Lucky Stars upon a Glittering Astro….

Remember that old song “You are my lucky star. I saw you from afar. You’ve opened Heaven’s portal. Here on earth for this poor mortal. You are my lucky star?” Many of us are unaware that a lucky star shone down on us when we popped into this world! No matter how convoluted our lives would become, on that magnificent day the angels assigned a glittering astro to us. Our birthday was a time of celebration, and as tiny babies we innocently accepted all around us. However, destiny could have then proved a struggle; perhaps we lost our faith when challenges beset us even though the raw power of our birthday star still shines its beams upon us.

When we investigate our Leo horoscope, Gemini horoscope, or astrology horoscope we are not only asking “I want to know my future” we want to re-access that child like spontaneity and believe in our dreams again. How innocent we become when we gaze up at the night sky, and wish upon a bright Venus to bring us love no matter how many times our hearts have been broken.

Like Fairy Godmothers Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan guide us to accessing our lucky stars in their “The Power of Birthdays Stars and Numbers” manual, which is a complete soul purpose reference guide, and helps access our soul purpose. Saffi and Geraldine tell us that “fixed stars offer a fascinating insight into the subconscious mind and our individual potential”. So rather than worrying about 2012 end of the world issues, watching too many 2012 movie trailers or that 2012 free movie on line, with all its gloomy visions of “things to come”, just open a page of “The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers”, and focus on the very best you can be!

For example, you were born on August 4, so yours is a Leo horoscope. Saffi and Geraldine’s Birthday Star Kochab has gifted you with fiery determination, courage and the capacity to overcome obstacles. “Kochab” they tell us “is a giant orange star located in the Small Bear, also called the Little Dipper and bestows on us a capacity to fight to the very end and express a universal perspective on life.”

If your Gemini horoscope birthday is May 28 your lucky star is Aldebaran, considered one of the “Four Royal Stars or Watchers of the Heavens”. Aldebaran bestows eloquence and integrity and helps you build financial freedom. Another of its gifts will be an astute mind and a vocation for law or education.

If you are a Libra born on September 27, the Zaniah white birth star located in the southern wing of Virgo has gifted you with charisma and will lead you to honor and success. You will have a commanding presence and put people at ease. You will be drawn to powerful and determined individuals, as your spiritual strength emerges from within. You will rarely ask the question “I want to know my future” because you will be confident you can create whatever you desire.

When we tune into our astrology horoscope, Leo horoscope, or Gemini horoscope, and access our personal star we open up to universal knowledge. Saffi and Geraldine tell us that “The observations and relationship of fixed stars to world events began thousands of years ago. The naming of fixed stars is recorded in the Mesopotamian and Babylonian eras. In addition to the Babylonians the Egyptians believed in the powerful influence of fixed stars. For example, aware of nature’s power and dependent on the river Nile for their survival, Egyptians celebrated the agricultural calendar summer solstice with fertility rites linked to the rising of the Star Sirius. There has been much evidence to suggest that the Egyptians aligned the majestic pyramids of Giza to the Orion Belt. And of course in the story of the Nativity a star guided the three wise men to the stable in Bethlehem!”

Saffi and Geraldine incorporate numerological concepts into their stars influence. They access the days of the month, and inform us of the value of each one. For example if you were born on the fifth you would have an adventurous nature, and a desire for freedom. If you were born on the second you would need to be part of a group. You would also have a tendency to be a peace maker. If you were born on the twentieth, however, you like being part of a group and want to share your experiences with others even though you could be hurt by their criticism. If you were born on the twenty-seventh, you will be “patient and self controlled, analytical, forceful and determined”. Of course, these are but some of the minor aspects of soul activation when we pop into the world on our birthdays, but still, those lucky stars shine their brightest light on all of us, their only condition – that we believe in our loving hearts!

Perhaps when you started up a new relationship, you enjoyed comparing numbers and lucky stars. But you could also have consulted a Vedic orientated Indian Kundali matching and thus gained depth knowledge of how your relationship would pan out. You might have found Kundali matching accurate. When two birthday souls link and the heaven shine brightly on their mutual astrology horoscope, there will be much to celebrate. They could even share a life mission, which will certainly not be about getting freaked out watching 2012 free movies on line, unless it is an excuse for a kiss and a cuddle!

The heavens guide us to build on beauty, and accentuate unconditional love! So when you invoke your glorious lucky star, whether it be Kochab, Zaniah or Aldebaran, whether it be Alcyone, a stunning green and yellow star in the Pleiades cluster, gifted to those May babies, or Acrux, a Scorpionic triple lucky star, and the brightest star in the Southern Cross, remember just one thing, “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, your dreams will come true!”

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