Psychic Telling in the Age of the Internet

Psychic telling has modernized since the advent of the Internet. If we are looking for metaphysical advice we can now access an instantaneous connection to the gifts of an empath by typing in www. Horoscope, for example, or past future predictions 2009, an msn psychic reading, astrological services and if the lover has let us down yet again a love horoscope compatibility reading. Yet, as we seek counsel, we tend to forget that there is always a way out, and that our lives are being assisted by divine entities recognized by humanity since time began. When ancient man erected temples to the stars, when Jesus and Mary Magdalene, when Buddha and the Egyptian Gods walked our planet, they were said to have been accompanied by “out of this world” entities, or protectors of light beyond religious beliefs and social mores, that whom we call angels. Angels have left a seed in our unconscious mind since time began, may be because they want us to seek them out when we are faced with tribulations and have given up on life itself.

As we learn to lay out our 3 card tarot reading connect to a msn psychic reading have fun with a Pisces monthly horoscope or go for those astrological services on line, we are in reality opening our minds to mysteries. Even the most skeptical realize that the spiritual sustains an empath’s code which is to harm none and draw a clear line between good and evil. Anton LaVey, the now deceased founder of the Church of Satan did not draw that line. He could not know, as do the angels, that the banality of evil is committed in small acts. Spreading cruel rumours, thinking ill of others leads to feuds hate and murder. Think Hitler’s Germany, and the general indifference to the massacre and torture of thousands. Thanks be, good men have fought against such evil acts since time began. Warriors of light like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, beings who held their mission up to angelic scrutiny no matter their faults.

The good in heaven is sustained by angelic hierarchies. Not only mystics and mediums sense the presence of these dazzling celestial guardians. Our personal angels are with us each second of our day. Some feel their caring presence as they check out www horoscope, tune into love horoscope compatibility, assess a future prediction 2009, or attempt to learn psychic ways. Angels are inclusive; nothing can be shut out of their light. Children see them, because of their innate innocence. Many are aware their light forgives no matter what pranks we get up to. In essence, the Angel guides us to goodness, but we must make the choice to go there. If we trust we could access their support and advice. If we pray we could inhale their jasmine or rose scent emerging out of nowhere. If we invoke the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabrielle they will guide us to our planetary mission.

As the bills pile on the mantelpiece and we have no idea if our life choices will work out, remember angels watch over us. If we could but listen to their soft voices, we would be relieved. In other words, when the 3 card tarot reading warns us that to learn psychic ways is not just about being intuitive, but compassionate, even if we might feel we are up against a brick wall. We know we are unforgiving, we know we are impatient, but still, we could call on angels to remind us how the heavens can reflect on to our life path if we build on trust and faith. An angel would comprehend our need to check out the astro because they can access our star sign characteristics. An angel that is watching over an Aries for example, will pull them out of trouble with hard lessons. The Taurus guardian angel will guide the stubborn bull to think realistically, respect nature and clean up the wild. The Gemini guardian angel will help the restless air sign to retain a sense of humour. The Leo guardian angel will guide the excessive fire sign to self control. Angels are inclusive! So as a sensitive water sign checks out their Pisces monthly horoscope, their angel will steer them away from emotional afflictions, and integrate the deeper darker patterns they do not want to face.

Angels would tell us we have come to this planet to learn. That our souls benefit from existing in this dimension. They accept that our yearning for love is natural, that coming to terms with flesh and blood passions is no sin. So if life confuses, bemuses and worries, if you awake at three in the morning thinking bills, if you weep at the news shocked by man’s inhumanity to man, realize that an angel is leading you to better times no matter what. Angelic energies forgive our faults and inspire spiritual fulfillment. In that process, we eventually access more awareness. Angels accept everything about us and their prime lesson is to teach us to accept ourselves! In fact, if we quit blaming what is without for our mistakes, and take responsibility for our inner motivations how wonderful life could be!

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