So we made it past the end of the World!

Let’s face it; humanity’s obsession with the future is not restricted to astrology alone. Other than say, a horoscope 2010 Leo, we love to connect to something like a psychic readings London service or marriage predictions. In fact, horoscope horoscopes could be coming out of our ears. Yet would it surprise you to know that reading into the future is morphing into a refined art that can collate computer technology with futuristic predictions.

According to Paul Cuercio, the horoscope horoscopes overdose is not the only way to assess the future. He claims “things to come” show up as universal patterns that can be printed on a spreadsheet and analyzed. “Pull the other one” you might cry! Yet in his interview on Coast to Coast Radio, Paul Cuercio stated the future is like sheet music in that it matches rhythmic patterns. Paul equates those patterns as our destiny. Scratching your head? Go back into the past and ask yourself what your birth was like and when your first trauma occurred? By calculating from then on, and working on complex algorithms, the complex Merlin computer printout will show how your tendencies create your future.

Okay, for those of you who do not know who and what Paul Cuercio and the Merlin Project are, you are in for a surprise! Paul Cuercio is a futurist who co-founded the Merlin Project with physicist Dr George Hart. His “forecasting technology” he states, “is based on celestial “phenomena” blended with personal historical data that morphs into graphical time lines foreseeing the chronology of events! Evolutionary software technology is the result of this future telling system, and suggests that life patterns are repeated in seven year cycles and that we can future-map our lives if we understand the technology itself, and get a sense of history repeating itself”.

Cuercio was an avid student of mystical phenomena from an early age. After much inner work and outer investigation he and his partner came up with the Timetrak® system. He states on his website “Timetraks are highly individualized patterns, tracings in time that begin when we are born or a key (“genesis”) event occurs. These Timetraks® depict chains of activity that are twofold: external factors (career matters, where we work or live) and internal factors (health, relationships, and emotional concerns.) Merlin creates snapshots of time. Timetraks® work by using a single, “frozen moment” of time as a starting point. Merlin pinpoints three elements about such periods of activity: the onset, the intensity, and the duration.”

Free online predictions are not Cuercio’s thing, however, free online predictions “alla Merlin” would require graphic and computer input which would not be cost effective or practical. However, broad based readings can be found on the fascinating Merlin Website which gives us some idea of how the system works, and even the future of the United States. Merlin’s future of the United States website predictions for 2010 show a crisis in the Obama Presidency even sudden changes that could lead to a reshuffling of the primary administration players (Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton.) There is also a possibility of a further domestic financial crisis that could involve China and India. Japan could also intervene in the on-going Iranian nuclear crisis in 2010.

More news is on the Merlin Website states “that the Iranian revolution will repeat itself by taking another big hit in the streets during the winter of 2010. American Democracy will be at a critical tipping point. This failure will be brought on by excessive spending, plus lack of the best and brightest willing to serve. There is also a possible military intervention down the road. The time lines show more major newspapers will fail and Rupert Murdock’s New Corp will become the media model for the future. Tiger Woods shows a possible suicide attempt. A series of major, unexpected (likely career) changes for conservative talker Sean Hannity and former colleague Alan Colmes are also predicted.”

The Merlin project does connect to the overall content of an astrology horoscopes reading however, in that an astrology horoscopes reading will base future predictions on moon phases as does the Merlin Project. So putting aside the horoscope horoscopes theory or free online predictions about the future of our planet, there could still be a “complex, futuristic working under the surface” that we are only just beginning to access. If we could technically tell the future, would there be no more room for empaths and clairvoyants?

Clairvoyants into psychic readings London and marriage predictions would probably not go for a system that sees humanity stuck in trauma, or some high point repeating itself throughout history. They would envisage inner work, or self awareness as shifting old emotional patterns on. Most empaths believe that there is an element of free will to all our lives. In other words, if we debug the trauma, we avoid a similar event in future. If, however, we are so conditioned by our birth, and familial conditioning, we could well recreate a repeat negative scenario. It is obvious that if we do not want our traumatic history to repeat itself, psychoanalysis, spiritual healing and personal growth techniques will ease up our destiny, and direct us to more fulfilling future scenarios. To some extent, one could say a natural empath is less conditioned by someone’s personal history, than the Merlin system.

When it comes to the Mayan calendar, Cuercio claims that it is peaking right now. And will end up a “damp squid”. So those who believe that 2012 is the end of the world be comforted. There are alternatives to the fearful predictions, even though folks have been making a lot of films about dinosaurs, namely the Jurassic Park Trilogy! Talking dinosaurs, could we really be in for a “repeat” asteroid catastrophe, as predicted by some? To ease your “end of the world” angst why don’t you get that free download 2012 movie? It is great to take in a free download 2012 movie not only to wile away the hours, but to avoid repeating planetary history as a fried dinosaur.

In other words, let’s change our patterns, and put a stop to gloom and doom! For starters, listen up all Leos out there, dig your horoscope 2010 Leo prediction and forget that you, the King of the Jungle could end up as toast because of some past “cub trauma”. Right or wrong the Merlin theory does not cease to fascinate! But we are still resting our case!

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