The problem with people is….

Off to get a psychic reading about boyfriend troubles? Going for a daily star signs analysis, a Lal kitab astrology chart, or even a horoscope for Aquarius, since Mr. Trouble is a Water Carrier? Or did you give up on the whole psychic conundrum a couple of years ago when your 2009 astrology forecast said you would marry your boyfriend and it never happened?

Psychic predictions can let us down. The empath said the errant boyfriend would show. Two years passed and he is still Mr. Invisible Man. The psychic said that we meet true love this year, but the way things are going we are more likely to meet them end of world in 2012. The prophecies we tend to dig are those Nostradamus predictions 2012, since we are at such a low romantic ebb even an “Antichrist lookalike” would do! Anyway, the only soul mate we are attracting is our neurotic cat Jeeves.

So what gives? A lot gives. For starters, we know little of metaphysical matters or how our empath works. Folk think that a clairvoyant just falls into a state of altered consciousness channels their guide “Harry” – and that is virtually it! Yet every psychic is different. Some work with astrology, bouncing off planetary placements to intuit future trends. Others download visions. Others hear spirit voices commenting on what is to come. Still others use tarot cards to access a future reality. In whatever way a psychic works, they tune into Great Spirit energies, and then interpret them.

Annabelle went to a spiritual institute to have her future predicted by a highly gifted clairvoyant. She was told she would meet a soul mate, and that he would love old houses. Well she did meet an architect, and he was her soul mate. The only problem was he lived on the other side of the world, and it would take years before they would find nuptial bliss. In this case the psychic picked up the karmic picture, but could not describe the “ins and outs” within the relationship itself. This is because the intuitive is given “visions” that do not always encapsulate multi aspects of an individual future! This is because the client has life lessons to learn, like patience, emotional strength, etc.

Many psychics are trained in counseling that help them access our psychological issues. But to understand us, they connect to our Higher Selves, or even an aspect of our spiritual patterning within the unconscious mind. Geraldine, who is a gifted empath, says clients will be given “the essentials” of the future, and guided towards solutions, yet agrees the gift of free will must be utilized for a life to flower; otherwise, important karmic lessons cannot be learnt. The question is if the psychic cannot give us a detailed account of our future, and accesses only certain aspects of it, why do we use her in the first place? Well, the intuitive’s gifts connect us to All that Is or Great Spirit, the same energy that faith healers of all denominations utilize when they reach out to help the suffering. A miraculous healing is especially awesome when animals are the recipients.

The US Earth Fire Sanctuary has currently distributed a video showing a wild wolf Apricot suffering from an inflamed spine. An energy healer Jill lays her hands on Apricot “feeling her way into the animal’s nervous system”. Apricot senses healing energy emanating out of Jill’s hands. At first, the wolf is disorientated. But then takes in the energy and enters into a healing trance. After forty minutes Apricot looks up, licks Jill, and slowly gets up to explore her world again. She senses the light emanating out of Jill’s hands and throws herself down before her, thanking her and giving up her fear of humans. Apricot’s health has vastly improved. Jill’s faith in the healing process won the day.

Faith also sustains those of us interested in exotic belief systems, such as the Hindu Bhavishya which is a sacred Sanskrit text containing prophecies, as well as God like legends. In the Bhavishya it is written that we are at end times, or the Kali Yuga, when people will participate in irreligious practices solely for their egoic gratification. The time also heralds the arrival of the last avatar translated, an anti Christ lookalike, who will bring great difficulties to humanity, punishing them for their spiritual indifference and ultimately creating devastation. Okay, so we could read the Bhavishya prophecies and scoff, watch the 2012 movie on line and giggle, dig our Daily star signs or horoscope for Aquarius superficially, or blame our 2009 astrology forecast for our life glitches. Ultimately it is far easier to blame Nostradamus predictions 2012 than to take responsibility for our human failings.

Perhaps we need to change our tune, as those Nostradamus predictions 2012 get closer, and instead endeavour to protect our planet from those who would abuse it. Perhaps we need to pay attention to how our individual planetary sky lies in our Lal Kitab astrology chart and become far more positive. We might even discover our spiritual gift, the one that resides within our hearts, and our natural respect for all living things. If we do decide to ask a psychic to help us, we will soon realise the reading works when both parties respect each other. If we learn to connect to our empath with an open heart, that attitude may help her channel news on our soul mate! So who is waiting for the end of world in 2012, certainly not you we hope!

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