. The clairvoyant learned that lesson long ago. She enjoyed checking out a Feb 2010 horoscope too, and was so inspired she studied astrology. She even laughed herself silly too, reading a Pieces daily horoscope, and when her clients ask her to predict lotto numbers, she says she is prepared to go deeper, she is prepared to inspire!

The empath will tell us that the moment we identify the injury we carry within, we will start to forgive. If we can forgive we are on the road to freedom. Our souls loosen the fetters and expand in awareness. So even if you are living a difficult material situation you can still resolve it with your calm and centered inner self. Yes you can even forgive the banks! You can also forgive those who lied to you, stole from you, misunderstand you, chastened you, chastised you, and put you down. In short, you can forgive all those who did not understand who you were because they did not understand who they were themselves.

So now you will ask why I am not as strong as Mother Theresa, as giving and enlightened as the Dalai Lama? Simple, because you choose not to be. Remember, you are the “Master Chooser” within your life. You can choose to be positive or negative every second of the day. But in reality if you change what your chose, if you take charge and make a decision to become the light you truly are, above and beyond your fears, you will certainly make your mark on destiny. There is no need to succumb to fear; just learning how to transform it is enough. As the esteemed George King, D.S.c., Th.D says in his book “Visit to the Logos of Earth” states.

“The Realizer must then take the next step, an unconditional surrender to God, without thought of selfish likes or dislikes. This unconditional surrender must be made, for only when it has been made is that person then capable of what must be called “modern miracles”.

Is it so difficult to surrender to your concept of God, whatever that is? Is it so difficult to be kind, giving, loving, and a light that shines on all around you? Come on start sing your solo aria and believe in miracles!

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