Oh that Wobbly Emotion coming over me!

By changing our minds, we could change our lives! Why? Because even as we say to the empath “predict my future life” we trust she will guide us to an alternative way of perceiving reality. She will introduce us to our inner power, help us overcome negative thinking, teach us de-stress techniques that alleviate fear. She will even locate the weaknesses within our energy field, and help us defrag depressing and damaging thoughts from our reality. She might communicate self healing modules, explain the effect chakras have on mental well being, practice distant healing, advise on how to youth and detox. In essence when we ask “can you predict my future life” of the empath, if the answer is yes, she will present us with visions of what “could” happen, and above all how we can transform negative thoughts to positive.

We all have a future city of dreams locked in our hearts, a place where life works. The mystic Benson said “our genetic blueprint has wired humans for God!” The evolved empath agrees with Benson, and teaches how that “wiring” works. If you like, how we can create that future city of dreams – not vague dreams, but constructive visions that work. First of all we must change from within, learn how our chakras, the seven energy vortexes emanating into our auric field, store past lives’ and emotional programming. The base chakra is to do with survival and fear. Fear is the driving force in our society. If we want to stay awake, we must disassociate ourselves from it, regaining inner strength, so that “wobbly emotion” has no more power over us, even when we watch the news, read the newspapers and feel the world has gone mad!

The Solar Plexus, the third chakra, when integrated is vital to courageous feelings. It creates smooth functioning of the central nervous system. The Solar Plexus is “the gateway to the higher self” and the seat of personal power. It maintains focus and enhances co creation, when it is active it inspires ideas, for example how to build a future city life where we remain centered even in the midst of opposition. In other words a well balanced solar plexus gives us the “oomph” to create visions and make them happen.

The truth of your life lies within but reflects outwards. What you see around you is a mirror. If you see suffering, you are concentrating on that facet within. Panic around stock market futures are to do with worldwide angst. The stock market goes “up and down” as does humanity’s mood. Stock market futures are a mental creation, a distorted fear programme re financial issues, demonstrating how fragile our world is. The economic meltdown was a result of the monetary markets’ alarm. Blaming corrupt banking conglomerates’ questionable ethics does nothing to build alternatives. We can create a good life ourselves. Perhaps even leave something timeless behind that speaks of beauty, courage and even new global free markets with inspirational products that are good for the environment and support the Green Mission!

Many of us are taking charge, detaching from greedy financial conglomerates and global delusion. We are growing our own vegetables, joining spiritual movements, learning to evolve and heal, opening our minds to paranormal possibilities, even consulting a monthly horoscope, or simply filling our piggy banks as we disassociate from dodgy “get rich quick” schemes. Basic common sense shows a functioning solar plexus chakra with its resulting “golden” transcendence and energetic resurgence. A healthy plexus could guide us to surviving the global monetary illusion!

We are souls on a spiritual mission, reincarnating in extraordinary times. If we read our daily horoscope Gemini, we can get fun feedback as to how we are handling these times, but little about our soul purpose. A deeper perspective on Gemini Karma will not be contained in a daily horoscope Gemini. If we are Gemini souls seeking metaphysical understanding we will want to discover why a skew whiff Mercury holds us back. We might investigate an in-depth horoscope and ask the reader about communication issues. She could tell us a typical Gemini “karmic issue”, might be feeling stupid.

Some Gemini’s have dyslexic issues to overcome. Perhaps “the twin” protects its “multiple selves” by over-communicating, i.e. chatting so much they “scare people away”. Gemini karma can include being afraid of embracing new concepts. In short, sun sign karma evolves through personal spiritual and emotional experience. A twin could get more Gemini input by having their monthly horoscope assessed. A monthly horoscope that advises on spiritual disciplines, confirming beautiful thoughts transform karma. Could it really be that simple?

Star Signs 2009 highlighted our past astro challenges, still, no worries if 2009 was not the fabulous year you expected! Put it down to the cause and effect of Star Signs 2009 going a bit off centre. Even if you did not make peace with your best friend, apologized to your dad for crashing the car, failed to adopt a child at a distance, and never joined Greenpeace to make a stand for the dolphins you can still do these things, anyway Star Signs 2009 predicted that the year was better for your self healing and inner awareness.

Spiritual astrologers and their monthly horoscopes specialize in reading the soul path of an individual sun sign. If you are a Capricorn, your karmic lesson could be open mindedness. If you are a Leo you will expand heart love. If you are a Cancer you will be less clingy, if you are a Saggy you will quit being “the life and soul of the party” and take responsibility. A spiritual chart is about an individual’s evolution and helps us understand the deepest purpose to life; even acquire great insights from exciting astrological advice.

Unique, creative willful, bolshie, communicative, humorous, tenacious, their gift of the gab is exemplary. Think Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett. Think Irish mystic Lorna Byrne who talks to angels. No wonder an Irish tarot reading attracts us like bees to honey. These people are genial. There is something mesmerizing about soft lilting voices over the phone, voices that convince you an Irish tarot reading is different, more flexible, and a tad more humorous.

When it comes to Lorna Byrne is a 58 year old Irish beauty who knows what poverty and hardship means, something more than “other worldly” seems to be going on. Even though the cynics believe she is a total fraud she claims she sees the light of guardian angels around us. In an interview with Irish Central on line, she states “From the moment I opened my eyes as a child I remember seeing angels. When I was tiny I didn’t know what they were at first. They were gorgeous and friendly, and I wasn’t afraid of them in the least.” Well, she might be unusual, but is an Irish tarot reading that unusual too?

An Irish empath would say we are all psychic, and of course she would be right in her magical way! So, would psychic readings Chicago be different to say Psychic readings Limerick? Not really, because every psychic whether she is doing psychic readings in Chicago, Dublin or Rome will inform us of the same principles; we need to defrag judgmental thoughts, and personal rants and we need to transform miserable, mulish perceptions in to light and love. We can turn to psychic readings Chicago, to get some more insight into how we can detox from the downbeat and depressing, but in the final analysis we will seek that “illumined force” anywhere in the world, above all within ourselves. It is time to dig consciousness and awareness. Yes, the Solar Plexus is indeed the gateway to the Higher Self, and if we tune into it, our lives can change!

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