The Bare Horoscope: Bodily Astrology and You

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What can we count on from a person with an often ruddy encounter, a thick neck, bowed legs or knocked knees? What about anyone with a large jaw, puffy eyes or overly big enamel? Your outer self reveals the internal you, and this exclusive and innovative appear at astro-physiognomy – the astrology of the deal with and entire body – demonstrates us how we can analyze any individual, quickly, disrobing the two friends and strangers as under no circumstances before. The Bare Horoscope is a goldmine of astrological observations for the specialist astrologer and the relaxed observer alike. It is the most entire work of its sort in existence, demonstrating, through plenty of celebrity illustrations and in stark element, how our horoscopes are physically revealed. This is a whirlwind tour across the stars that difficulties us to glance at ourselves and other folks with freshly opened eyes. Eve Romany will take us on a rapid, personal and raunchy experience by way of the earth of renowned bodies and faces, indisputably linking appearance and astrology. With her particular blend of perception and caustic wit, the lessons of this e-book are speedily and effortlessly acquired, by no means to be overlooked.

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