The Magic of the Stars: How the Stars of Astrology Enrich Your Life

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Humans have looked to the stars for guidance for thousands of years. It seems to be embedded in our DNA. The Magic of the Stars incorporates new information into ancient knowledge, explaining the roles played by the fixed stars in greater depth than ever before.

In this new guide, you are given all the information you need to understand how stars work their magic to empower and enrich your life. The Magic of the Stars doesn’t just rely on sun-sign astrology, which groups you in one of the twelve zodiac signs. Instead, it looks at the role individual stars play in forming your unique gifts.

This book includes information for around one hundred stars that have not been previously analyzed. You may know of Sirius or the stars of Orion, but what about stars in constellations like the Giraffe, the Golden Fish, the Microscope and the Unicorn?

For each star, astrologer Roderick Kidston presents an astronomical designation, its common name, its position and meaning, and some famous examples of those it influences.

Via the sun, moon, stars, planets, and asteroids, the universe has a dramatic effect on your life. Learn more about the mysterious processes behind your fate!

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