Mind Blowing Horoscopes ?

Maybe that astro empath got your Sagittarius horoscope 2010 so spot on you are convinced she must be a witch. Only someone with mind-blowing paranormal skills could have read your character to a tee, and told you things only you and your mother know! Notwithstanding your amazement, you are both carried away by the light fantastic, and scared to death. You might imagine the empath writes her evil spells on parchment paper in blood and italics, perhaps boils frogs in a cauldron, “Macbeth style” or murmurs spells in the darkest of forests, instead she might be a simple hedge witch who weaves her spells at home alone without a coven to support her.

When we look into a free love tarot card reading on line, or a horoscope UK to sort our problems out we could well be chatting to a hedge witch. In other words, could that Edmonton psychic have a broom parked in her driveway? Could that astro wizard, who read your horoscope of 2009 down to a tee, be a warlock in disguise? Either way, witches have been much misunderstood. Few are like Elizabeth Montgomery of that old TV series “Bewitched”, who just had to wrinkle her nose for a magical invocation to wash her plates and sweep her home, or the archaic Mother Shipton of the 15th century, who hailed from Yorkshire and was a genius at her spot on prophecies. We tend to forget that witches were not media friendly in the old days. They were hunted down and burnt alive and even though many had esoteric gifts the majority were simple folk trying to deal with the “ups and downs” of a hard life, and in that process conjured up herbal potions, or used magical techniques to protect their families.

The hedge witch emerged isolated from that time of spell casting strictly within a coven module. Her magical brothers and sisters lived miles away in the valleys, or cities. Perhaps her home was in an inaccessible area, so she started off her spell casting with basic magical knowledge, such as staring at a full moon to make a simple wish come true. She then proceeded to use domestic magic, utilizing her kitchen utensils, herbs and spices to heal her small children from the croup, encourage crops to grow, or breed sturdy livestock. Being a solitary practitioner, she knew simple facts like garlic protected from negative energies and hanging it from the wall kept the ghoulies away, or little known ones such as copper utensils in the kitchen ensured loving and positive folks knocked on her door. To add to a household’s good vibes, to this day a hedge witch sprinkles salt over her kitchen floors and sweeps it up. She is not naïve; she knows we live in a world comprised of dark and light energies!

If we are respectful of the witch’s magical ways, we too could have fun with basic rituals to make sure our home vibrates with good energy. Filling a container with earth and salt and placing it outside our front door works well. Nasty people will avoid us like the plague! Herbs emanate strong vibrations that protect and guide and do have a powerful effect on our environment. Fill a small linen purse with Cayenne pepper, and see hexes dematerialise as you carry it around your person. Fill another sachet with dried thistle leaves, and float it in the bath. Be sure nasty thoughts will be detoxed from your system. Thistle also helps with stress, nausea, and liver problems. To add to the protective stance, place herbal sachets around your home to define a protective circle. Cayenne pepper and thistle are excellent when it comes to shielding from harm. However, Basil is used for love spells, and if we float sachets of it in a magical bath, with pink candles placed around us, or floating in the rose scented water, we can be sure new love will knock on our door. We can also use free astrology remedies. Free astrology remedies are counselled by Vedic astro practitioners, to counteract the negative forces of the planets. They come in the form of gems, mantras, healing prayers, and Yantras, magical geometric structures that protect our environment and our lives. Rubies are good for a distraught Leo in certain circumstances.

In whatever guise she comes, a modern hedge witch is an energy healer who rarely goes public. She is aware that magical forces increase hundred fold when kept under wraps. She is careful who her friends are, and is unafraid of solitude. She would always advise us to keep away from sights and sounds that perturb our consciousness such as looking at bad news, watching scary movies like 2012 end of the world movie watch on line, may be because such epics will not help us feel positive about the future. To watch 2012 full movie on line encourages anxiety. However, if we really feel we just must take in that 2012 end of the world movie watch on line, we would be best to use protective herbs to keep our thoughts positive subsequently, and safeguard our psyches from sleepless nights. Obviously we cannot hide away from life’s challenges completely, but we can be aware how to protect ourselves. Try some Bach Flower Rescue remedy when you feel stressed out about that 2012 full movie on line; wear some Angelica herb on your person to keep away scary thoughts. You could cut some branches off an Ash tree and wave them around the bedroom to keep nightmares away. To shield and shelter, to safeguard and protect is sensible whether we are witches or not. But still, we need to revert from a prejudiced agenda that depicts the witch as a scary woman, who causes harm with evil spells. That is just not how it is. Witches can be beautiful and sweet, totally dedicated to white magic and harming none.

Next time you get through to that Edmonton psychic, that horoscope UK, that free love tarot cards reading online, and “realise” you are talking to a seventh son or daughter, in other words an astro empath, who uses psychic powers to clarify an astrology chart, or suss out a relationship issue, have no fear, trust in their intentions. She got your Sagittarius Horoscope 2010 on the nail, and read your horoscope of 2009 perfectly; for sure she will guide you along the right path, an exciting magical way to knowledge and spiritual evolution.