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José Argüelles of Mexican descent is an ex teaching professor at Princeton University and the Evergreen State College in Washington. He has written bestselling books including The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, Surfers of the Zuvuya, The Arcturus Probe and Time and the Technosphere. Jose was interviewed on the Conscious Media Network where he called on mankind to respect the earth. As a teen he had a presentiment that it would be his life mission to reveal the secrets of the Mayan civilization. He felt that this would serve humanity. Fifty seven years later he presents that purpose through his exacting interpretations of the Mayan Calendar. Jose is famous for initiating the Harmonic Convergence Global Meditation, as well as Earth Day. He tells us Mayan time was involved in endless cycles, the rhythms of nature, the infinite beyond our current perceptions.

Perhaps horoscopes go beyond those perceptions to a degree. Jose might not agree that a horoscope – whether an Aries Horoscope 2009 or another sun sign – is 100 percent accurate. But he could not argue that a chart is more than just a one dimensional prophecy. Whether yours is an Aries Horoscope 2009 or a Leo horoscope 2009 you are still looking at a map of astro possibility, or diverse ways to perceive destiny. Nothing is written in stone and neither, Jose tells us, are the Mayan prophecies, We can overcome the current global challenges that affect us directly even understand our horoscope as we learn how to face personal and global karma and transform it.

Spiritual healers divert our attention from total acceptance of status quo values. Their message is we need to heal social malfunction to transform negative global outcomes. Yet some believe spiritual healers are cut off from reality, that they should descend from the mountains. Spiritualists tell us that global warming, war, and the proliferation of ignorance and disease mirror lack of metaphysical awareness. We need to let go of rigid mainstream mental clichés they say, in other words radically transform personal consciousness. But it appears that only a small percentage of us are aware of the dire extent of global warming, and how politicians maneuver the truth to suit their agendas. The Internet is a source of open information however, and can interpret what is hidden from us. Free astro predictions might wake us up to a new way of seeing. Free astro predictions could even change our point of view on reality drastically.

Free astro predictions could teach us that Taurus David Icke, who some consider a visionary, is patient, determined and hard working. Above all he sticks to their guns, and doggedly digs his heels in if he believes in something. David’s books underline a corrupt and degenerate ruling class, and his vision has challenged the belief systems of many. He refers to the Royal Family as “ET Lizards”, in all seriousness. Some might perceive his inflexible attitudes as surreal, and his perception of reality as self indulgent. But Regina the Star of Conscious Media Network on line calls David “The Beleaguered Warrior.” Could Indian Astrology 2009 predictions have assisted our “beleaguered warrior” with on the spot predictions to save him from his woes?

Regina’s blog tells us “David has been dealing with severe legal challenges. One was his American publishing associate, Royal Adams, who has recently served time in prison for tax fraud stole a fortune from David over many years by hiding the number of books that were being sold and pocketing the difference. He also covertly put the rights to David’s books in North America in his own name. David had to take incredibly expensive legal action to win back the rights to his own books and, as a result, never earned a penny from any books sales, DVD sales or talks world-wide for three years. It all went in legal costs.

Royal contacted David via Pamela Richards, who became David’s second wife. The marriage ended more than three years ago, but now, as David has got back on his feet financially, Pamela is currently demanding immense amounts of money from David in a divorce settlement after not getting a job herself for the last three years As fate would have it, it has been David’s first wife, Linda, and their children, who have been supportive and worked alongside him in the family publishing business all these years, a business which David sold to Linda in recognition of her fantastic work and support over the last 20 years! As odd as this sounds, if David had dialled into free astro predictions, they might have saved him from all this domestic bother!

Regina’s Consciousness Media network has been criticized for revealing David’s personal life but Regina informs she did so because she wanted the world to know the high personal cost of David’s beliefs. Again, would Indian astrology 2009 predictions have assisted David’s emotional concerns? Certainly Indian astrology 2009 predictions might have taken into account the placing of David’s Cancer Moon, so necessary to a Vedic astro interpretation. Some might say David’s Moon in Cancer make him a “loony bird”, but in reality he is a profound man, attached to some of the past traditions that angered him as a lad. Many of us remember with shame how he was mocked for his beliefs on the now infamous “Wogan Interview”, and yet he still manages to challenge us with his unusual perceptions of reality. He is clearly understanding, kind, and certainly one who will support those he loves.

Regina tells us “I have interviewed him a half a dozen times. On the private side, he has been a guest in our home, staying for weeks at a time to rest and continue working on his books while on speaking tours in the United States. He treats his fellow man with kindness. Perhaps this is because he is fully aware of what humanity is up against in terms of the plethora of control systems in place. As a result, he has a deep compassion for his fellow human beings,” which is very Moon in Cancer.

Regina is also a spiritual warrior. Like David she questions the Bildenberg cartel comprised of the super rich who are seemingly directing world economy. Regina tells us “They will decide what you will pay for gas at the pump. They will decide which countries will recover or fail economically. They will decide which military confrontations will be supported. They will decide which new viruses and antidotes/vaccines will be released and who will win the contracts. They will examine if and when the time is right to roll out a global or regional currency. They will even decide our future weather patterns and natural disasters. These people are not our friends!”

Regina’s work on the Conscious Media Network “offers an alternative way to discover new perspectives. It is a place to find inspiration and attempts both to educate and create a higher understanding of the world we live in.” But could Indian astrology 2009 predictions take into account the way we lived that 2009 year as manipulated by the powers that be?

The Indian horoscope for a 2010 USA, tells us there could be a re evaluation of foreign policy! According to the Indian horoscope the sanctions taken against Iran will be unworkable; there will be complications and obstacles. Obama is considered to be in constant personal danger. And from February 2011 to May 2011 the President will need to work on peaceful foreign policy if new wars are to be avoided. Europe will continue to worry about the economy, but medical research will include useful discoveries for cancer. Whether we believe in this Indian Horoscope for 2010 predictions or not, many of us do feel we are walking the edge of an abyss, and that our world is falling into a spiral of contention. Astrological predictions ask for inner awareness and consistent evolution of the world’s citizens. If we want to hold back the crises should we pay attention to these astrological predictions?

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is no “light weight”. She is the right politician for our times, she is a Scorpio, enlightened astrologers would say her astro traits are easy to identify! Bright, secretive, competitive, profound, intense, sexual, hard working and once a charismatic and competitive law student, she fought for black children’s rights in her earliest days in politics Her intensity and ambition were without compare in one so young, and now she is both loved and detested. Scorpios, the next best thing to sliced bread and Attila the Hun, manage to veer between these characteristics with the smooth efficiency of a water sign. But Hilary could be wondering about retirement, according to her Scorpio 2010 horoscope, she will want to spend more time with her daughter, perhaps even reinforce her karmic connection to Bill. In other words Hillary will soften her “take” in 2010 which will be low profile moderation in political policy.

The scandals of the past are at an end for Hilary. Positive communications are ahead and many will back up both her political and familial attitudes. She will present her political perplexities on Obama’s policies succinctly – even though she could keep excessive tabs on her health, perhaps do some extra running to keep her weight down. Her powerful connection to Bill Clinton, a Leo, is beyond soul mate, it reeks of Twin Flame past life connections, laced with unconditional love on both sides. Not a bad Scorpio 2010 horoscope for Hilary in the final analysis. As for reading fortune teller cards well, we know that Hilary nurtures some interest in the esoteric even though she does not go for reading fortune teller cards openly.

We quote the online Open Minds Magazine, Researcher Grant Cameron, who runs the website HillaryClintonUFO.net was able to retrieve documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Rockefeller was soliciting help from Hillary’s staff on drafting a document to President Bill Clinton in 1995. The title of the document was: Lifting Secrecy on Information About Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part of the Current Classification Review!
It is also suspected that Hilary nurtures a secret faith in God. Reports tell us that she engaged in conversations with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House, and that Jean Houston a famed spiritual leader organized these meetings. Therefore, is it possible that Hilary Clinton, the First lady Michelle, or Obama himself ever read the pages of monthly horoscopes? Obama might read the Leo July horoscope, just for the fun of it. Think Obama reading the July horoscope on the back pages of The Express as he chews his breakfast pancakes, just to get the “Leo gist”. He would probably not go for the more esoteric type of insightful perception a wise astrologer could provide. Perhaps if our rulers did not turn away from astrological warnings transformed world politics could result. Certainly the lid needs to be taken off fossil fuels and military black projects.

On the website Project Camelot Michael Schratt an aviation historian and researcher presented classified documents of UFOs flown by US military personnel. He interviewed aerospace engineers, pilots and NASA officials. He was led to believe that unusual aircraft are being flown by the US Air force. Where these cutting edge aircraft originate from and how their refined technology works is still a mystery. He presents photos and reports to back up his evidence. He tells us trillions are spent on Black Op military projects and this fact needs to be made known to the US tax payer. Now would Hilary Clinton have known about such goings on, probably but then she is a secretive Scorpio!

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