What ever happened in 2009?!

Are you into future predictions astrology deals? Is your rising sign guiding you? Are you the type of person who believes a future predictions astrology session is a must have because you want to know whether you will achieve that stellar career, perhaps even meet the dazzling soul mate? Have you understood what a future predictions astrology analysis can really do for you? Do you appreciate that it dives into your soul and identifies what karmic issues are holding back that great career or fabulous love story? For example, do you get that astro retrogrades are blessings in disguise. That they give you an opportunity to look within and discover what is holding up the good stuff? With Mercury retrograde the world might not seem on course. Important documents get lost in the post, computer crashes abound, relationship communications delay. If there are retrograde planets in your birth chart however, folks will not understand what you are trying to say. But, the great thing is once an astrologer identifies where the planetary hitch is, they can show you how to transform a difficult tendency or challenging emotion…

Ask yourself what happened in 2009? Would you have wanted it to have flowed more smoothly? Did you feel it was the worst year in your life? Perhaps your horoscope for 2009 shook you to the core. It revealed you were on a helter skelter trip to oblivion, and that something had to change. And as 2009 evolved the challenges became more evident. Life kept pressing the malfunction button. You wanted a new job, you never found it. You expected a soul mate Prince type to show up, but only frogs put in an appearance. Perhaps you are still waiting for your life to happen and no matter how many future predictions you are into, and how positive they are, things are stuck. Well, at least your horoscope for 2009 had a purpose, which was to wake you up! There is nothing like a lousy year to yearn for improvements. But how can you change your world if it is seemingly conspiring against you? How can you find peace?

Perhaps you are ready to meet a life coach who not only is an expert astrologer but can guide you through challenges. Perhaps you will call your astro life coach a star psychic. Your star psychic works through those planetary hitches. She helps you gain access to all that angst and negative self talk encouraged by a dodgy moon placement. Your star psychic could ask you to close your eyes and focus; perhaps hold your hand over your heart to access the love within. She could advise that you breathe into your soul light, your “beingness!” At that point she could also go over that dreadful 2009. So you did not get that dream job, but your boss offered a promotion in 2011 when the company’s books would start to balance. Okay so you did not find your soul mate, but a great new friend introduced you to a fantastic social life. Take a few minutes to feel gratitude for what you did get out of 2009, she tells you, even if it was not exactly what you wanted. Then say, “even though I did not manifest what I expected to, I am okay!” Success starts with self acceptance! Once you accept the things that do not work, things will start working. Too simple for you? Think again!

Janice had had a lousy year. Her horoscope for 2009 told her Saturn would play up, and Pluto was in severe malfunction. Janice went into a dark depression after her divorce, her beloved cat died and her kids left home. But even though things seemed dire, she made a breakthrough. From when she was sixteen years old Janice had been reading tarot cards. She gave free tarots readings, free tarots readings that mates and family adored. She always got it right. When she “saw” the boyfriend calling, he would. When she saw the house sale going through, it would. But the plus was that throughout the years she had accessed her spirituality. She felt the presence of angels whenever she felt down, as if they were protecting her. She enrolled in a tarot reading course at a famed psychic college. She started a healing course. She made great friends, and in 2010, moved on from free tarots readings to working as a gifted psychic on line. Her new career opened her life up. She discovered her latent gift that was a Godsend.

So you felt down during 2009 too, so you turned to love readings, a horoscope for 2009 and a star psychic to help you through. Yet within, you knew there was something more, something that would change your life. Call it Spirit, or a sacred force that flows through heart and mind. Your Spirit was never crushed by the teacher who shamed you, the parent who rejected you, the first love who walked away, or even that sense of never being good enough. When you touch Spirit you access your life force. You are carried away to dimensions that sustain soul. When you ask that Star Psychic to guide you through your pain, she accesses your Higher Self and helps you transform your perceptions of the world. The star psychic guides you to healing, techniques that access loving kindness. Your light begins to manifest on to the world. You understand that you can lend a touch of magic to everything when you are in synchrony with your true self!

During a love reading the empath sees our heart has been broken yet she knows we can heal it. We can change anything we want; if we decide another lousy horoscope for 2009 is never going to happen of course! We are more than our fears and doubts. We can live on our terms. And we can do it by being 100 percent ourselves. We give up blaming people for letting us down, we realise that we create our own upsets when we do not access inner strength. Finally we build success within. We give up feeling unworthy. We reach out for healing perhaps during a love reading breakthrough, and above all we quit blaming others for our misfortunes. Can we really create this? Can we accomplish such things; achieve an alternative to our past? The answer can only be a resounding yes!

To access possibilities ahead, to know ur future whether during a love reading or that India Future prediction deal, realise that even if a 2009 world prediction affected you negatively, you have woken up to positive thinking. You can chat to a brilliant psychic in New Delhi or Mumbai, renowned for their India Future prediction, and assimilate the positive aspects of the reading. You can assess and know ur future yet you will no longer heed overly negative prophecies as per that 2009 world prediction. Instead you prefer to be optimistic, to bring to completion your positive plans, in other words you have changed. You experience with joy, you perceive that the 2009 world prediction was just another way to access the good within you, and wake you up. Yes, you can change your life from inside out. You can finally understand that the two principle emotions are love and fear and you have decided to choose love. In fact you will know ur future can only be love!

The life coach informs us of various different disciplines we can access to defrag anxieties. She advises us of an excellent clearing exercise to play with, one created by Mantak Chia in his book Chi Self Massage. If we are feeling glum he tells us to smile into our organs heightening our self awareness as we access emotional or physical blockages. Then we imagine those blockages melting away. Mantak tells us “the most important key to keeping healthy is to eliminate tension, worry and toxins every day so that they do not accumulate”. So basically, the best bet is to open out your chakras and just let the light flow through. Difficult, perhaps. But the truth is you are worthy. you are powerful, and you can change your life right around. So next time an astro love reading advises you to spruce up your inner world, and change all the negative perceptions about yourself, give it a go! You might be surprised!

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