What the Heck is Hand Reading Marjorie?

We sense there is something mystifying behind the workings of your every day prediction. However, the significance of the astro is oft speckled with light and dark nuances that a spot on astrologist/astrologer can define. Empaths tell us destinies twist and turn, sometimes mixing and matching soul missions with thorny personal characteristics. The paranormal premise is that cards and stars guide us down a straighter road; all we need do is follow the map. However, which path we choose is to do with self will. Therefore, when you ask an empath “what is my future prediction?” and they have noted your November horoscope as well as your online horoscope suggests challenging financial placements, realize such influences can be transformed by changing direction with positive thoughts. “Not everything is carved in stone” the reader insists, there is always hope.

If a financial problem had you going for an online tarot reading with playing cards, and up popped the Queen of Discs this could denote money coming due to your own devices. But, if you had that Queen of Discs unfavorably placed, there could be monetary challenges ahead. Remember a hand reading astrology analysis coupled with a tarot reading with playing cards could guide you through that wobbly moment. The astrologist/astrologer specialized in hand reading, could define how the lines of heart and head play out on your palm. Assessing planetary mounts under each of your fingers is also helpful. The Saturn Mount, influences holds-ups, yet if rosily placed gifts wisdom. Some readers could point out that you will never be totally removed from the effect global economics has on personal finances, unless you are more frugal. They might suggest you wise up to saving plans, so that 2011 pans out with fewer fiscal problems. Facing the stern task master Saturn in that process, allows you to integrate significant personal lessons.

Mr. Saturn will advise repaying your overdraft. Mr. S likes to oppose a Uranus that shakes those currencies up, and squares a Pluto to clamp those pennies down. Penny-pinching could include cutting down on fuel and electricity consumption. Try gathering drift wood. Try growing your own potatoes and cultivating a vegetable patch. Barter and exchange goods, remember Mr. Saturn comes down hard on those who gamble cash on superficial adjuncts. Those types of folks could end up digging their own coal mine to keep warm in winter. Remember even though Saturn does have a tendency to cut the risk takers down to size he will back you up if you stand up to your spending spree mania. Certainly, a hand reading astrology analysis will explain what gives with your currency curses. An efficient online horoscope or prophecy predictions will also help build a cost effective future, and sort out “iffy” monetary patterns. Remember Saturn appreciates honesty. Talk straight to your bank manager who might treat you right if you are willing to face the debt slowing down your life purpose.

Freaking out about “my future prediction” or prophecy predictions is unadvisable. Skew whiff planetary positions and challenging tarot cards urge us to pull ourselves up by the shoelaces; the time is now, and full of possibilities. You and the world are assessing new fiscal methodologies when it comes to credit card freakouts. If you are still on the edge regarding what you owe, and things are getting worse, avoid that 2012 movie trailer download with its tidal waves and melting earth crusts. Instead, ask an empath to help you think positive. Remember your success depends on upbeat attitudes. Most astro advisers guide us to seeing negative situations as the seeds of solutions! As long as you do not blame others for your mistakes, you will sail through any challenging karma.

Therefore if your tricky economic patch seems like a misshapen knot, know that you can unravel its twists! Discuss your budget’s prophecy predictions with your favourite empath upfront; maintain a detached point of view when it comes to savings plans. Again, getting into that 2012 movie trailer download is ill advised. You could get fearful. You are human, you are sensitive, you make mistakes, do not allow your bungles to dictate the rest of your life. You are far more than that! Anyway, you could win the national lottery or receive an inheritance if you keep on smiling. Be sure someone up there is looking after you; believe that and all will be well!

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