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Many of us are desperately seeking answers, we sense there is more to this existence, but we are hard pressed to identify what that “more” is. We feel empty, lonely within, yet no matter how many shopping sprees we go on, no matter how many glasses of crème de menthe we down, something is still missing. Some of us begin a metaphysical search; we consult our daily zodiac more than frequently, even though we would not go so far as to consult a horoscope in the Urdu language! Still, that free prediction seems attractive, that live psychic online psychic, that daily zodiac adds to the metaphysical buzz! Horoscope junkie or not, enquiring about “my future” with all its “ins and outs,” is a source of constant fascination to us. We want to know if “my future” destiny will be kind to us, as we run amok on free astrology sites, deep down wanting to be happy, to love the world, to be loved, to be of service, to count for something!

If we were to delve deeper, we might discover that we yearn to resonate with truth, that no matter how much we mock the occult, preferring the sceptic’s perceptions of existence, somewhere, a still small voice tells us, “this is not all there is, there is something more!” Yes, we are more than our bodies, and surprise, surprise that “more” is hidden within our very own DNA. DNA was discovered in 1944, when the world was at war. Further research was carried out by Watson and Crick. That research was elaborate and subsequently morphed into the famed Human Genome Project created to defend humanity from disease, and hereditary illness.

In his evolutionary research on healing modules, the renowned kiniseologist Andrew Kemp refers to the work of Russian microbiologist Pjotr Garjajeve and how he perceived that DNA is somewhat similar to a computer programme that emanates our destiny through its complex “strands”

The Kryon Spirit Channelled Works of Lee Carroll refer to DNA as an intricate yet complex creation that stores not only our genetic blueprint, but ancient memories, and karmic residues stored in the Akashic records, a multi dimensional etheric library of all our incarnations throughout time, existing on the etheric planes of consciousness. In other words DNA stores memories not only of this life, but of multiple lives. Carroll’s DNA “Akashic” records therefore are somewhat similar to a computer disc data, but in the case of the human DNA strand it registers soul contracts, twin flames, spiritual challenges and emotional issues, plus the karmic obstacles we must overcome in this incarnation. Therefore our DNA is a powerful, spiritual force emanating our higher purpose into life.

The latest news from the metaphysical edge is that some spiritual healers activate DNA strands and claim to accelerate soul awakening. They encourage us to become “spiritualised”, because the more our collective DNA heals, the less we freak out as we free download 2012 full movie. In other words, we could choose more evolved thought processes than fear. In that process we could discover that we have healing abilities ourselves, and can acknowledge multi dimensional worlds, or communicate thoughts to a loved one living on the other side of this planet. DNA healers wish us to realise that humanity can indeed access its metaphysical potential!

This following quote from an unknown source gives credence to the idea that once, perhaps, thousands of years ago, we used spiritual strength, as well as clairvoyant and healing abilities to problem solve. “According to spiritual theory of genes there may be 12 to 16 strands of spiritual DNA. The 12 strands may be both genetic and spiritual strands associated with the number 6 which occurs in nature as an ideal number.”

And “……The DNA strands may also be associated with a sphere, whereby there are 12 strands symmetrically located in a circle in the centre of the sphere, and all of the DNA strands are connected by sphere energy grid lines much like in the world grid or gravity energy grid. It is said in myths that human beings once had 12 strands of DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that the DNA was lost due to genetic experimentation or due to changes in the environment and body. Often the 12 strands of DNA are more associated with higher beings, higher dimensions, and the spirit.”

If humanity possessed empathic skills in the distant past, it is no surprise that we feel lost in a world of rampant materiality and soulless life styles. Losing our magnificence has us feeling bereft simply put. Of course we yearn to connect to a live psychic on psychics, or morph into a horoscope junkie. Again, to consult a horoscope in the Urdu language might not be the answer for an English speaker, yet a free prediction and those free astrology sites still get us back to basics, we feel “a buzz” as we access a lost truth, or tune into “something magical!” Perhaps, we conclude, 2012 simply means humanity’s natural clairvoyance and psychic power will emerge at last? The alternative is to download 2012 full movie and scare ourselves to death! Perhaps we need to reset the dial and realise that 2012 could be a time of miraculous transformation rather than the end of our civilisation.

The true message of hope that the gifted Andrew Kemp imparts to us is, and we quote from his book “Quantum K”, that. “The DNA is the ultimate of all record keepers; it holds our genetic blueprint, so that each new cell it generates maintains the core essence of ourselves, and our unique attributes. However, it is no mechanical piece of factory equipment; it is an extraordinary piece of intelligent engineering that allows itself the freedom to regenerate our cells based on the various influences from our external environment good or bad.”

Of course this begs the question could our favourite empaths, our clairvoyants our mediums be accessing a “mislaid” spiritual intelligence. Could the Holy Grail actually be the ultimate DNA blueprint that accesses an astounding and very human capacity to see into our future, heal illness and track down multi dimensions? Perhaps miraculous solutions will present themselves when we discover where we actually come from? Some say we originate from the stars above our heads, whether this is possible or not, it is a theory to consider.