Do You Know Your Future?

So what does the power of faith healing, both the psychic and the divine, have to do with a December2009 horoscope, life in the future, a teluga astrology chart, a horoscope match, tarot reading help or Edgar Cayce predictions? Confused, get ready set and go. One, two and three!

One: Everything astrological, occult, and prophetic accesses the zero energy fields weaving the universe together like glue. The religions of the world knew this. From Christian to Hindu, from Buddhist to Islam spiritual belief systems, perceived the divine as beyond the precepts of the human mind yet ultimately powerful. Unsurprisingly, even today’s medical fraternity is integrating prayer into their allopathic perceptions of healing. In some American hospitals in fact, prayer is used to heal the gravely ill with astounding success.

Two: Indian yogis have practised refined esoteric disciplines for thousands of years. These techniques have enabled them to bury themselves alive to test their faith! In the Viparita Karami, a highly secretive ritual, the evolved yogi conquered death thru spiritual practice. The offshoot has been hatha yoga, and eastern occult training schools. Additionally, if we read the sacred texts of India we understand that the healing arts came in many diverse metaphysical belief formats and were incorporated into ancient life, as were the Vedi Telugu astrology techniques, to read the future.

Three: Healing consciousness caters to a human need. A need that goes back to the times of Jesus. In the bible we learn how Jesus’ “laying on of hands” healed those who suffered. The fabled Lazarus and his rising from the dead is a case in point. Healing circles have existed forever, and were called the “Galil” a Hebrew word meaning circle during the time of Christ and the early church. Christ and his disciples’ also caste out devils. We read that “they brought to Jesus all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments and those which were possessed with devils… and those that had the palsy and he healed them.”

Yet we still view tarot reading help, stock market astrology predictions and life in the future readings as signs of the occult. What we do not realise is that these skills are healing combos whose origins reach back into the mists of time, and deep into the Zero Point Energy field. Astrology concepts dating thousands of years read our faults and heal them with this primeval knowledge. The empath who dedicates their life to the good of humanity “sees” stock market astrology predictions and warnings only to guide us out of financial trouble within this zero point energy field concept on their side! Empaths who “see” the future push us through the challenges we face, and astrologers who look over a horoscope match make sure our future spouse will not steal our money as they connect to “all that is”.

The medium knows how subtle the veil is between the physical and metaphysical worlds. One of the most famous British healers was Harry Edwards who made history on the night of September 5 1954 when he stood before the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Divine Healing as well as representatives of the British Medical Establishment. The sense of this meeting was to understand the powers of the human mind. Harry Edwards said during this august occasion that “there is sufficient spiritual power in this hall to change the face of the world if all present selflessly will to become its instruments!”

The power of the mind is made up of beliefs that fashion our world. Many of these are so deeply embedded in our unconscious as to be inaccessible; on other words we refuse to see what is as plain as the nose on our face – that we are made out of sub atomic particles that exist in the invisible before they come into creative being. Currently, blind belief in science and super material values are a dogma to live by, even though these values have led to spiritual emptiness, and the failure of our financial institutions and corruption of our ruling class.

Simply put, the healer the empath, the clairvoyant seek to help their fellow man by ridding us of the fear and mental blockages that keep out the love and light. This fear lurks in our solar plexus and feeds on our heart energy. When we pray we eradicate that menacing power. In his past epistle the “Power of Faith Healing” Shaw Desmond tells us “the first task of the esoteric healer is to synchronize and bring into smooth action the sometimes dreadful disunity of the physical body and its psychic nature. It is only when the physical, the psychic the mental and the spiritual vehicles and nature are at one that permanent cures of mind or body or both may be effected.”

The Edgar Cayce predictions spoke of man’s incapacity to heal himself using the subtle energies. There is no doubt that Cayce was accurate to a certain extent. This US prophet who died in 1945 prophesized US nuclear tests would go wrong, creating a huge hole in the American Southwest. He even talked about Russian scientists overhearing a message from an ET civilisation. He states that American claims to have walked on the moon will be brought down when Chinese astronauts discover no evidence of a US presence and, unnervingly, the United Nations will seek to create a one-world government in 2011!

So far not all of Cayce’s dire prophecies have come true, but humanity is certainly veering into a time of challenge. Perhaps we need to pay attention to the writings of those who healed the sick in days gone by. Not only were they psychic and could answer the question of “know my future” but they accessed the power residing in their faith. In other words, we need to become aware that a December 2009 horoscope or a Telegu astrology chart are not just fairground experiences, but deeply life changing ones, especially if the psychic who reads for us understands the psychological and spiritual undercurrents of our life.

Certainly many of Cayce’s prophecies were negative. He talked about horrid viruses spreading around the world. Of individuals claiming to be Jesus Christ and imitating his powers – yet above all warns mankind of 2013, when he saw that global events would change our planet forever. From, the Edgar Cayce predictions, to know my future and stock market astrology predictions. Life on this earth is in a state of constant evolution. If we fight this fact we stop the flow of change. But to be fearful is to miss out on the wonders of the human experience.