Have they unearthed a Psychic in Peterborough?

Most of us believe a citizen has the right to ascertain which services and products fulfill their needs. However, when it comes to alternative medicine, the cards on the table have changed dramatically. The EU has passed a directive coming into force in April 2011, banning all herbal and mineral supplements, plus the teaching of alternative healing methods, and potential restrictions on homeopathic remedies. In fact, it might get to a point where even peppermint tea can only be sold over the counter with the appropriate pharmaceutical stamp and price tag.

So does this mean that energy healing will be banned? Will the April 2011 directive not only include outlawing complementary health care but metaphysical outlets also? In other words will our right to choose be dictated to by pharmaceutical cartels and legislation striking out “alternative” expression in any form? If we think of being dispossessed of the right to enjoy fun tarot phone readings, tarot cards future, or entertaining Leo weekly horoscope/daily horoscope Libra plus those free horoscopes and astrology, we could see a serious dent to our democratic system.

The campaign “Joining Hands in Health” is a public forum launching a petition to “protect the nation from a lifetime of perpetual ill health, safeguard health choice, human rights and secure a safer, healthier life for us and future generations.” Millions of signatures are being sought so that we can choose non toxic as opposed to pharmaceutical impositions. Dame Judi Dench has taken a stand in a documentary entitled; “We Become Silent” which underlines the fact that misinformation is being bandied as truth.

We quote Dame Dench “Fear and its darkness causes humanity to make awful choices. It can paralyze lofty hopes and dreams in an instant. It is the antithesis of God the destructive dark side; it is the ghost that haunts the mind. A universal trend, a global affliction and employed all too often by those affecting control over the masses”.

This perception is not confined to Judi Dench alone. Many realise that fear and dread are encouraged by the “forces that be”. Lobbies against alternative remedies include corrupt banking alliances. Shady ethics haunt the corridors of power; in some countries social injustice has reached epic proportions. More governments repress diverse opinions with Mafia style tactics than we would like to think. Those who stand up to injustices are often spirited away, have suspect car accidents or are left to rot in jail.

However spiritual faith has been humanity’s salvation. Those who have suffered understand the divine. The struggle to express deep beliefs encourages us to break through to mystical realities. Investigating enjoyable outlets such as psychics in Peterborough for example, or a Leo weekly horoscope, free horoscopes, even lottery predictions, or a distant psychic reading Toronto, which includes free horoscopes and astrology, enables us to gain both an alternative and magical perspective. May be because a favourite empath understands trials and sorrows, and listens when we are at our weakest. In fact, she will guide us to seeing a way around challenges from a paranormal perspective. Problems related to bullying or alternative sexual choices will be referred to with compassion. She knows that there are paranormal forces that go beyond our mainstream perceptions and she is not afraid to stand by them and utilise their healing powers.

David Icke, the popular New Age Researcher attempts to explain humanity’s struggles when he states we are ruled by a “reptilian ET race!” We might giggle at that, but a reptilian brain does exist in our neocortex. It is called the paleomamalian or the ‘limbic system’ and commands automatic nervous reaction. It is located in the basal ganglia on top of the spinal cord. It directs body movement, but also stimulates fear, conformity deception and aggression, i.e. the survival of the “fittest”. It is a primeval adjunct that serves human endurance. Without it we would be dead, with it we exert competition, aggression, and dominance. It is reptilian due to its similarity to the belligerence creatures themselves. Think crocodiles and you will get the point! Militaristic attitudes and heavy duty government interventions result from reptilian thinking modes. Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia are the results. Perhaps are ruling classes are indeed permeated by survivalist thinking. Whether we believe Icke’s ET assumptions or not, we certainly need to question repression of basic rights to health choice.

Many alternative thinkers tell us humanity is on the edge of great restructure. Our power elite are failing, revealing themselves fraudulent and manipulative. Their insight, discernment and sensitivity have been lost to greed and manipulation. Yet the general public still relates to the soul. More and more testimonials of past life experiences, life after death, angelic visions, and prophetic insights are surfacing. So as you say your prayers under the full moon, gather your herbs in forest glades, unite in a circle to manifest a “green” project, help the aged, talk to those who are being persecuted, bullied and intimidated you are empowering your life and the lives of others. Whether you believe in the metaphysical might not be the point. But it is certainly understandable to seek advice from tarot cards future, psychics in Peterborough, a Leo weekly horoscope, or lottery predictions in our challenging times. In fact, you are more than justified in deciding who to talk to, and what products or services protect your health and inner balance. Freedom includes the right to choose, if we want lottery predictions, a tarot phone reading, of free horoscopes and astrology as well as regular homeopathic treatment, flower essences and herbal solutions to better our lifestyle let us define that right and stand up for our beliefs!