Lover; Please come back!

Do you have a Scorpio Star sign lover, mate or family member? If you do, you will know what enigma is all about. The Scorpio star sign is a cool “brain teaser” in that they imply rather than state, obscure rather than reveal. Yet they will never hide the truth from themselves, and often dive deep within to reveal it! A Scorpio star sign personality whether analyzed through today’s star signs, a Hindu Vedic Astrology chart, a life horoscope, a Today’s Star Signs or a fun Glastonbury tarot cards reading is a complex individual, because their inner convolutions are governed by Pluto, the most distant planet from the sun. When we are having a relationship with a Scorpio we can forget simplistic! Yet if we were to expand on Scorpio’s “depths” we might move on in vision, go global, and even take in conspiracy theories and humanity’s hidden history. Why?

Well, Pluto is Scorpio’s ruling planet, and when its energies hit an astrological sign, even a horoscope 2010 Capricorn, known as the most balanced astro dude on the block, Mr. Wise Goat could get bent out of shape. Okay so their horoscope 2010 Capricorn reveals that throughout 2010 our billy goat’s realistic perceptions will win through, but Pluto will still transform Cappy’s good sense as nothing else could in 2012! Pluto is in Capricorn for the next fifteen years. In that time frame we could see current global institutions, and political structures crumbling before our very eyes.

On the 21st December 2012, the Pluto Cappy astro placement confirms Mayan predictions, in that radical renovation will hit humanity head on and bring us all back to the drawing board. Indeed, these drastic planetary energies might unveil an astounding mass delusion. Could our true origins have been hidden from us by the global elite? If so, will all this be made known in 2012 as Pluto the ultimate “revealer” of “shadows”, blows the lid off powerful institutions and educational establishments?

Some might say the truth already speaks through the thousands of ancient sites left behind by those who inhabited this planet before us. If you doubt what we say test a free real tarot reading empath to give you feedback or “a sense” of this statement. Perhaps Hindu Vedic astrology will also help you understand that humanity has already been through various states of evolution, some positive some negative, going back millions of years, and that we are in the age of Kali Yurga, a destruction and rebirth, that some say hinges on the power of the Planet Pluto! It is known that ancient Mayan pyramids and calendar revealed surprising futuristic concepts also, but the latest findings are even more astounding! Could Dr Semi Sam Osmanagich, an archeologist, have unearthed an answer to humanity’s true origins?

Dr Osmanagich’s Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, has discovered immense pyramids in a land once torn apart by war, Bosnia! In fact, the Bosnian pyramids are considered the largest stone structures on this planet! The base of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 meters in size; the Pyramid of the Moon is 190 meters and with the Pyramid of the Dragon they form a perfect triangle connecting to star configurations. Additionally, the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids unearthed an underground network of tunnels similar to those in Egypt, and even monoliths carved with symbolic hieroglyphs. Some claim the Bosnian pyramids are but geological phenomena, yet the underground tunnels and monolithic discoveries cannot be explained away.

Of course Pyramids have also been discovered in China, Peru, Guatemala, Korea, Egypt, Mexico, Belize, Greece, Sicily and Turin. Italy. Yet Dr Osmanagich tells us that the 21st century will reveal more complex archeological breakthroughs. You might ask what is the symbolism of these pyramid structures? When we look at financial astrological predictions, at today’s sun signs, at a free real tarot reading, at Hindu Vedic astrology, at a life horoscope we intuitively connect our inner world to the mysteries within our deeper selves. We sense that there is far more to existence than we have been taught. Exacting men of science are now piecing together humanity’s jigsaw puzzle with quantum science breakthroughs “on the nature of consciousness” leading the way. New revelations are occurring every day and one of them could be that self interested societies commanding pharmaceutical cartels, arms proliferation, global monetary and political agendas have distorted our perceptions since time began!

Some claim that this world has already been inhabited by extraterrestrials, that humanity is a combination of Star People and Primitive Man. Even though the skeptical will scoff at these theories, and call those who seek them “batty”, they cannot negate the pyramid structures in Bosnia as vital historical evidence. Certainly, humanity’s beginnings are a conundrum. Could the events of 2012 lead to resolving a global enigma? Could the astounding archeological discoveries in Bosnia and Italy lead to even more archeological clusters that deny mainstream conclusions on our cultural heritage?

Next time you undertake a free real tarot reading, or those financial astrology predictions and are surprised by the outcome, take on board your life is not a singularity, but connects to a whole. Perhaps you will not feel so alone when you look at the stars, and realize more mysteries are waiting to be discovered. Perhaps the full truth will be unveiled in 2012, and it could not only set us free, but evolve humanity into another time, dimension, format of “being!” even another consciousness!

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