Look back at 2010 and Astrology Predictions now!

Okay, so you want to know how accurate these 2010 astrology predictions are? Was that free Indian horoscope on the ball when it confirmed your wish would come true? You doubt because you are a critical goat, so could that daily horoscope Capricorn be getting it when they said you could expect a little bundle of surprises? Are astrology horoscopes compatibility readings and free astrological advice to be trusted? And what about that baby gender predictor. You were not that worried if baby was a boy or a girl, you just wanted a cute darling to pop into your world. You also went on to check out a MySpace horoscope for more clarity, but it clashed with the free Indian horoscope in that it told you 2010 would be a bad year for babies. The baby gender predictor was a letdown; it has to be faced, even if it had insisted you would be washing pink booties before the year was out! You are confused.

Do we really believe that predictions will guide us to meeting our soul mate, or giving birth, or diving into the 200 foot tidal wave when the end of the world hits the fan, or is that particular prophecy simply the result of a couple of weirdoes getting the Mayan Calendar totally wrong? Where do we draw the line when it comes to believing predictions? Take Jill, an astro psychic told she would marry a dentist. The week after that free astrological advice a huge filling fell out of her front tooth. She looked awful, and was almost too shy to put in an appearance at the dentist. When the handsome young “tooth driller” saw her, however, he filled the hole and the following day sent her a huge bunch of red roses. They married. Was the dentist her twin flame, was the psychic seeing that event, or was it just pot luck?

Well you probably have talked to someone who accessed a MySpace horoscope, and hit the jackpot. There are many cases of accurate predictions, even computerized ones! Yet it has to be faced, as much as the experts claim prophecies are “water tight” the majority of us have a great deal of trouble understanding what Nostradamus is going on about. His stanzas are so complex; one has to study them for years to understand a basic sentence. Nostradamus was afraid of being burnt as a heretic so his incomprehensible prophecies were pointedly confusing to cover his back in those dreary medieval days when racks and thumbscrews were to be avoided more than the black plague!

Show biz fans are also divination addicts, often into their favourite celebs 2010 astrology predictions, or astrology horoscopes compatibility to suss out whether Angelina and Brad will make it, or heartthrob George Clooney will marry his girlfriend, Italian Actress Elisabetta Cannalis. These fans might be in for a hard time. A Clooney wedding was forecast but did not hit the mark, and there is still no show down the aisle. Angelina and Brad have clamped down and folks like Hugh Hefner, who was advised to watch his health by a future computer technology programme on line, is still gallivanting around his manor house with a bevy of blondes ready to fulfill his every need.

Who can we trust? Trust what you feel is the blatant answer. Because when we alight upon an empath with mind blowing capacities we will not doubt. Why? Because the true clairvoyant channels for Spirit and is a determined individual ready to do more than advance along a spiritual path. Readers and empaths know how to meditate, how to detox their energy systems and they access more than you or me when it comes to the human soul, the etheric, the astral and the mental and spiritual dimensions of existence.

Okay, so your daily horoscope Capricorn is so unconvincing as to be laughable, and that future computer technology gets on your nerves, yet you are still ready to play metaphysical facts. You might assess the tarot or stars for yourself, yet be prepared to heed the psychic who is genuinely concerned about your life, for you know she will tell you the truth as she sees it. If she had time, she could also explain how her “knowing” works. For example, your physical manifestation is where your ego hangs out, and it does everything it can to sustain your flesh and blood manifestation.

The etheric plane is where we dream downloading worst fears, and on occasions meet spiritual guides who tell us how things really work. That is if we remember we saw our Aunt Nelly knitting in heaven!

The astral is a thought manifestation. Thoughts that come alive on a multi dimensional level. The astral is a vast energetic vibration from the highest to the lowest levels. Many, who have experimented there, know that the plane is tied to our body by a silver cord that breaks if we leave this earthly dimension. Beth found that out when she had a migraine as a front seat car passenger. She was in such pain; she lost consciousness and literally floated out of the car window. It was not until the car stopped by the side of the road, and her husband who was at the wheel shook her back to basics, that she realized her spirit was attached to her stomach by a cord. Some psychics can access this dimension and perceive these cords.

The mental plane connects to purest thoughts beyond time. It is where we store divine knowledge and understand how healing energies move through us. Empaths create a link with these mental dimensions reading the patterns and “predicting” a possible future as seen in our auric field. But the empath will remind us that free will plays a part in destiny. We can indeed choose to turn away from a negative outcome by evolving consciousness. This is what most psychics and healers attempt to do as they enhance the evolution of their clients and themselves.

The spiritual plane is a finely vibrating energy dimension, which purifies souls, alleviates karma, and holds back negativity. Buddha, Christ and other illumined beings originate from this level. They express God’s energy that vibrates at superior rates, inaccessible to man if it were not for our determination to break through to the light, and learn that happiness resides within. Now perhaps that is the real issue we need to contemplate on.