The Dance of Astrology

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Astrology, Consciousness, Synchronicity, Physics, and Metaphysics: the chapter titles hint that this interesting volume actually covers far more ground than just astrology. The five sections of this unique book contain a fascinating series of mini-essays that address all of these subjects in turn, and show them to be expressions of the traditional four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Astrology is the beautiful and intricate web that weaves all of the others together, and best shows their full and interlaced realization. The material is fleshed out with personal anecdotes, as well as with explanations of cutting-edge scientific concepts. The chapters examine the ongoing cosmic dance that our lives take part in, and show how we ourselves help to determine the rhythm of that dance.

Astrology, to some, is odd. But astrology is no more odd than the universe itself. Skeptical scientists have written astrology off. But is that fair and accurate, or is it simply one viewpoint that discloses more about our current materialistic paradigms than about the full nature of reality? There is far more to our world than we have yet discovered; the limits of what is known are always moving. There is indeed likely a point at which astrology, science, and spirituality will eventually converge. The specifics of that place are as yet unknown, but the signposts shown here perhaps indicate its direction.

This is not an astrological “cookbook” or how-to manual; it is a deep examination of the philosophical issues that surround both astrology and science, along with meditations regarding their ultimate meaning and implications. Its broad territory ranges from the history of physics to far-reaching speculations regarding astrology’s relation to fate and free will. It will be of interest to anyone with a thoughtful and curious frame of mind regarding the subjects above, or to anyone who wants an astrological read that journeys wide, and burrows far beneath the surface.

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