Online Love for 2013?

Some might say that an online love tarot reading, a Libra monthly horoscope or a love marriage prediction would not be subjects that interest the over sixties, but hang on, many senior citizens beg to differ. Today’s “wrinklies” dig the hot love marriage prediction, and the online love tarot reading big time. Their interest in lurve has not waned. Indeed, these baby boomers are more than ready to swing their nights away. In fact, they yearn to hit the higher notes with great zest, and many have no intention on missing out on a romantic “rebirth”, or even an exciting love affair – especially if it incorporates surfing in Hawaii!

Two wrinklies were spotted in a chapel in Naples getting spliced in secret recently. They tearfully reported that they had to run away from Scotland, because mean adult children were having none of their soul mate love, classing it as “disgusting!” However, these days’ psychics are not in the least surprised when senior citizens ring them with love problems. In fact, those of you who feel you are “on the shelf” at thirty, well, you are a hoot to a 70 year old that has just started dating again.

So what gives with the senior dating scene? What gives is that attractive sixty year olds are looking for a real horoscope reading about a Mick Jagger lookalike who never calls. When the empath tells them he is busy dating models they are not in the least surprised! But senior dating has never really been that démodé. In the 1970s film “Harold and Maude” 20 year old Harold is not only depressed but obsessed with death. He goes to funerals as a pastime, and attempts fake suicides out of desperation. But at one of these funerals he meets swinging seventy nine year old Maude, who dresses in black leather pants and rides a Harley Davidson. They fall in love.

Some might think it perverse that a young man could fall for a 78 year old woman, even on celluloid! But spiritual love is ageless. If you were to ring up a psychic Leeds for a reading, perhaps, to get a love marriage prediction done, you would probably be assured that cupid’s “bow and arrow” could strike any second, and that love tends to happen in the most unexpected places – even shortly after a psychic Leeds reading, or unsurprisingly, in an old age home.

So is it possible that your last year’s 2009 Zodiac Predictions were actually referring to that 79 year old cutie who is now your most romantic date? You would not be the only one to fall for a senior! Take Leos, just for the fun of it! Certainly the Leo love horoscope for 2009 was not that hot when it came to emotional fulfillment. Yet a friendly thirty year old Leo guy well known to many, got a crush on a 58 year old ex beauty queen in 2009 and was badly let down. Eventually, the senior glamour puss complained about the age gap and walked out! Interestingly, Leos are famous for being “Love Blind” when a romance is at its height; even if they do eventually cotton on they have fallen in love with a Pete Doherty lookalike!

An online love tarot reading for a Cancer might show these critters are a case of “still waters run deep” The crabby sign will not mind the odd romance with a senior citizen. Cancers are home lovers, get wrinkles at twelve and are well into electric blankets, warm socks, the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost biting at their toes gig”, and even old “blue eyes” crooning” his “Evergreens” on the CD player. The words “wrinkly” or “crinkly” would not be mentioned, except if it referred to badly ironed cushion covers.

Forget mature romances when it comes to signs like Scorpio and Saggy however, they are folks who like their “hotties” hot. They would strictly avoid the pensioner option. “Why? Well, these sensual, erotic athletes hate muscular shrinkage and tend to shriek at the very thought of an oldie’s smacker, even on the cheek. As for the Libran love horoscope, well these people dig two words only “young” and “beautiful” getting old for them is very unpleasant. The Libran love horoscope, as does the Capricorn at a senior “pinch” literally shrieks “young!”

Paranormal folks tell us that when it comes to true love age is immaterial. When we pass on, and hopefully spend time a lot of time in heaven, we all look 35 anyway. So even if your real horoscope reading and even your 2009 Zodiac predictions once inferred that there is no doubt you will fall in love with a “grandpa lookalike”, worry not! Think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Think Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Think Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda Hogan, aged 50, now engaged to a twenty one year old. Toy Boy – the two are reputed very much in love! Also start thinking Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Barbara Hershey, yet another lucky pensioner, and the hunky Naveen Andrews. Obviously, when you get your love horoscope prediction, especially if you are going over that Leo Love Horoscope 2009 in “pussycat style”, remember the 2009 Zodiac prediction also advised you to be careful of silver haired love rats who do not dig spiritual depths and think soul mate, twin flame relationships are laughable! Okay, think Benny Hill!

Last and not least, let us mention the fabulous Barbara Marx Hubbard, for she is a woman “waking to her purpose” as Conscious Media Network tells us. She was but 15 years old in 1945 when she became aware of the horrors of the Atom Bomb and Hiroshima. But it was not until she hit fifty and her kids had grown, that she decided to follow her purpose. Barbara is a truly beautiful lady with silver hair, and an ageless vibration. She tells us that nowadays sixty is young, as is seventy. That many “new women” are emerging as late bloomers, and prefer to use their maturity to shape a new future, cultivating their sense of what is emerging within themselves above all.

Barbara penned “Emergence the Shift from Ego to Essence” and Visions of a Universal Humanity”. She is now the poster child for the stunning older woman, who found her true vocation just as “the sun began to set”. So who is ready for the 80 year old hottie? Yes? No? Certainly you would be the wiser and perhaps more evolutionary, if you were….Ready that is!

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